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RUSH: There isthis guy at the Washington Post, a blogger, his name is Greg Sargent, and I don’t know where he came from. He came from some previously failed Drive-By institution. He might have come from some place called Editor and Publisher, I’m not sure. Editor and Publisher was almost like a trade publication for the media. It’s far-left, just insane, and this guy hasgot his own blog now and he sends me snarky e-mails now and then. I got his latest piece, I said surely I can’t be seeing what I’m seeing here. This is the headline: “Dems Will Not Shy Away from Accusing GOP of Deliberately Sabotaging Economy.” What? Republicans are sabotaging the economy? With what power? With what power do the Republicans have to sabotage the economy? I mean this is turning everything upside down. This is turning everything 180 degrees out of phase.

“Today Senate Dems went there: They accused Republicans of deliberately sabotaging the economy in order to further their own political interests.” Okay, this answers the question. This answers the question, it is purposeful, folks. The Democrats engage in this kind of stuff all the time, projection. They constantly accuse us of what they are really doing. So now that they’ve come out and accused us of sabotaging the economy, that means that that’s exactly what they are doing. So the question is no longer open. It’s not a matter of, “Gee, are these people really this idiotic, naive and ignorant or is this done purposefully?” We now have the answer. They’ve accused us of sabotage. We don’t run anything. Well, yeah, we run the House, we can block stuff, but we can’t get our agenda passed.

Obama still runs the White House. The Democrats still have the Senate. The Democrats had the whole show for 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. And that’s when all of this damage happened. The Republicans didn’t have one — well, they had the White House with Bush, but he was neutered for the most part. This is quite telling. A Senior Democrat Senate aide tells me, the estimable Greg Sargent, the Democrats “will not shy away from making that case in the weeks to come, if the Republicans keep blocking their efforts to spur job creation.” So the Republicans are purposely destroying the economy and the Republicans are purposely blocking the effort to create jobs. My friends, as I’ve said, we now know, and we have the answer: The Democrat Party is purposely sabotaging the private sector of this economy, job creation, and they are purposely sabotaging the creation of private sector jobs. The answer is in, both of them. Thank you, Mr. Sargent. Thank you, Democrats.

“Senators Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin made the charge in remarks to reporters today. Durbin said: ‘Unfortunately our Republican colleagues in the House and Senate are driven by putting one man out of work — President Obama.'” It’s exactly right. That will equal economic recovery for everybody else. Senator Chuck-U Schumer said, “Do Republicans really oppose a tax cut for businesses that created jobs?” You are hearing me right. Chuck-U is out there now trying to tell people Republicans oppose business tax cuts. Yeah, I know, it’s brazen and it’s audacious, but this is who they are. I think isn’t it that the Republicans have actually proposed tax cuts for businesses? Isn’t that in their budget, a budget, by the way, that Democrats nor Obama have even presented in two budget cycles now?

Chuck-U Schumer: “If they oppose even something so suited to their tastes ideologically, it shows that they’re just opposing anything that helps create jobs. It almost makes you wonder if they aren’t trying to slow down the economic recovery for political gain?” So you see the twist on this? Now we know the campaign: it’s worse than we thought. Our plans are starting to work. Obama’s plans are starting to work, but the problems are worse than we thought. It’s gonna take longer. They don’t want to change horses in the middle of the stream. Besides, the Republicans are doing all this.

I don’t know. I guess the Democrats have proposed a tax cut for new job hires. All these wonderful ideas, I didn’t know they were Democrat ideas and that the Republicans were blocking them. But I know that now, thanks to the ideologically driven Greg Sargent of the Washington Post. This is hilarious and it is audacious and it stands a chance of working with some people ’cause they, as is evidence here, I’m holding this thing in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, you got Greg Sargent, stenographer-in-chief, just simply reporting this garbage as though it’s absolutely true. So you take every problem that is directly traceable to Obama and you blame it on Eric Cantor and you blame it on Paul Ryan. You blame it on everybody but Jon Huntsman. They will not blame it on Huntsman. He-he-he-he. Blame it on Chris Christie. Blame it on Palin. The stimulus was our fault. The stimulus was our fault, exactly, it’s all gonna end up being our fault.


