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Folks, the CBO projects thatObama has run up the single largest annual budget deficit in history: $1.5 trillion. If unchecked, in ten years our debt will equal 100% of our economy.

Anyone with a brain knows that kind of debt cannot be sustained. But on the very day the new deficit figures were released, Cybercast News Service published interviews with Terry O’Neill, president of the NAGs, and Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

The NAG presidentargues that “we need increases in the social programs.” She says: “Social programs at the state and local level are being decimated because states, unlike the federal government,” cannot run deficits. So, the “federal government can and should” runbig deficits to support those programs. O’Neill also says that social programs “mostly benefit women,” so cutting them is not an option.

Hartmann says that blacks and Latinos are “really suffering” and”really need those services.” She adds, “If we take away the tax cuts and we take away the wars and we continue to have government stimulus to build up the economy so the effects of the recession will eventually recede,” then “we don’t need to cut social programs.”

Now, if I used the word “bimbos” here, some of you might take offense.So I won’t.They’re just liberals.Therefore, these gals are clueless. If we don’t get our financial house in order, there will be no “benefits” for anybody, including women or minorities. But for liberals, feeling entitled to taxpayer money and cluelessness? Why, it’sa way of life.

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