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RUSH: Here’s Paul in Houston. Paul, welcome. I’m glad you waited. You’re on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: God bless you, Rush. I just had to call and say thank you. I was riding with my wife in the car the other day while drinking my raspberry Two If By Tea listening to you demonstrate the new iPhone 4S on that speech to text —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — and I’m totally blind, and my wife after hearing that decided she had to buy me one, so not only are you pointing out corruption in this administration, but you’re a public service announcement for the blind community, I appreciate it.

RUSH: Well, you’re more than welcome, sir. And I hope if you get an iPhone 4S you’ll love it.

CALLER: Yes. Yep. I’ve got to hold her feet to the fire, but I appreciate that. She enjoyed hearing that and highlighting the features of the thing.

RUSH: Oh, it’s amazing. I am still learning voice commands with Siri. That’s the artificial intelligence. For example, what you can do, you can activate Siri and you can say “Google Pittsburgh Steelers score” and it will take you to a Web page with the score and the running details of the game.

CALLER: Well, Apple’s had VoiceOver. I bought her an iPad for her birthday but I haven’t been able to pry it from her hands to use it but they’re real good at keeping up with accessibility features for the blind.

RUSH: They do. They have marvelous accessibility features for blind, hearing-impaired as well.

CALLER: Great company.

RUSH: Okay, the New York Times reporterette’s name is Natasha Lennard. Natasha Lennard, and she’s down there and she’s part of Occupy Wall Street Now, which means she smells like urine. I’m still trying to find the story. What was it, Paul, out there that you wanted to mention?

CALLER: I was just telling you thank you for doing that. When I was riding with her, she decided she had to buy me a new one, a new iPhone, so that’s what I was telling you, you’re running a public service for the blind community, I got a free phone out of the deal.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. How is it free if your wife bought it?

CALLER: Well, well, well, in a roundabout way, it comes from the same pool and I haven’t got it yet, I’ve got to hold her feet to the fire, but without you going over the features she would have never realized what was out there, so that’s what I was saying —

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you what you need to do. I’m not trying to be a shill here. I happen to love this stuff and I believe it, so I’m an evangel. What you need to tell her to do is go to Apple.com, go to the website, click on the iPhone tab and just have her read and watch and you can listen to some of the videos where they explain the features in the phone and particularly Siri and how it works.

CALLER: Yeah, I’ll do that. I use talking software on my computer right now so I’ll do that, access it.

RUSH: Well, you’ve got a leg up if you have an idea how it works.

CALLER: I’ll send her the link.

RUSH: This will still stun you. There’s no other computer platform with this extensive voice to text ability. It’s hard to describe this to people. It’s easier to show it. It’s not hard to describe. That’s the wrong way to say it. It’s just so easy to demonstrate this. But I just am in amazement of it as I play with it, try to figure out what more it can do ’cause there’s not a whole lot of documentation manual-wise with very many Apple products. That’s one of the things that amazes me. There are so many things the computers, the phones, the iPads do that — (interruption) Well, for one thing they’re gonna continue to be upgrading. Siri cannot make flight reservations right now.

What it can do, it can tell you, it can show you all the flights from your city to where you want to go, but it can’t make a reservation yet. But they’ll build that in. That’s eventually gonna come once they make deals with the airlines and so forth. But they’re gonna probably have a bigger screen, faster processor on a new phone, they’ll have 4G LTE, the new real fast data speeds on cell networks. Before this phone everybody was saying, “What can they possibly do to upgrade the 4?” There’s all kinds of new stuff still waiting and lurking in the pipeline.

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