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RUSH: Rick Perry. Let’s do this. Let’s go back October 20th on this show, and I said this. Number three, audio sound bite number three. Go back in order.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Rick Perry — and I mean this in a complimentary way. People are gonna find this not strange or not hard to believe, but you might be confused by this. Rick Perry makes me laugh. But not at him. I laugh with the guy.

RUSH: I gotta tell you: Rick Perry, to me, is funny. During the debate when he decided to go after Mitt Romney for hiring illegals? When he stood up there and said (impression), “And, Mitt, you have lost all your standing with me, ’cause you, on your own property…” I just started laughing. He’s a funny guy — and Letterman! Letterman brought him on last night; I’m sure Letterman wanted him to bomb. I’ll guarantee you they wanted him to come on there and forget his lines as he did the top ten list. Letterman was not happy. Perry was funny. This is a montage of Perry cracking people up on Letterman last night.

PERRY: Actually, there were three reasons I messed up last night.

AUDIENCE: (laughing)

PERRY: One was the nerves, and — and two was the headache, and three… Ummm… Uhhh…

AUDIENCE: (laughing and applause)

PERRY: Hey, listen, you try concentrating with Mitt Romney smiling at ya.

AUDIENCE: (laughing and applause)

PERRY: That is one handsome dude!

PERRY: I wanted to help take the heat off my buddy, Herman Cain.

RUSH: He wasn’t supposed to be that likable. These guys, they think the Republicans are gonna get ’em on there as guests and they’re all gonna be these boorish snobs and doesn’t work out that way. So Rick Perry is in the process of turning this around, too, and pretty soon the media’s gonna be mad that Rick Perry is cashing in on forgetfulness or something like that. Diana Sawyer leading — leading, now — ABC’s World News Tonight, this is the open.

SAWYER: This is World News Tonight. Damage control. Rick Perry stalls out in a debate and scrambles to revive his campaign for president. His rough day. And we take a look at the science that explains show stopping brain freeze.

RUSH: The lead story! We had the pipeline that Obama shut down. We got the Iranians with nukes. We got Occupy Wall Street. We got an economy going to hell in a handbasket. We got Fast and Furious. We got the attorney general saying, “I’m not gonna apologize,” and then he writes an apology letter and shows it to the media first. And this is the lead item on ABC’s World News Tonight complete with a look at the science that explains show stopping brain freeze, which translates me, “Okay, we’re gonna show you official science about why Rick Perry is an absolute blooming idiot. And we’re not gonna have to say it. We’re gonna get a scientist in here to say it for you so that you have no doubt that this guy is a stupid, dumb idiot. The lead item on ABC’s World News Tonight. And when they finally got to the report by reporter John Berman, he mentions three politicians in addition to Perry who also look stupid, who all happen to be Republicans.

BERMAN: There’s nothing worse than completely forgetting your point in a televised debate. Well, except for seemingly losing the ability to talk at all in a televised debate. That happened to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Rick Perry has joined an illustrious club of those who suffer from brain freeze. We use our frontal lobes to sort our memories. The problem is that part of the brain is sensitive to anxiety.

SCIENTIST: The stress hormones go up even higher and then that shuts down their frontal lobes and disconnects it from the rest of the brain, and makes it even harder to retrieve those memories.

BERMAN: Which explains how Chief Justice John Roberts could flub the oath of office or George W. Bush could flub this.

BUSH: Fool me once, shame on… shame on you. Fool me, can’t get fooled again.

RUSH: (laughing) Could that be more obvious? Chief Justice John Roberts, George W. Bush, Arizona governor Jan Brewer. And then of course the scientist, Michael DeGeorgia was his name. He’s the guy you heard say the stress hormone goes up even higher and then shuts down the frontal lobe. And of course we never challenge these guys, science equals instant credibility and truth. How did they find this guy? Did they interview a bunch of scientists ’til they found one that would say what they wanted to hear? Which explains how the chief justice John Roberts could flub — how about, Cookie, go back to the campaign with Senator Kennedy and Clinton where we played this for years and we still can’t translate what Kennedy is saying. If they’re gonna go out there and do this, we can certainly highlight genuine stupidity and other shortcomings that exist in the Democrats.


RUSH: We just heard John Berman’s report at ABC’s World News Tonight. Yeah, this explains how Chief Justice John Roberts could flub the oath of office, or George W. Bush could flub this, or how Rick Perry could forget things. What’s the date of this, Mike? Do you have a date on this when this happened? We don’t know. It’s gotta be 1996 because Clinton and Kennedy were running for reelection.

KENNEDY: This is Clinton country? (Unintelligible). And after we all do what needs to be done for the next two and a half weeks and we elect Mark Roosevelt as our governor and you — (cheers and applause) — and you reelect old Kennedy in the United States Senate, we’re gonna start on the ’96 campaign to elect Bill Clinton and to reelect him on the next (unintelligible).

RUSH: Nobody knows what he said. We used to have that in a loop, because people wanted to hear it over and over again to try to figure out what it was that Senator Kennedy was saying. We do have the loop. Here’s the loop so you can hear it over and over again.

