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RUSH: I just watched something hilarious on PMSNBC. Not only was it hilarious, it was quite instructive. The host of the show was a non-broadcaster, Chris Cillizza. He’s a newspaper guy at the Washington Post. He sends me e-mails now and then wanting comments. I get along with him. But MSNBC…? Well, I guess they broke the barrier with Al Sharpton when they put something who knows nothing about broadcasting on the air, as a host. Anyway, Cillizza is talking to David Gregory, the host of Meet the Depressed, and they’re beside themselves trying to understand how it is they haven’t taken Herman Cain out. Now, they don’t use those words, but they’re just beside themselves that he’s still around.

They’re beside themselves that he has survived. They don’t understand how in the world his poll numbers are going up. They are mystified that his fundraising is going through the roof. David Gregory at that point said to Chris Cillizza, “I tell you, Chris, what has the media so upset about this is that the Cain campaign has no strategy, no organization! They’re just wingin’ it. Nobody there knows what they’re doing.” I’m thinking, “Okay, now, how do I translate that?” Cillizza then said, “Yeah! You know, that’s right. It’s just a scatter operation. They’re just scattered. They don’t know what they’re doing,” and I figured it out. Here they are — this finely tuned, well-oiled, powerful destructive force known as the mainstream media — and over here is this geek, this inexperienced nerd who hasn’t the slightest idea what he’s doing (in their view) outsmarting them; surviving their best efforts to take him out.

And they just can’t stand it. “How come some neophyte like this can outsmart us? How come some neophyte with no strategy and no organization…?” and Gregory said, “I’ve even talked to people inside the campaign, Chris,” and Chris said, “You have? Yeah, I really have! I’ve talked to people on the inside. I’ve got some internal people, and they say that there’s no organization; that there’s no strategy to deal with this.” Ahem. Let me offer a wild, totally out-of-this-world observation: Did you people in the media ever stop to consider that maybe Herman Cain is simply telling the truth and that it doesn’t need any strategy or organization? Truth genuinely stands alone (it has that power), and if some guy thinks he’s got the truth, he’s telling the truth, and he’s being honest about his answers, what kind of strategy is needed for that?

Now, if you’re gonna concoct a bunch of lies — if you’re gonna come up with scenarios based on strategery — well, yeah, that’s gonna require some intricate planning by well-seasoned experts. So they’re just beside themselves, folks, that some amateur campaign here has withstood their shots, and they were openly admitting this. Not in the words that I have just explained to you, but I can read the stitches on a fastball; I’m translating this for you.


RUSH: I want you to hear the little exchange David Gregory had with Chris Cillizza about a half hour ago on MSNBC. This is the one I told you about where they’re just beside themselves that Herman Cain’s triumphing over their best efforts to take him out; and it is in this sound bite that David Gregory explains what really has the media in a frenzy.

GREGORY: There’s been a rallying around Herman Cain about Republican conservative base in the media, on talk radio. That’s been an enormous boon to him. There’s money coming in, the campaign says. I’ve talked to folks on the ground in Iowa who say enthusiasm is only growing there in the state. What’s got the media in a frenzy, let’s be honest about it, is that there’s just a weirdness about the campaign, a sense that there’s no strategy — and that’s not just observation.


GREGORY: I’ve talked to people internally who were complaining about the fact there’s no real strategy, they knew about this, they haven’t responded well to it and Herman Cain’s still driving the organization — whatever organization there is.

CILLIZZA: I was gonna say! (snickering)

GREGORY: It’s contributing to all this!

CILLIZZA: I think you get to strike at the heart of it: That’s the problem. There isn’t organization.


CILLIZZA: The push-back is so scattered and still kind of all over the place.


CILLIZZA: It looks strange.

RUSH: It’s so scattered and Herman Cain is leading it! (paraphrased) “Who is this idiot?” they want to know. “Who is this dumb, amateur idiot who’s entered our business of politics? He never done anything but run a pizza place and he’s outsmarting us with no strategy? How is this possible? That’s why we’re in a frenzy.”