RUSH: Greg Sargent was not at Editor & Publisher. That was some guy named Greg Mitchell. This guy was… Where was he? It was at… Ah, Talking Points Memo and a couple of other places out there, but he was not the same guy, Greg Mitchell. But it doesn’t matter, cookie-cutter libs. I mean, he’s just as extreme as you can imagine, and Democrats will not shy away from accusing Republicans of deliberately sabotaging the economy. You know, there are things that you come across in show prep that are profound– and, as you know, I myself am known for profundities. For all of us who have been really struggling, “Is this really being done on purpose or is this just the accidents of a bunch of really truly arrogant, misguided people?” we have the answer.

It’s on purpose. All of this economic destruction is on purpose, and now blame the Republicans (laughing), and I guarantee you it’s a trial balloon. They’re gonna see how this floats. They’re gonna see how it goes in the blogs. They’re going to see how it floats on the cable networks. They’re gonna see if they can get a bunch of Democrat strategist guests. I mean, this is a huge leap of faith. If you are a Democrat strategist and if you value your guest status as a commentator on a cable news network, you gotta think long and hard about what you’re really gonna get behind and what you’re really gonna push — what you are going to lend your name and your so-called credibility and image to — and if you’re gonna go on, say (pick your favorite show on cable news) and you represent the Democrats, and you are going to seriously try to make the point that this is all because the Republicans really want to destroy the economy?

That’s the trial balloon. They’re gonna see if they can come up with anybody that will actually say that. If they can come up with a significant number of Democrats who will actually take this, they’ll go. That’s why all bets are off here. I have to think that in greenrooms across cable news networks, Democrat strategists are huddling together, saying, “Okay, do we want to glom onto this? Are we gonna attach our names to this? Can we go out and make this case and not get laughed off of this show?” That will be the question. Time will tell.


RUSH: It’s fascinating to watch all this stuff materialize right before our very eyes. This Greg Sargent guy at the Washington Post… Remember, Dick Durbin and Chuck-U Schumer know that they’re pulling a con job. So they go out there and say that all of this economic destruction and all the assault job creation, “Ah, that’s Republican sabotage.” So they know they’re doing a con job; they know that they’re perpetrating a con job and trial balloon. This reporter doesn’t. He believes it. He’s such a partisan, he actually believes this stuff and writes it with glee. So according to their logic, Bush wanted to destroy the economy, too. That’s what’s been going on here. Think about it in a nutshell: Obama now says we cannot continue to fight in Afghanistan because it’s too expensive.

What is the logic here? Doesn’t Obama insist that massive government spending is the only thing that will lift us out of the recession? In fact, folks, I’m gonna dig this up. I’ve got this somewhere in the stack here. It’s not in the sound bite roster. It’s somewhere, and I’ll find it, but I remember a bunch of people back when we were in the midst of all this stimulus spending, a bunch of Democrats lamenting the fact that they didn’t have the one ingredient FDR had in ending the Depression, and that was World War II — and everybody knows that it was the spending on World War II, a committed, unity, unified American cause that really got the American economic engine back up and running.

It wasn’t the New Deal and it wasn’t any of FDR’s social policies. So here you’ve got a war! You’ve got the Afghanistan war and you’ve got the Iraq war, and Obama throwing away the opportunity, because these people have been saying massive government spending is the only thing that will lift us out of the recession. Well, I’m sorry. Funding a war is massive government spending! “No, it’s not Mr. Limbaugh not in the sense that President Obama means it. We have to talk about where the money is spent, if you want to be consistent in your analysis.” No, I don’t. Government spending. They’ve never said what kind. They say government spending, “priming that pump,” that’s what revitalizes an economy. But it hasn’t, has it?

All that money being spent in the right way and all the stimulus money. So the trillion dollars spent on Afghanistan was a waste, but the trillion dollars spent on the stimulus, that was not a waste. You see how this works? And now there wasn’t a trillion dollars spent on the stimulus, ’cause Obama hasn’t done anything yet. That was all Bush. Everything up until yesterday that hasn’t worked, that was all Bush. Obama wants a reset. Remember Hillary heading over to Soviet Union (well, the Russians) when she was first named Sex’retary of State? They sent her over there and she had some kind of device. They rigged up a device or a doll or something, and it was supposed to say in Russian, “restart,” and they got it wrong.

