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RUSH: El Rushbo was all over the media over the weekend. Friday night, PBS, Bill Moyers Journal, he said this about the Fairness Doctrine.

MOYERS: Some of you remember the Fairness Doctrine, adopted 60 years ago by the Federal Communications Commission. It said that opposing points of view had to be presented on radio or TV in a way that was honest, equitable and balanced. If not, said the FCC, a station could lose its license. Ronald Reagan abolished the doctrine in 1987, but mention it today, and the Rush Limbaughs of the world still scream like martyrs being stretched on the rack. These people earn millions inciting riots in the public mind. If they were required to be fair they would soon be penniless out on the street, cup in hand.

RUSH: Remember, he’s one of the brightest guys on the left, and that’s just absurd. That is just insane. Inciting riots in the public mind? Riots in the public mind. ‘If they,’ meaning if I, ‘were required to be fair, I would be penniless’? As though he sits there as a paragon of virtue on fairness? (laughing) We’re watching a literal crackup! We’re watching a literal crackup. You know, I don’t know how long it’s going to go and I don’t know if it’s going to be completed but when these people get their unbridled power and things still don’t go right… I mean Mr. Moyers, there’s nothing I can do to stop anybody from doing anything. I can’t raise their taxes. I can’t send anybody off to war. I can’t tell them who their doctor is going to be.

I can’t tell them what kind of car they have to drive. I have no power. I have zilch, zero, nada. Riots in the public mind?


RUSH: Dick in Kalamazoo, Michigan, great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m sorry, I’m still laughing at An Inconvenient Al. That’s classic. You know, Moyers’ comments really tell what the intellectual elite in this country think of the masses, and he used the term ‘public,’ not just your listeners. And he sounds as if he resents the fact that somehow you’re the only one able to, you know, to produce that ‘riot in the mind,’ and he’d like to do it in the other way. What really bothers me about this is the intellectual elite in this country sits in the White House. Never having made a payroll, he actually thinks he has the ability to rewrite the entire free enterprise system that’s evolved over 200 years and given us a standard of living that’s just raced by every other country on the planet.

RUSH: You talking about Obama there or Moyers?

CALLER: Moyers first and Obama later —

RUSH: Okay, Obama second. Well, first as to Moyers. Moyers is simply jealous and frustrated that there is no longer a monopoly of media that he is an exclusive member of. The genie is out of the bottle. The horse is out of the barn. The cat’s in the litter box, whatever the phrase that you want to use is. They used to have a monopoly on what you thought and what you knew and what you were told. And they don’t anymore. They’re spoiled little kids only they’re adults, and since they don’t have that monopoly, the people that have taken it away from them are the focus of their envy and anger. And they are elites. (interruption) Who, Moyers? The program observer is asking me why does Moyers always bring up how much money I earn? It bugs him, too. Look, they’re very protective. Folks, you don’t understand the kind of power these people used to have, and they still have quite a bit, by the way. But it’s not a monopoly anymore. All these people in the news business still wish they could be Walter Cronkite.

They still wish that they could have that much power. They just see the fact that it’s not there anymore. And Moyers goes back to that era pretty much. Plus he’s a liberal, and as such, he’s uninformed, he’s closed-minded, very narrow-minded guy. I mean most liberals are. They don’t let anything penetrate if it’s outside of their little safety cocoon that they live in. As for Obama, he has no respect for the private sector. When you talk about rewriting the rules that have worked here for 200 years. Exactly right, because he doesn’t like it. This is all about the redistribution of wealth and so many other things. But it’s purposeful, folks. No one who is even slightly economically literate would be doing this and the American people are catching on.

This is Doug Bandow. He’s at Cato Institute. But this is from the American Spectator blog. ‘The president’s poll numbers continue to slide. Remember the ‘stimulus’ bill. So do the American people — and not fondly. Rasmussen: Confidence in the $787-billion economic stimulus plan proposed by President Obama and passed by Congress in February continues to fall. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 25% of US voters now say the stimulus plan has helped the economy. That’s a six-point drop from a month ago. Thirty-one percent (31%) say the stimulus actually hurt the economy, little changed from a month ago. However, this is the first poll showing that more voters believe the plan hurt rather than helped.’

July has been a disastrous month. And, by the way, here’s another poll that shows Obama under 50%, and people want to say, ‘Well, yeah, but Rasmussen? Rasmussen leans a little right, Rush.’ Okay, Zogby. If Rasmussen leans a little right — and I’m not conceding that, this is what some people say — then you have to admit Zogby leans a little left and they came up with the same number. ‘Survey finds 51% believe US is on the wrong track. Forty-one percent say the nation headed in the right direction. And Obama’s job approval has fallen to 48%.’ So both Zogby and Rasmussen have the same number. So there’s something ticking out there, and we’ve got to make that tick get louder and louder and louder. Fighting these people is a daily thing.

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