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RUSH: You know, for national politics it’s a TV age. We all admit this, right? There’s no question about it. It’s a television age. If you can’t master television, you are behind the eight ball. If you want to be in politics and you can’t master TV, then you have many hills to climb, many obstacles ahead of you, many Botox treatments in store. For national Democrat politicians, it’s particularly helpful to therefore develop extensive contacts with the media that you will soon be controlling. Networking with the networks, in other words. (interruption) No, Chelsea Clinton, starting today, will be getting her paychecks from the National Broadcasting Company, NBC.

I wonder how Luke Russert feels about this. Chelsea Clinton at NBC. She’s not a journalist. She is a politician in training. That’s what this means. Politician in training. It’s an incestuous business, circuitous route, revolving door. Politics and the media on the Democrat side is one and the same profession. So Chelsea Clinton going to NBC means that she is furthering her political education, that she is furthering her ability to master the medium of television for her later career in politics. I have no doubt that that’s what Chelsea Clinton to NBC is all about. Learn about television for a later professional career. Now, this is an avenue not open to conservatives.

It is an avenue not available to us. At least not with any of the Big Three networks. I guess you could say we go to the media after we bomb out in politics, and we go to Fox. But that’s after we bomb out, after we lose our elections, that’s where we get hired by Roger Ailes and so forth and so on. But seldom do we go from Fox back to politics. I could be wrong about this. I’m trying to think off the top of my head if that happens. But we do know that Chelsea Clinton is gonna go from NBC to politics. There’s no question about it whatsoever in my mind.

So what started at home for Chelsea Clinton has moved now to a broadcast operation. The Clintons have done all that they can with her. It’s time now to move on to the next level. Soon she’ll be controlling homes and corporations from Washington as a representative of a liberal state, after her training at NBC, after mastering the business of television. New York comes to mind. She might be being groomed even now for the position of next senator from New York. New Yorkers don’t care whether you got experience or not. They don’t care if you’ve even lived there.

All they care about is if you’re a big enough star, and Chelsea Clinton is going on television to become a media star as a precursor to becoming the next senator from New York when her mother decides it’s finally time to go back to the White House, whenever that might be. So Chelsea Clinton now being schooled in public relations, on-camera presence, the inner workings of the communications branch of the Democrat Party, all this under the guise of becoming a journalist. (laughing)

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