It said something like: “Screw you.” They got the translation wrong. I forget what it was. So here’s Obama. He wants a restart now, wants a reset. Throughout his presidency, the media was always trying to hint that Ronaldus Magnus was suffering from Alzheimer’s when of course he wasn’t. Now, who acts more like they are an Alzheimer’s sufferer than Barack Obama? He is talking and acting like every day for him’s the first day in the White House, the first day of his political career! He doesn’t remember the two years of economic destruction that his policies have brought. We haven’t had any stimulus spending yet. Do you realize we haven’t invested in you yet.

We haven’t invested in those shovel-ready jobs because last week there weren’t any. Yeah, Obama and Jeff Immelt? Heh, heh. There weren’t any shovel-ready jobs. Ha-ha, ho-ho, hee-hee. Now, Obama, this is unique. Is there such a thing as selective Alzheimer’s? Because Obama is suffering from it. He’s the first known case of selective Alzheimer’s, selective dementia. Now, Durbin and Dingy Harry are leading the push for another round of stimulus spending — and Krugman wanted another World War II to lift us out of recession. That’s who it was. That’s what I read today. It was Krugman, the New York Times columnist. So the left, if they were to be consistent, would be livid that we’re pulling out of Afghanistan.

What Obama ought to be doing is using Afghanistan to bring us finally out of this recession. But he can’t do that because they have made the decision here, folks, that it’s all Bush’s fault. Obama just showed up for work last night. That was his first day. The two previous years when we thought Obama was at work, he was still nailing down the benefits package, the sick day schedule, and the vacation schedule. He was still negotiating that, and until he had that nailed down he wasn’t gonna go to work. But apparently he’s now willing. He’s got the vacation day thing nailed down, he’s got the sick days (all that’s been agreed to), and now he finally has time to show up for work, just in time to save us from all of the errors the Bush administration.

I find this fascinating. I’m fascinated by this. Every question that we’ve had has now been answered. The audacity of this is breathtaking to behold. I know they engage in projection all the time and they accuse us of doing what they’re doing, but this! It’s going to be really interesting to me to see how many Democrats they can get on board, like the Bob Beckels of the world and whoever these people are. Everybody on cable TV is it a “strategist.” That identifier, the graphic identifier, such-and-such “Republican strategist.” When I first saw that (and I know you think the same thing), Guest So-and-So, Republican Strategist, you think that they’re an official of the Republican Party somewhere and that they officially strategize ideas with the party leadership.

That’s what I always thought when I saw “Republican strategist” or “Democrat strategist.” But that’s not what they are. Ninety-five percent of these people on cable TV who are ID’d as Democrat or Republican “strategists” have never been to the Democrat National Committee or the Republican National Committee, and they don’t know anybody there. They just happen to be people that the relative cable networks would like to hire and put ’em on the air. They think they’re telegenic. They think they say things unique enough that people will watch them or that they’ll bring credibility somehow. So they just call ’em “Democrat strategist” or “Republican strategist,” but they’re not, in the real, literal translation of the world.

They are not officials of the Republican Party, and they don’t engage in strategy sessions. They may write a column at the East Timbuktu Times that suggests something ought to happen here that ten people read. Ergo, they get to be described as strategists. It’s another one of these giant American media scams. Just to set that up. So I now will be interested to see which of these Democrat strategists buys into this, and there will be a few. Like, almost guaranteed will be Alan Colmes. You can almost guarantee it. You could make 2-to-1 odds on this. Is 2-to-1 odds good odds? What’s the best odds, 3-to-1, 10-to-1? I don’t understand odds. It’s 10-to-1? Okay, so 10-to-1 odds Colmes tonight (he will probably not now since I’m saying it but if I hadn’t said anything, Colmes) will be on maybe Fox this afternoon saying, “Republicans sabotaging the economy” almost word-for-word from that Washington Post story. Now he won’t do it ’cause I’ve mentioned it. So I gotta shut up about it.


RUSH: Yeah, you know, “Democrat strategist,” you put that on television, “Democrat strategist,” that sounds better, and it looks better than a graphic that says, “Somebody who will say what we want said from this side of the aisle at this time.” If that was the graphic they put up there that would not be cool. So I guess, ladies and gentlemen, is it safe to say now that Obama is agreeing with me that he has failed? These last two years he hasn’t done anything. He showed up for work for the first time, after the 2008 elections.


RUSH: Summit, New Jersey. Jeff, you’re up first. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Great to be here, Rush. First let me say in the best way I possibly can, thank you for everything you do on behalf of my children.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. I really appreciate that. Thank you.

