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RUSH: I think these people at AP are in business to make me look like Nostradamus. “Senate Republicans have voted to kill the $447 billion White House jobs bill despite weeks of campaign-style barnstorming by President Barack Obama across the country.” What a headline. Just as we predicted. It didn’t take a Nostradamus to see it coming. This headline is the whole purpose of Obama’s jobs bill. It was never intended to pass. This was the objective.

Now, they didn’t get this headline everywhere. They didn’t get this headline at the New York Times. The New York Times headline: “President’s Jobs Measure Turned Back in Key Senate Test.” USA Today didn’t give ’em the headline they wanted. The AP did. It will be in 4,000 newspapers, which is the whole purpose. But the Senate is controlled by Democrats. There are 52 of ’em in there, right? And then they had two Democrats defect. Ben Nelson and somebody else defected. Here, grab sound bite number one. This is Dingy Harry. This is this morning on the Senate floor explaining all this.original

REID: Last night Republicans blocked the American Jobs Act, President Obama’s plan to create two million jobs by giving tax cuts to businesses and middle-class families and investing in modern roads, bridges, and schools. It’s not the first jobs bill they’ve blocked this Congress, although I hope it will be the last. But it seems the Republicans don’t really want to put Americans back to work. They believe a weak economy means a weak president.

RUSH: That’s enough. You see, 51 Democrats and Lieberman and Sanders. At any rate, Republicans don’t want to put anybody back to work. No, the Republicans were lying through their teeth last night about jobs and putting people back to work in the debate. I mean this is the bankruptcy, the moral bankruptcy of the Democrat Party today, to have to claim that the Republicans don’t want to put anybody back to work, that the Republicans do not want jobs created. And the Republicans couldn’t stop this. If Dingy Harry could keep his caucus unified, the Republicans couldn’t stop this. Democrats didn’t want this bill, Senate Democrats didn’t think the president’s spending bill was good for their party. Senate Democrats didn’t think the president’s jobs bill was good for the country. The president couldn’t persuade his own party that controls the Senate.

This bill they’ve been waving around out there touting for weeks failed in a Democrat-controlled Senate, and yet, “Senate Republicans Vote to Kill Obama’s Jobs Bill.” You people in the AP, you ought to be ashamed. How do you get up and go to work every day under the pretense that you are doing journalism? Now, I know the president wants to run against Congress. But why not present a bill that would pass the Senate but get shot down by a Republican-controlled House? These guys are the Keystone Kops. I mean if you really, really really, really want this blamed on the Republicans, get something the Senate would pass. We gotta bunch of lamebrain Republicans in there that would go along with something weak-kneed. But he didn’t even do that. (interruption) That would what? That would require work? Well, what’s he been doing? See, this proves they never intended for this thing to pass.

How many jobs bills from the House has Harry Reid defeated or just ignored? What the headline ought to be is: “Obama Tax Bill Defeated in Bipartisan Vote,” because it truly was a bipartisan vote that shot this thing down. It was a humiliation. Obama’s campaign is entirely negative. Have you seen the pictures on the front page of Drudge? Obama in Pittsburgh, and he put him up there in black and white to make Obama look old and ancient, it’s good. On the left hand, a crowded Pittsburgh arena, jam-packed. On the right, Obama meeting with empty chairs in a union hall.

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