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Rush’s Morning Update: Buzz Off!
Original Airdate: February 25, 2008

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You homeownersneed topay extra close attention to this one. A Sunnyvale, California couple was hauled into court– because the guy next door complained thattheir redwood trees cast too much shade on his solar panels.

The homeowners planted trees on their property way before their environmentalist-wacko neighbor installed his solar panels in 2001. And thetrees did what trees do:they grew.

So the neighbor, Mark Vargas, ran to court, citing “The Solar Shade Control Act” –which is a law mandating that homeownerskeep trees or shrubs form shading more than 10 percent of a neighbor’s solar panels between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. everyday. (This is ridiculous!) Anyway, existing trees are exempt at the time solar panels are installed, but new growth isn’t — I still can’t… We have a law here about shading your neighbor’s solar panels from 10 to 2?

Anyway, ajudge ordered the homeowners to chop down a quarter of their redwood trees. They’ve spent 25 grand, here, to defend themselves; theydon’t have any more money to fund an appeal. Vargasinvested 70 grand in his solar panels; hewants the law to be strengthened. He says:”I think it’s unfair that a neighbor can take away this source of energy from another neighbor.” (This is a bunch of lunatics!)

You remember2005?Liberals on the US Supreme Courtsaid in thateminent domain case that homeowners’ property can be taken and handed over to developers on the whim of politicians?Well, now your trees can be taken at the whims of environmentalist wackos. To those of you who still believe in freedom and “private property rights” in California,I have two words for you: Buzz off!

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