CALLER: Well, we appreciate it out here, and I’m not sure that you have any idea the extent to which we really value what you do. Anyway, back to the economy, I think Obama’s been playing a little too much golf, because I think what he’s looking for here is, to put it in golfing terms, a mulligan on the economy. I mean clearly this is their economy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it Debbie Wasserman Schultz who a week or so ago stepped up and very proudly said, yes, absolutely, sure, this is our economy.

RUSH: Yeah, it was last week, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, we own the economy.

CALLER: That’s right, we own the economy. Well, you can’t own the economy last week and disavow it this week. I think she spoke out of turn. I think she —

RUSH: Well, but these people can. In their minds, they can, and with a compliant media they can. Look at this guy in the Washington Post. He’s reporting this without one question mark. I mean it’s just a fact. You have Durbin and Schumer say that the Republicans are sabotaging the economy, and that’s the way it is. So you write the story, that’s what they say, there’s no questioning them, there’s no suspicion, there’s no curiosity, it’s just what is. So if Obama wants a mulligan, it’s a good way to put it, by the way, Jeff, if he wants a mulligan on the economy, he’s got it.

CALLER: Listen, I think this indicates that they are scared to death, not only of the economy which is theirs, but of people like Debbie “Blabbermouth” who will step forward and say, sure it’s our economy, and I think they know deep down inside that we’re not as dumb as they think we look, and that we know it’s their economy, and I don’t care how much of the mainstream — listen, there’s always that small percentage is going to read the New York Times or tune into the six o’clock news —

RUSH: That’s true, you’re right.

CALLER: — and believe what they hear.

RUSH: You’re exactly right, it’s a minority of people who buy into this stuff now. We always have to keep that in mind.


RUSH: Now, this really is something, folks. It’s one thing to read about it in a sycophant newspaper story in the Washington Post, but to hear these guys (as we announced in the first hour Dick Turban and Chuck-U Schumer) say the new strategy is to blame the Republicans for sabotage, purposely sabotaging the economy. Republicans are purposely sabotaging whole notion of job creation by not passing anything, which, ladies and gentlemen, answers the question that we’ve been asking about the Democrats.

Is this destruction of the US economy on purpose or are they just a bunch of well-intentioned, ignorant know-nothings, idiots? Now we know because of their tendency to project. They’ll always tell you what they’re doing by accusing us of doing it. Therefore we now know. They are purposely targeting the private sector of this country — sabotaging it, if you will. They’ll slow down the economy, eliminate job creation and so forth. Their reasons are different than what they accused the Republicans of doing.

They say the Republicans are doing it to gain electoral advantage. We say they are doing it because they fundamentally don’t like America as founded and they want to transform it. They want it to be an official, no-doubt-about-it, socialist regime — and you gotta tear it all apart first and then rebuild it socialist to get there. You have to destroy it first. That’s nation-building in reverse: You gotta destroy the country as it is, take away people’s jobs, and then set yourself up as the place they go to get another one. That’s what the Democrats are doing. They’re not doing it for any electoral advantage; they’re doing it to fundamentally change a country they don’t like.

So here’s Dick Turban yesterday during a Senate Democrat press conference…

DURBIN: When we bring up bills that really have a chance to create jobs, they stop ’em with a hundred amendments, unrelated amendments. That avalanche of amendments is not a show of good faith in dealing with this economy; it’s a show of bad faith. They want to play political games at the expense of getting this economy back on its feet. They believe that a weak economy is their best chance of winning the next election.

RUSH: Well, you do, too. There’s no question that you do. But of course these are the guys that have not presented one plan. They don’t have a plan for jobs. They have not submitted a budget in I don’t know how many hundreds of days. Here’s Chuck-U Schumer at the same press conference getting in on all this action…

SCHUMER: (camera shutter clicks) So if they’d oppose even something so suited to their tastes ideologically, it shows that they’re just opposing anything that would help create jobs. It almost makes you wonder (dramatic pause)

RUSH: Yeah?

SCHUMER: — if they aren’t trying to slow down the economic recovery (dramatic pause) for political gain.

RUSH: What are we, four years old, Senator Schumer? (impression) “It almost makes you wonder if they aren’t trying to slow down the economic recovery for political gain.” It almost makes you wonder? No, it doesn’t. But, okay, it’s now official: This is the game plan. Nothing Obama has done the last two years has happened. He’s not even a factor here. Now, I mentioned in the last hour if you’re just joining us: Can they float this…? Part of this is they’re floating this in a trial balloon, they put it out there; can they get any Democrat strategerists on cable TV to go along with it? Can they get somebody to carry their water out there?

