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RUSH: In our retrospective and our look back, the Wall Street Journal from September 24th, 2009: “Biden on Stimulus: ‘Never Thought It Would Work This Well’ — Vice President Joe Biden delivered a rousing review of the government’s economic stimulus plan in a conversation with the nation’s governors. ‘In my wildest dreams, I never thought it would work this well,’ he said.’ Thank you, thank you,'” to applause from the Democrat governors. And then June 17th of 2010, USA Today: “Joe Biden Touts ‘Summer of Recovery’ — Vice President Biden joined White House spokesman Robert Gibbs at the regular news briefing to talk about what he calls the Summer of Recovery, fueled by the highest levels of work yet on projects funded by the [Porkulus] bill.

“‘Folks, it’s working,’ Biden said. ‘More people are gonna be put to work this summer than anybody will believe.'” New York Times, summertime, June 2010: “Visiting Columbus on Friday, Mr. Obama surrounded himself with workers in hard hats and safety vests, recited the litany of signs the White House has taken to mentioning lately as part of its effort to convince Americans the economic recovery, aided by the stimulus, is helping to boost job growth. ‘As my friend Joe Biden, who has done great work on the Recovery Act would say, ‘It’s a bill deal,’ the President joked.” September 3rd of 2010, TheHill.com: “Obama Stands by Recovery Summer — President Obama on Friday said he has no regrets about describing the last three months as ‘the recovery summer.’

“‘No. I don’t regret the notion that we’re moving forward because of the steps that we’ve taken,’ Obama said in response to a question after he offered comments on the latest unemployment figures. The [regime] described the summer of 2010 as ‘recovery summer’ because a large amount of 2009 stimulus package was being spent over the summer,” and it was. It was being spent in a money laundering scheme. The stimulus bill money was being spent on state union employees, keeping them employed in the midst of the recession, because they all pay dues, which end up as campaign donations to the Democrat Party. So as far as Obama was concerned, the recovery summer was going on. Biden said: Oh, yeah, we never dreamed it would be doing this well!

From Reuters, Sunday, February 7, 2010: “Obama Says US Economy Turning Corner to Growth — US President Barack Obama said on Sunday [February 7th], ‘The US economy has turned the corner and has resumed growth. Yep, we’re seeing the corner turn and the economy growing again,’ in an interview with CBS News.” Tuesday, September 7th, 2010, there’s a video: “Obama’s Big Stimulus Lie: ‘The stimulus will create 90% private sector jobs, only 10% public sector jobs.'” Everything they have said has been a lie, and that lie has been carried by every element of the State-Controlled Media. Everything they’ve said about it has been a lie. There has not been a recovery. There was no recovery summer. There has been no turnaround. There has been no return from the brink.

The truth can’t be avoided. Now we’re talking about a double-dip recession. There’s genuine panic today and yesterday in financial markets — and then of course yesterday: “ADP, Payroll Firm, Announces 38,000 New Private Sector Jobs in the Month of May,” but remember: Joe Biden promised the stimulus would eventually create 500,000 jobs a month. Well, in May, not only did we not get 500,000, we didn’t even get 50,000. In the month of May we got 38,000 new jobs. That’s 460,000 jobs fewer than Biden said we would. Why does Biden have any credibility with anybody at all on anything? Why is Biden not laughed out of the room? Same thing with Obama? They’re both walking jokes, except the punch lines aren’t funny! And they continue, they continue to utter the same BS about all of this.


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