RUSH: It really is. I am going to characterize this whole Herman Cain thing for exactly what it is, because it is an historic moment. It’s an historic moment for scandals. Stop and think of this: The lack of a cover-up is the crime! No strategy, no organization, a scatter-ball response, a candidate simply answering the questions put to him by a media with no specificity, a candidate who is expected to deny things that haven’t been alleged. Nobody — in day five, now — has told us yet a single thing Cain did; and when David Gregory and Cillizza and all the others (and you’ve heard the montage) talk about how horrible his response to this is, how unseasoned, how amateurish, and how he’s guilty simply because his response is so unprofessional, what they’re really saying is, “He hasn’t engaged in a cover-up!”

That’s what they mean by “strategy.” That’s what they mean by “organization.” Cain has not tried a cover-up! The axiom in Washington is, “The cover-up is always worse than the crime.” That’s why they love cover-ups! The whole point of this, I think, was to generate a cover-up. It’s sort of like a process crime. The FBI’s gotcha in their sights for something but they can’t prove it so in the interrogation they try to get you for lying to ’em. Okay. Here, they’ve got nothing. They allege all of this sexual harassment. They wanted Cain to engage in a cover-up in which they could then entrap him for botching that. But Herman Cain blew it wide open because he didn’t try to cover it up! Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, an historic moment for scandals in Washington, DC!

As far as the media is concerned, the real crime here is the lack of a cover-up. That’s what has them ticked off. Herman Cain hasn’t tried to hide it. He hasn’t constructed an elaborate series of lies that can be discovered as lies, which can then be used to nail him and wipe him out so they can move on to the next Republican to take out. Whatever happened to the old “You can’t prove a negative”? I’ll tell you what ought to happen. Larry Flynt! Some Republican Larry Flynt… Do we have one? Do we have a Republican Larry Flynt? We don’t? That says something, too, doesn’t it? Well, I wish we did for this occasion. You know why? (interruption) If we had a Republican Larry Flynt, I would urge him to wave around $50,000 for proof of sexual harassment at Politico.

I mean, that’s what Larry Flynt does. He waves around a hundred thousand dollars, $50,000 for proof of sex with a Republican. So if we had a Republican Larry Flynt (You want strategy, Mr. Gregory? I got one), we have our Larry Flynt offer 50 grand for any news, any proof — quote, unquote, “proof” — of sexual harassment at The Politico offices, and we could win it because the rules have been established by Politico! The truth is whatever the accuser says. So we wave around 50 grand, we get some woman to come forward and say, “Yeah, I got harassed at The Politico office,” and it’s over, because she says so. We’re supposed to automatically believe that there was sexual harassment if someone says so.

You see how this could work? Our Larry Flynt waves 50 grand around for proof of sexual harassment by anybody at Politico. Then a woman says, “It happened! Give me the money!” What happened? “Well, I was in there once and David Gregory, or David Gergen, pick a name, hit on me big time, made me feel real nervous! Joe Biden was talking about how his parents had sex on the other side of the bedroom walls and it was real thin walls. I could hear it and it made me real nervous. I was in The Politico and, hell, that’s all they do is talk about sex inside that building.” Bam! She’s gotta be believed because she’s the accuser. Now, while that was going on, the pantywaists on our side would be decrying it and defending the people at The Politico. But everybody knows that the accuser never lies.


RUSH: Before I get outta here, as this Herman Cain thing continues — and it will swirl through the weekend — Politico’s done 90 stories on this this week. Nine-zero. I had somebody count it up. There’s one thing that cannot be stressed enough: A report that we had earlier today that Herman Cain did not sign any settlement. There’s a CBS News article that says may have been reached after Cain left the association and Bennett, the lawyer, said it’s conceivable Cain didn’t even know about it. That’s the thing to keep in mind. He probably doesn’t even know what he’s denying.

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