Can they get a strategist, an ally, somebody on cable TV regularly to pick this up and run with it and make their case? And it appears, ladies and gentlemen, they have found just the person: Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg View magazine columnist. He used to be with Newsweek (a lot of people did), but he’s no longer with Newsweek. He’s with somebody out there. He’s on MSNBC all the time. He got a question from Sergeant Schultz out there. “Those are the top Democrats right there, some pretty strong language. Is this gonna be politically successful for them to drive this narrative home? Do you think they can sell this, Jonathan, that the Republicans are who’s sabotaging the economy?”

ALTER: (condescendingly) There’s a lot to recommend what they’re saying. The evidence supports it. Let’s just take one (pause) proposal: A payroll tax holiday extension so that people are paying less in taxes as workers and as employers. You would THINK that that would be enormously popular with Republicans. Their religion is tax cuts. Do they support this? No! Why not? Well, that’s the question that’s on the table right now: Why would Republicans not support a Republican idea to help create jobs? And that’s why the Democrats have gone with this explanation that maybe they do. It sounds SICK, but maybe they do, duhhhh, want to keep the economy in the doldrums through the 2012 election.

RUSH: Oh, my friends, I am so good at this, it scares even me. (laughing) They found a guy! They found a guy to carry their water: Jonathan Alter. So, yeah, he’s saying, “Yes, there’s a lot to recommend what they’re saying. You wouldn’t think so, but there really is. Yes, they do have a point; the Republicans are indeed sabotaging the economy.” Now, just so we all know, Dick Durbin wants to spend more money. There’s nothing to talk about with him; he doesn’t care. All he wants to do is spend more money. Durbin is responsible for this economic disaster as is Chuck-U Schumer. I mean these are… (laughing) These are the losers demanding more disaster. This is exactly what they’re doing. It just is. I’m sorry to keep being repetitive, but this is audacious, to blame the Republicans.

Of all the things I thought they would come up with to counter, I never — honestly, I will admit to you, I never — thought that they would be so brazen as to actually take the last two years of utter disaster and try to blame it on the Republicans. I shoulda thought of it. It’s what they always do first. I figured, “No way will they try it here. It’s not possible. The Republicans are not responsible for one policy. They have not had the votes to stop anything or to pass anything,” but that doesn’t matter because these people know they’ve got the press on their side and they think they can create this alternative universe reality and sell it and who knows? Maybe they can.

It’s gonna be fascinating to watch. Folks, now, let’s be very quiet from now on talking about this. Let’s just keep a sharp eye on cable TV, and we’ll see who are the Democrat “strategists” that begin to appear to reveal themselves this afternoon and tonight carrying this ball forward, that the Republicans are sabotaging the economy. Now, they’re saying sabotaging the economy for the purposes of winning elections. They want to have the economy in bad shape for winning reelection. That’s not it. Both parties always accuse each other of that. That’s not what makes this audacious. What makes this audacious is that Obama has — the Democrats have — singularly targeted this economy to destroy it. They don’t want a recovery, and that’s what this proves. So now we’re gonna find out if they can get some people on their side to join them, because when you suggest now that Republicans want to sabotage the economy, this means, “Sabotage the economy for good.” They’re doing it on purpose.

Let’s just see who and how many they can find to start singing the same tune later this afternoon and tonight, maybe even tomorrow, all over cable TV.


RUSH: The Republicans are gonna have to call ’em on this. If the Republicans just sit there and let this go by… of course, one of the things that Democrats are counting on, you know, they’re talking about a miniature sunset on Social Security taxes and this kind of thing which, a temporary holiday reduction is not gonna change behavior. People are just gonna pocket the money and go about their lives. They’re not gonna change behavior. So, you know, while we like holidays and so forth, it’s not tax reform. It’s not bold tax reduction, and this is one of the reasons that Cantor is walking out here. It’s like getting a raise for one year and then they take it away from you. It’s not serious. It’s not substantive. It’s nothing you can count on. There’s nothing that you could derive any certainty from. So it’s just a gimmick, and that’s what Cantor is saying, stop playing games and we’ll sit here and we’ll talk to you about all this.

