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RUSH: I have a couple sound bites here that just, once again, if you’ve ever doubted me, if you have ever thought, ‘Rush, you may be a little over the line on this,’ such as when I said these people wanted the disaster in the oil spill, they wanted it. I know there were people, ‘Rush, even if it’s true, don’t say it.’ You know how often this happens to me? I will say something like that, something that nobody else has the guts to say or doesn’t want to say and I’ll have people write me e-mails, ‘Rush, this was the day I finally convinced people who hate your guts to listen to you, and you have to go say something extreme like that. You wanted Obama to fail. Here I tell people how wonderful you are and how they misunderstand you and then you go and say you want Obama to fail, or they want the oil spill.’ I can’t tell you how often that happens to me. They’ve worked years and years to get their spouse, their parents, their kids or whatever it is, a good friend to finally try cut through the mud and listen to me, and then I say something like they want the disaster. Well, last night, PBS, Charlie Rose interviewed the deputy editor of the Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine, the author of The Climate War, Eric Pooley. During a conversation about the gulf oil spill, Charlie Rose says, ‘After BP President Obama made a speech in Pittsburgh and basically said this gives us an opportunity now to go full bore ahead.’

POOLEY: That was a thrilling moment for people in the climate and clean energy community. It looked like he was gonna fight. But then when he came to the Oval Office address he didn’t do it. In fact, you know what he said, Charlie? He said, ‘We don’t know exactly how we’re going to get there.’ That’s a direct quote.

RUSH: Here’s this expert, Eric Pooley, author of The Climate War, it was a thrilling moment for people in the climate and clean energy community, the oil spill, a thrilling moment, thrilling moment. They wanted Obama to go ahead and essentially shut the Pentagon, get rid of the oil business. After much criticism, this is what I said July 13th this year on this show.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Here you have the oil spill, and these people want us to believe they care about the environment and they care about the communities being affected and they care about the fishermen and the industries that are being wiped out because of the spill, and we really care about these businesses, horrible what’s happening. No, they love this disaster. They hope it will advance their anti-America, pro-environmentalist agenda, and then they see BP as a giant pile of money that they can run in and grab. And that’s what this is.

RUSH: And the guy on Charlie Rose last night pretty much confirmed what I already knew. How about all those people put out of work in the Gulf by Obama’s drilling moratorium? Many of them are minorities, by the way. And that’s thrilling, a thrilling moment, that disaster, which, by the way, wasn’t, the UK Daily Mail on Sunday, a ten page story on how it wasn’t a disaster. They can’t find the oil. My friends, there are pearls of wisdom, and then there’s me. That’s the way you have to look at this program. It’s the way you have to look at me, your host. There are pearls of wisdom, and there’s me. And there are perils of wisdom. You have to take one with the other. Where does Tony Hayward go to get his reputation back, the BP CEO? He said the same thing, he said, ‘Look, there’s not a disaster here. All that water in the Gulf is going to be unaffected by this amount of oil, even through August until we can cap with these relief wells.’ Where does he go to get his reputation back? I, my friends, am mind over chatter.

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