KENNEDY: This is Clinton country? (Unintelligible). And after we all do what needs to be done —

RUSH: Which is what?

KENNEDY: — for the next two and a half weeks and we elect Mark Roosevelt as our governor and you — (cheers and applause) — and you reelect old Kennedy in the United States Senate, we’re gonna start on the ’96 campaign to elect Bill Clinton and to reelect him on the next (unintelligible).

(continue playing in loop)

RUSH: Right, right, okay, so there you have it. You ought to see the video. Clinton is just standing there clapping. (laughing) It’s a great visual because Clinton doesn’t understand. That’s just Ted Kennedy saying Resist We Much. Which is the official motto now of MSNBC. And how many clips could we play if we wanted to of Obama off teleprompter? I mean if you want to talk about slow and halting and the frontal lobe synapses not firing, if we wanted to, Democrat speeches are not words, they’re just noise. Of course Wolf Blitzer, because of what Perry did, Wolf Blitzer ran a compendium of ten “oops” moments from the GOP debate so far. You remember all the CNN stories of those kinds of bloopers from Democrat debates over the years, don’t you? Yeah, right.


RUSH: We put together back in the summer of 2008, Obama goes to the Middle East to apologize for America, Cairo speech, number of other places. ABC World News tonight leads off with what an idiot Rick Perry is and stupid Republicans in their little report there. And I made the comment, you take Obama off prompter and we’re not talking about a guy where the elevator goes all the way to the top floor. Sounds more like a guy who’s an order of fries short of a Happy Meal. This is from one speech, one press conference on July 22nd of 2008. We have seven and a half minutes, not one thing repeated or recycled. Each one of these is individual, was it’s own utterance and occurrence. And out of a forty minute press conference, this took up seven minutes and thirty-five seconds.

OBAMA: Uh, I also want to thank you, uh, uh, uh, the, uh, this, well, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, you know, uh, uh, uh, is, uh, is of their work, uh, uh, uh, uh, we, uh, uh, uh, I called, uh, uh, and I’m, uh, with, uh —

RUSH: It goes on for seven and a half minutes.

OBAMA: And we have to do this.

RUSH: None of these are repeated.

OBAMA: Uh, uh, as well as, uh, uh, I, uh, we — and — uh, uh —

RUSH: Okay. That’s enough. Where did we get the idea for it? You couldn’t miss it. Seven and a half minutes out of 40 minutes was that? It didn’t take long before we’re all looking at ourselves. For crying out loud, this is like people who say “you know” all the time, except he says, “uh.” See, intellectuals have proved that, though, because that in intellectual-speak means you’re in deep, deep thought. Seven minutes, 35 seconds. Seven and a half minutes. Seven minutes out of 40 minutes, over 10% of it, and it was a press conference.


RUSH: This is last night’s CNN Situation Room, Wolf Blitzed speaking with The Forehead, Paul Begala, about Perry and Rick Perry’s mental lapse in Wednesday night’s debate. Wolf Blitzer said, “You gotta give him a little credit, [Forehead]. He went on all the morning talk shows, the morning news shows, he gonna be on Letterman tonight. He’s not backing down. He’s trying to fix this.”

BEGALA: Yeah. I know.

BLITZER: (chuckling)

BEGALA: I’m trying to say something other than what I’m thinking which is, “He’s an idiot.” He’s unqualified to be president. He was the candidate for all the people who thought George W. Bush was just too cerebral for them.

RUSH: There you have it. That’s The Forehead (also from Texas, by the way) talking about Rick Perry who has been a very successful, productive governor for 14 years in Texas. This morning on Scarborough’s show, Morning Joe, Scarborough spoke with noted liberal columnist Mike Barnicle about former President George W. Bush. Scarborough said, “George W. Bush is a very bright guy. You meet George W. Bush one on one, he’s bright, he’s engaging. Is that not right, Mike? You were not blown away — you were blown away, right? Engaging how guy was when you met him, right?”

BARNICLE: I know a very good friend of mine, lifelong Democrat, went to a meeting with George W. Bush within the past month down in Texas; came back and was stunned at his reaction — stunned that, you know, he was like the most personable people he’s ever met, terrific time with him.

RUSH: I just continually am amazed by this. Now, I could understand when people meet me for the first time and they’ve never listened to the program, but they think they know everything about me — and it’s fun to look at people totally shocked that I am a nice, charismatic, engaging, dominate-the-room kind of guy. I can understand that. They’ve never listened to me, they just believe it. But this guy Bush was president! Mike Barnicle? They really thought that Bush was this big, blithering idiot, which was a total image they concocted. He was president! Everybody knew who George Bush was. I know what some of you are saying.

“Hey, Rush, he came off that way sometimes: When the camera came on, he did look like deer in the headlights.” Doesn’t matter. They know he’s got a Harvard MBA, and these guys know you don’t buy those. I don’t care what anybody thinks. You’ve gotta get the grades to get the Harvard MBA, Wharton school; these things are not sold. The fact that they would be stunned by this is quite telling to me.

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