Do you remember when the Republicans were fighting tooth and nail to extend the Bush tax cuts? Were they trying to sabotage the economy then? Because Obama, as you know, agreed we needed to extend the Bush tax cuts last December in order to preserve our robust recovery, remember that? Now the Democrats are resorting to “the devil made me do it” defense, the devil being the Republicans. It’s not a new tactic. It’s quite common, in fact. It’s just in this case it is so obvious to even the sycophant stenographers in the media. It is so obvious that Obama policies are the problem with unemployment, Obama policies are the reason the economy’s not growing. Everybody knows that.

It’s just how big do you want to wink and nod and look the other way because you really love Obama, he’s the first black president, that matters to you, and you really want him to succeed. You certainly don’t want the Republicans winning anything, so, you know, you gotta balance here, what’s more important to us, saving the nation’s economy or destroying Republicans? And obviously destroying the Republicans is always gonna get more votes than saving the economy. I’ll deal with that later. Any chance we have to destroy Republicans, we’ll take it. That’s the media view of things and the options that they have. But they know, everybody knows that stimulus was a slush fund. Everybody knows that TARP was crony capitalism. Everybody knows, for example, what I meant when I said “I hope he fails.”

I do not want a socialist nation. Everybody knows that Obama’s in over his head with these policies and that what he’s doing is not gonna grow the economy. They all know that. That’s actually what makes this even more brazen, and in one sense, hilarious. The very people — and there are some exceptions. I must admit, when Durbin and Schumer go out there and start singing this tune, there are some journalists who fall for the con job. Schumer and Durbin are conning us and some of these reporters fall for the con. There are a few, the really hell-bent ideologues. But a lot of the others know. That’s what makes this so audacious. They all know that it’s Obama, and yet the line of the day is that Republicans are committing sabotage, so we’ll run with it. They all know that they’re reporting lies. They all know it. They all know that it’s bogus.

There’s a name for this. In the old Soviet Union this tactic is as old as communism. The Soviets used to call these people wreckers. Wrecking was an official crime against the state in the old Soviet Union. Wrecking means, of course, inflicting damage or harming. It was a crime specified in the criminal code of the Soviet Union in the Stalin era, and it is often translated as sabotage. Wrecking or sabotage could be broadly construed to mean anything that negatively affected the economy, including failing to meet economic targets, causing poor morale among workers, and wrecking in the old Soviet Union was punishable by ten years of prison, or in some cases, even death. So there’s a name for this. And the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of doing the wrecking, when everybody knows that it’s Obama who’s doing it, and the reason they know is because most of them agree with it. They do think the US needs to be shown a thing or two, learn a couple of lessons, if you will.


RUSH: Seattle. Anya, welcome to the EIB Network. Nice to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. You are so excellent it is scary.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I want to wish you a wonderful day from Seattle. I’m a Los Angeles native and you’re near my old hometown of Pacific Palisades, so have fun out there. I just wanted to say that I’m a conservative but I’ve gotta hand it to the Democrats, they’re being consistent. Let me just tie it to the global warming for a second. The Republicans are ruining the economy by existing, just by breathing, same as global warming like we as humans, you know, besides the libs and the Democrats who are saving the earth, we are ruining the earth and the economy just by existing. So the Republicans just go away and things will be okay, just like if we on the earth, the people that are not Democratic, go away, then they can go on saving the earth. I just think that their blame matrix is consistent, you know, according to the Democrats, Bush is the most powerful man since Jesus. I mean he changes history before him, and after him, and on into eternity. It’s amazing to me how they can blame him on this economy still.

RUSH: Well, anything but to blame Obama.


RUSH: But it’s part of the reelect strategery. I have to apologize to the audience. It’s so audacious I can’t drop it. I am still struck by it. I think I’ve seen everything they can do, and I’ve thought they can’t surprise me anymore. They might be able to surprise a lot of other people, but not I, El Rushbo. Blame us? (laughing) We don’t have a vote. We don’t have any power. We’re trying to save the economy, and they’re admitting that there’s an assault on the economy. This is profound what’s happening here today. This is not insignificant in terms of just the average new day political strategy. They are admitting that a sabotage of the economy is taking place. They are admitting that somebody’s purposely harming the creation of jobs. They are admitting that all of this is happening by design, in order to try to get it blamed on the Republicans. This is a new low even for this bunch, which I think they’re so low when they look up now they see the gutter. Are you still there, Anya?

