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Mark Davis of WBAP in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
filled in on Friday while Rush hit the links for a golf outing with
friends.Remember, Rush returns to the air on Wednesday.

“Our nukes and North Korea’s nukes are not
morally equivalent. It’s the difference between
the cop’s gun and the gun of the criminal.” -Mark Davis

• Yochi J. Dreazen: US Fortifies Hawaii to Meet Korean Threat
• CNSNews: Barney Frank Backs Obama on Single-Payer Plan
• Reuters: Khamenei Signals Showdown with Iran Opposition

“Do you ever go to the website TMZ.com? TMZ is one of my guilty pleasures. I go there, but I always feel like I need a shower afterwards.” -Mark Davis

• TMZ: Michael Jackson — I Can Still Moonwalk!!

“Byron York of the Washington Examiner has been doing some of the best writing around on the abrupt firing of Gerald Walpin, the inspector general of AmeriCorps. What in the world is going on here?” -Mark Davis

• Byron York: White House: Firing IG An Act Of “Political Courage”
• PowerLine: Walpin Speaks, Obama Administration Clams Up
• Riehl World View: Not Just Walpin — 3 IG Firings Being Questioned
• DCE: White House Refuses to Answer Senate Questions on AmeriCorps IG Firing – Byron York
• American Spectator: AmeriCorps and ACORN Go Way Back

“Can you, in a million years, imagine another female senator — Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Claire McCaskill — reacting the way Senator Boxer did? This is the kind of sanctimonious self-absorption that is part of what makes my teeth itch with the modern left.” -Mark Davis

• HotAir: Boxer Gets Snotty with General: Address Me as “Senator,” Not “Ma’am”

“I’d love to thwart the Census form, but I want a constitutional basis for doing it — and here’s the
tricky thing. I think even constitutional purists would tell you that just because something isn’t
in the Constitution does not mean the government cannot do it.” -Mark Davis

• Washington Times: Rep. Bachmann (R-MN) Vows Not to Complete 2010 Census

• Washington Post: ”Cash-for-Clunkers” Bill Passes in Bid To Revive Car Sales

“I believe every child has the right to a mother and a father. Men and women are not the same.

That’s not to say they’re not entitled to equal rights, but they are not the same.” -Mark Davis

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Mark Davis of WBAP in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex filled in behind the Mic on Monday while Rush wraps up his annual Guy Golf Tripin several of the 57 states.
• Discovery: The Inconvenient Truth About Obama’s “Science Czar” and Population Control, Part 2; Science Czar John Holdren’s Endorsement of Involuntary Sterilization
• WS: Obama’s Crazy Eugenicist Science Czar

“What we have is an issue in health care that resonateslike nothing else. This is life and death for people.” -Mark Davis

• Transcript: DickCheney on FOX News Sunday
•Fox: Former Vice President Dick Cheney Slams President Obama’s “Politicized” Probe of CIA Interrogations

• NYDN: Keep Faith with 9/11…
Official ObservancesMust Not Obscure Day’s True Meaning

“We picked ourselves up after the 9/11 attacks and went on with our lives. Our passion waned to fight the war on terrorism. Will the same thing happen in this fight against Obamacare? It hasn’t happened yet.” -Mark Davis

“I know that’s the first place I go fora take on important issuesis the Hip-Hop Caucus. Yeah, I definitely need to know what Flo Rida thinks.” -Mark Davis

Really? Reeeeally?Lupica: Ted Kennedy Spent Life Looking Out for Others

“Can you imagine in the general intercession for a Republican politician: ‘Lord, Congressman Jones believed so deeply in a flat tax, andfor that we pray,’ followed by, ‘Lord, hear our prayer’? Well, you don’t have to imagine it. It happened at Senator Kennedy’s funeral. They prayed for Obamacare.” -Mark Davis

• CBS/AP: Jaycee’s Stepdad: Her New Life “Like Mars”

• The Washington Post Actually Gets It:
How a Detainee Became An Asset — Waterboarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed turned him into our best source on Al-Qaeda.
• Sherman Frederick, Publisher of the LV Review-Journal:
Enough is Enough, Harry Reid. Stop the Childish Bullying
“Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was the one guy serving time for the mass murder that was the Lockerbie bombing in December 1988, and the British released him, using their deal with British Petroleum as a bargaining chip.”-Mark Davis

• UK Times: Lockerbie Bomber “Set Free for Oil”
• WND: Obama “Czar” on 9/11: Blame “U.S. imperialism”!WH “Rowdy Communist” Held Vigil for Muslims

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Mark Davis of WBAP News-Talk 820AM & 96.7FM
in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex filled in on Monday.
“As a talk show guy, the question always arises: If something occurs to me to say and it’s been said a million times in some form or another, should it be said a million and one times? The answer is: Yes — if it is an undeniable truth grasped by an insufficient number of people.” -Mark Davis
• Rasmussen: Obama Approval Drops to 44%
• Rasmussen: 63% Say Repeal Obamacare Law
“There is no such thing as an unfair question.” -Mark Davis

• WP: Rand Paul Cancels on Meet the Press
• Dr. Rand Paul: Setting the Record Straight
• NB: Rachel Maddow Busts NYT for Misquoting Paul

“Rush himself built his ascendancy on showing up to defend his
views to those who would question them, Dr. Paul.” -Mark Davis
• ADS: ”Buycott” Site Fights Back vs. SB 1070 Boycotters
• OCR: San Juan Group Rallies for “Buycott” to Support Arizona

“Imagine if this were day thirty-whatever of this oil spill under President George W. Bush.” -Mark Davis

• FN: Palin Links BP $ to Obama Spill Response • BW: Obama Bipartisan Commission on Spill

“The Paul family brand of libertarianism brings with it a general disapproval of the war on terror. I don’t want to say ‘isolationism,’ but shutting down Guantanamo and the Patriot Act and all of that.” -Mark Davis

Mark Interviews President Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List
• SBA-List.org: A Political Action Committee Helping Pro-Life Women Win Election to Congress

“I don’t for a minute believe that they’re all crooks in Washington or in the government. You know, I couldn’t put on
my pants and get out of the house if I thought it was universal corruption everywhere.” -Mark Davis

*Note: Links to content outside RushLimbaugh.com usually become inactive over time.

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