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RUSH: Neil in Wisconsin. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m a state worker for the State of Wisconsin in a secure treatment facility, and so it’s kind of weird being a Republican in a union like this. But the point I think you’re missing here on the current union situation is we haven’t come out and fought against the constantly, the pay increases, the additional contributions for health and retirement. Our big thing is they’re taking away the collective bargaining.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Current lawsuit —

RUSH: Yeah, I know that. I should have clarified. It’s the media, it was this AP story that was crying over the fact that you all are facing a pay cut now, yeah, effective pay cut because with this new law you’re going to have pay 12 cents of every dollar to spend on health care, 5.8 cents of every dollar on your pension. I know that what the state workers are concerned about there is losing the collective bargaining right. Can I tell you what I think about that?

CALLER: Go ahead, sir.

RUSH: I think FDR was right, and a number of other Democrats from way back. You simply cannot have state or federal workers unionized. Who do they collectively bargain against? They’re bargaining against the people. Who is it that pays the state workers? It’s not the fat cat in a corporate suite smoking a cigar flying around in his jet. The person who pays the federal or state government worker is his neighbor or a total composition of his neighbors. And to go into collective bargaining against those people, what FDR knew, he was a smart Democrat, what he knew was the last thing that he wanted to happen was for the people to hate government. As a liberal he wanted people to love government.

FDR, if he were alive today he would be ecstatic that people are calling 911 because the Chinese restaurant screwed up. He would be ecstatic people are calling 911 because they’re outta Chicken McNuggets. He would be ecstatic they’re calling 911 cause the guy got the wrong change in a drug deal. You know why? Because guys like FDR have devoted their careers to creating total dependence of government on people. This is a home run. This is what’s sad. This is what really sickens me and infuriates me. We sit here and laugh about the stupidity, but, folks, there’s a reason. There’s a reason that it happens now and it used to not happen. There’s a reason that poor people, when they don’t get their Chicken McNuggets or when the wrong recipe is delivered from the Chinese restaurant, call 911 because they’re told the government’s where they go to get everything fixed. And 911 is an emergency number. They know somebody’s gonna answer that.

Well, I’m telling you, this is a sign that we are heading down the wrong path for a long, long time. But Democrats love this, privately they’re patting each other on the back over this. Now, this is bad because this whole notion of collective bargaining means that state and federal workers look at the people of the country as the enemy. They are the big boss man. They are the ones paying them. FDR knew that you create that kind of friction, you’re gonna have average Americans hating government, and that’s not what Democrats want. I know that the vast majority of union workers in Wisconsin are ticked off about losing the collective bargaining right. A lot of us think that it shoulda never been granted in the first place. The federal employees don’t have it. Federal government employees do not have collective bargaining and I think there are a number of states where they don’t have it, either, because it pits citizen against citizen. There’s a host of other reason that it’s a bad idea, too, but that’s at the top of the list. I’m glad you called, Neil. Thanks much.


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