CALLER: Oh, I’m here. I’m here. I’m just listening to you. I love listening to you. And I have to say one more thing. I think Wasserman is the new Weiner. I just have to say she’s the new Weiner. They’re gonna use her as the new Weiner.

RUSH: I know you mean that with a straight face.

CALLER: I totally do.

RUSH: I know exactly what you mean. Weiner was one of these loud —


RUSH: — obnoxious, in-your-face —


RUSH: — uncivil, accusatory, and, you’re right, she is from the same mold.

CALLER: Yes. I think she’d make a perfect stand-in while he’s out doing what he needs to do, until he regroups. But I love your show. You are brilliant and funny and have a wonderful time in California.

RUSH: Thanks.

CALLER: Come up to Seattle sometime. The golf in the summer up here is amazing.

RUSH: You know, I watched a TV series called The Killing that is set in Seattle. I think The Killing was on AMC and it was on Sunday nights at ten o’clock. I arrived at this thing late. I had never heard of it until I read that everybody who watched it was excited about the finale, which aired this past Sunday night. So I engaged with my iPad in a marathon. I watched 12 of these things inside of about ten days, coupled it with all the other aspects of my schedule, and I got hooked. Pretty good show. And the finale, it was supposed to be Sunday night, one of the greatest finales ever, and whoever wrote this finale phoned it in, they took a cop-out. I’ve talked to so many people who love The Killing who have been profoundly affected, disappointed at the finale. But it takes place in Seattle and they portray Seattle as no sunshine ever.


RUSH: Thirteen episodes, it was like the movie Seven, just constant rain and darkness.

CALLER: Yeah, when I first moved here from Los Angeles and Calabasas area, it was literally a hundred days of rain; it broke the record the first year I moved here. And I said, “What is this, the rain planet?” But I guess the global warming thing isn’t working out, but it is beautiful. It is beautiful.

RUSH: It is. There’s many myths about a lot of places in the country, and Seattle is always raining is one of those myths. Anya, thanks for the call. I appreciate, I really do.

Do we have time? Yes, we do. We’re gonna stop next in Queens. This is Bill. Your turn here on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, how you doing, Rush? I’ll start off with The Killing. I thought they phoned in the last three episodes, and I also thought, I would have bet on — who, Jonathan Alter, I think he was the favorite, you know, as who would get out there first.

RUSH: You thought Jonathan Alter would be the media guy to first agree with the theory Republicans are sabotaging the economy’s destruction and all that?

CALLER: No doubt about it, unless Matthews could get through makeup a little early, you know.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: But what I really called about, I think you’re being a little too easy on Obama. I think he’s not only destroying our country and our economy, but the entire world’s political stability and economy. I think the Egyptian riots were really about commodity prices. I think in China they have trillions of dollars that they’re taking in from around the world and they need to invest it, and they don’t know where to put it anymore because the dollar was this stabilizing force of the world’s economy, they can’t put it in the dollar anymore, they can’t put it in commodities; where they gonna put their money? So their economy is shaky.

RUSH: All right, let me play ball here.

CALLER: I think he might be cosmically horrible and maybe the worst leader in the history of the world.

RUSH: Okay. What would he possibly want to destroy the world for?

CALLER: Well, I don’t think he’s trying, I don’t think he wants to. I just think it’s a by-product of him trying to change fundamentally America. I mean fundamentally America was the anchor of the world’s stability.

RUSH: Yeah. See, this takes me back to square one. Anybody taking a look what he’s doing knows it’s not gonna work and never will work. Everybody knows that this is destructive. He has to know it and yet they persist in it. They persist in it so when you say, “I don’t think he’s trying to destroy the world,” if he’s trying to sabotage the US economy, and if we’re the linchpin of the world economy, then the conclusion is the conclusion.

CALLER: Well, yeah, maybe he is knowingly trying to do that. I can’t give you a reason.

Maha Rushie, you give me a reason.

RUSH: He wants to run the IMF, the United Nations, or whatever, the head honcho of the world. And maybe the way he figures to get it is to totally screw it up, blame it on Bush so the world will beg him to run the world. Who knows? We’re not dealing with balanced people here, folks, to be quite honest with you. That’s another Undeniable Truth of Life. We’re being led to believe that the best and the brightest are among us. We are not being led by the best and brightest. These are the mediocre and the dangerous. If they’re allowed to continue unobstructed this political march that they’re on, I shudder to think, ’cause I know where it’s all gonna end up for the country.


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