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RUSH: Did you hear what Mrs. Clinton said on the Today Show today with Matt Lauer? She said that Barack Obama ‘hasn’t done the spadework necessary to be president.’ He ‘hasn’t done the spadework necessary to be president,’ as though she has. Now, let’s imagine, shall we, if Trent Lott, or Mitt Romney, or Ross Perot had said that Barack Obama ‘hasn’t done the spadework necessary to be president.’ Nothing that happens in the Clinton campaign is coincidence, folks. Barack Obama hasn’t done the ‘spadework’? Whew. Where is the Reverend Sharpton on this? By the way, big story: Reverend Sharpton is waiting on his time to endorse. He’s waiting for commitments. That means he’s probably waiting for money from one of these two camps.

Bill Clinton, over the weekend, in response to a question from somebody at one of his town hall meetings, ‘What’s going on?’ He blamed me. He blamed talk radio. He blamed me. He said that the reason Mrs. Clinton has such a rotten image is because people believe me, even me. He said, ‘People believe all these things there are people saying about her, it’s like Rush Limbaugh. Even when Rush Limbaugh says it.’ Folks (laughter) it’s me. In their minds, the reason Mrs. Clinton is in tough doo-doo right now is me, and they’re right. You know, when you get down to brass tacks, they are right. But Mrs. Clinton, don’t get out of the race. You can’t quit! If you’re worried about your legacy and going down as a big loser, a big quitter would be even worse. Please stay in this race and make it count for one and all, because the country needs me to be able to persuade you to hang in there and be tough.


RUSH: Here’s Mrs. Clinton’s ‘spadework’ line. Now, I guarantee you, if I had said this — if Romney had said it; if anybody had said this — about Obama, the fur would be flying.

HILLARY: When they say to themselves, ‘Okay. I have a choice between a truly inspirational speaker who has not done the kind of spadework with the sort of, uh, experience that, uhhh, another candidate has —

RUSH: Oh, ho-ho-ho! Folks, this is not coincidental. I guaran-damn-tee you. Look, this is the bunch that suppresses black people in the Democrat Party. From Maynard Jackson, to Carl McCall, to the Reverend Jackson, to Al Sharpton, these are the people that when the blacks get too ‘uppity,’ they get stomped down. ‘He hasn’t done the spadework.’ He hasn’t done the spadework.

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