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RUSH: This… This is hilarious. Americans United for Change, which is a union thug group, has just put out a press release, and here’s the headline of the press release from Americans United for Change: ‘Specter Decision the Ultimate Rejection of the Limbaugh-Led Party of No.’ ‘Specter Decision the Ultimate Rejection of the Limbaugh-Led Party of No.’ (laughing) I love it. We have a couple Specter sound bites. Here he admits he wasn’t gonna let a Republican primary electorate determine his political future.

SPECTER: In the course of the last several months since the stimulus vote I have traveled the state, surveyed the sentiments of the Republican Party in Pennsylvania, done public opinion polls, observed other public opinion polls and have found that the prospects for winning the Republican primary are bleak. I am not prepared to have my 29-year record in the United States Senate decided by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate. Not prepared to have that record decided by that jury: the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate.

RUSH: Whoa! Folks, he has just firebombed the Republican primary electorate in Pennsylvania. He’s not going to have his magnificent 29-year record judged and decided by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate. But then he said this in another portion of his remarks…

SPECTER: I note that some of the news stories since my statement was released this morning were taking a look at, uh, a 60th vote, and, uh, I will not be an automatic 60th vote — and I would illustrate that by, uh, my position on employees choice, also known as card check. Uh, I think it is a bad deal, and I’m opposed to it and would not vote to, uh, eh, invoke cloture.

RUSH: All right. Now, let’s remember this, because today we have the statement from Americans United for Change, a bunch of union people: ‘Specter Decision the Ultimate Rejection of the Limbaugh-Led Party of No.’ Yet Specter has just told Americans United for Change (blowing a raspberry) on your card check. Card check’s their big deal. However, President Obama has announced — isn’t it amazing how quickly these things happen? President Obama has announced he’s going to campaign for Specter, and it was only six weeks ago that Senator Specter said he would never leave the Republican Party. So April 28th, 2009, Senator Specter says, ‘I’m not an automatic 60th vote. No way! Uhhh, I’m against card check. I don’t like it. It doesn’t mean (grumbling).’ We’ll have to wait and see after the campaigning President Obama does for Senator Specter and so forth, but we do know that six weeks ago he said he’s never, ever changing parties. He said, ‘I’m not going to vote for or change my mind on card check.’ If you change your mind once, it’s easier to do again and again and again.


RUSH: You know what? Keep an eye on something, folks. All of the moderate Republicans in the Senate, they’re starting to cry about this, about Specter. They’re actually screaming. This means they are worried about their own fate. The Republican Party apparently made no effort to keep Specter. We keep hearing moderates are on the rise. Ha! Haaaa! It doesn’t work that way, folks.

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