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RUSH: Richard in Houston, as we go back to the phones, great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: It is great to talk to you, Rush. By the way, I’ve tried your tea and it’s absolutely wonderful.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. I really appreciate your saying that.

CALLER: Yeah, I wish I woulda won a year’s supply though. (chuckling)

RUSH: Well, hang in, you’re gonna have plenty of opportunities to do that because we got countless promotions coming up.

CALLER: All right. Anyway, my point is, is right after Obama got elected — I believe it was right after he got elected — he was saying that there’s a time for profit, but it’s not now. But when he wanted to try to do this new jobs bill, he made the statement we need to be able to start our own businesses and become millionaires and billionaires. Now, how contradictory is that?

RUSH: Yeah. (laughing)

CALLER: You remember the statement when he made it?

RUSH: I had not. I have to admit, did he really say “now is not the time for profit”? I mean, I’m not surprised. I just didn’t know he said that. I’ve been too busy following the Amanda Knox story.

CALLER: He said there’s a time for profit but that time is not now.

RUSH: There’s a time for profit but that time is not now and yet —


RUSH: — at the same time we’re supposed to become millionaires and billionaires?

CALLER: In other words, he didn’t want us to make any money because he has an agenda, I believe. He really is trying to destroy America. I really believe he is.

RUSH: Well, I do, too. As founded. There’s always gonna be an America. It’s just a matter of how it’s spelled and what it is, but there’s always going to be an America. I think there is a war against the way the country was founded. So there’s a time and place for profit but not now? (laughing) And this guy got a vote? And this guy won? A time for profit but not now. I’ll tell you when it’s time for profit! (laughing) All right. Richard, appreciate the call. Thanks much. I’m glad you love the tea. Richard?


RUSH: Richard, you know what? You said you wanted to win some tea for a year. I don’t have that. Do you use computers?

CALLER: Do I use computers?

RUSH: Yeah, are you familiar with them? Are you computer-literate?

CALLER: No, I’m not illiterate. I use it quite a bit. I wouldn’t say I’m a software specialist or anything like that —

RUSH: No, I’m not asking —

CALLER: I’m not not on the computer at all.

RUSH: You know how to surf the Web and send e-mail and stuff?

CALLER: Oh, yes, absolutely.

RUSH: Oh, cool, okay. I want to give you something, Richard, ’cause my prize closet is growing here. I want to send you — I don’t have these in yet. There’s a paperback version of a book written about me that’s semibiographical. It’s by Zev Chafets called “An Army of One,” and the paperback version is out now, and I have recommended the book to people. I did participate a little bit in it, and it’s as good as anything that’s been written about me and they’re gonna send me some paperback… (interruption) We got ’em? Oh, we got them. Okay, we got the paperback. So I’m gonna send you one, Richard, since you knew something that I didn’t know. That deserves a prize.


RUSH: And I’m gonna send you an engraved Rush Limbaugh signature EIB engraved iPad 2 and a copy of “An Army of One.” So what I need you to do is hold on and Snerdley will pick up the phone and he’ll get all the information that we need from you to send it to you.


RUSH: The iPad will be perfect for you. It’s the most intuitive computer out there. You can use it out of the box on your own. You’re gonna have to have iTunes and all to activate it and so forth but that’s a snap, it’s easy, and the book is good, too. So it’s your lucky day here.

CALLER: It’s absolutely wonderful, Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: And Richard I’ll tell you what else I’m gonna do. Since you sound so excited out there I am going to throw in a case of tea. What’s your flavor? What’s your favorite flavor?

CALLER: I like the raspberry regular, not diet, the raspberry.

RUSH: Diet or regular?

CALLER: Regular.

RUSH: Regular diet? Regular raspberry. The one with sugar.

CALLER: Regular raspberry, sir.

RUSH: Okay, the stuff that causes diabetes. (laughing) Good. We’ll send you a case. (laughing) No! Noo, I’m teasing. Our tea does not cause diabetes. That’s a popular misconception about sugar. Sugar doesn’t cause anything. We’ll send you a case of raspberry tea, an engraved iPad, and a copy, paperback copy of “Army of One.” You can read, right?

CALLER: Oh-ho, yes, sir.

RUSH: I’m sure. Okay, good. Your lucky day, Richard.

CALLER: I tell you, I might pull off the road here because I don’t want to lose my connection.

RUSH: Well, don’t lose it. Okay, pull off the road and stop, Snerdley will be here with you in just a moment. Folks, it just goes to show you. It just goes to show you. I don’t know what it goes to show you, but it just goes to show you. Obama did say that to Wall Street bankers January 30th of 2009, 29th or 30th. That’s a time for profit but not now. How about that.


RUSH: Here’s Obama. Okay, this is January 29, 2009. This is what I didn’t know until a guy from Houston told me today.

OBAMA: There will be time for them to make profits, and there will be time for them to get bonuses. Now is not that time. And that’s a message that I intend to send directly to them.

RUSH: That was Obomber, as the Brits say, Obomber, at the Oval Office with tax cheat Tim Geithner, January 29, 2009. Time for profit, but not now.

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