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RUSH: We’ve got people reacting — the Huffing and Puffington Post reacting — to my theory about Chelsea Clinton yesterday. Remember what this is. Chelsea Clinton was hired by NBC News, and… Oh, you gotta hear this! What did I do with it? Here it is. Grab sound bite 15.

Now, Chelsea Clinton has never done an interview — and during the campaign, she refused to do an interview. Her mother’s campaign. She’s not done it. She hates the media. When she’s been on the campaign plane, she won’t talk to the media — and now she’s been hired by the media. Now, the media at the New York Times, the Washington Post, they’re all ticked off about this. I’ve got the story. They’re very, very upset about it. But Brian Williams — she has been hired by NBC, she’s gonna appear on an ongoing feature segment on the NBC Nightly News. As I said yesterday: “How does Luke Russert feel about this?” Because no matter how he feels what can he say? Last night during Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, the host of Rock Center, Brian Williams, was the guest. Piers Morgan said, “I think she’d be terrific.” This is about Chelsea. “And for all the reasons that you just said. It’s an inspired appointment. But there will be journalistic critics who will just say this is further evidence of news networks dumbing down? It’s the “celebrification,” if you like, of news, conventional news journalism. What would you say to that, Mr. Williams?”

WILLIAMS: I can’t wait to hear her voice and her viewpoint and I would remind everybody that there was were kerfuffle about Tim Russert’s resume. “Oh, my goodness, he worked for, uhh, a couple elected Democrats,” and what that nicely left out was Tim Russert’s talent and intellect and ability to call them down the middle.

RUSH: Yeah.

WILLIAMS: What is he remembered for —

RUSH: Yeah.

WILLIAMS: — and what do people miss about him?

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah

WILLIAMS: His decency —

RUSH: Yeah.

WILLIAMS: — his humanity, and his incredible ability to call them, uhhh, down the middle. So I would urge everyone, uhh, to let’s sit back and watch some of Chelsea Clinton’s work on the air.

RUSH: More on this when we get back, but this is unbelievable. Unbelievable. Unbelievable!


RUSH: Okay, Brian Williams: “I can’t wait to hear Chelsea’s voice and her viewpoint.” Viewpoint? I — I — I didn’t think as a “down the middle” expert journalist, she was supposed to have a viewpoint. Do you realize, folks… Howard Cosell talked about this in the realm of sports: “The jockocracy.” He spoke about all the struggling, hardworking sportscasters, wannabes working in the small markets trying to work their way up to the top of the ladder, only to find that jocks — when they retired — with no broadcast experience whatsoever, were put in those positions; and here we have Brian Williams. Do you know how many journalists are out there? They’ve followed all the rules. They’ve been working hard to try to destroy somebody in the market they live.

That’s number one: You do a profile on somebody destroy ’em or put ’em out of business or what have you, write a profile that just ruins ’em. People are working hard to get hired, and then they go hire somebody that’s never done it before, at the highest level! The NBC Nightly News. Somebody who has never granted an interview! They don’t know what she sounds like. They’re never heard her voice. That’s why Brian Williams said, “I can’t wait to hear her voice.” Nobody’s ever heard it. She’s never granted an interview. I told you yesterday what this is all about. This is simply the communications arm of the Democrat Party (which is NBC and the media) preparing Chelsea to get her some television experience. You need television to get anywhere in politics. You have to be good on television to get anywhere, and this is simply the preparatory period for her Chelsea Clinton to eventually run for the Senate in New York at some point or whatever state that they think she can move to and win that will allow that, like New York does.

That’s clearly what’s happening here.


RUSH: I know. Chelsea Clinton has been openly hostile to the media. They’ve asked her questions when they’ve gotten close to her. “None of her business!” is her answer — and now she’s hired and poor old Brian Williams is out there, made it sound like she’s the next Tim Russert. And how does that make Luke Russert feel? Luke Russert’s gotta be upset. He’s been hit twice now. Yesterday when they announced Chelsea is being hired for the Nightly News. Luke’s stuck over at MSNBC, and now last night, Brian Williams compares Chelsea to his dad! Yeah. Just “right down the middle.” Remember, that’s how the media reacted when I got hired at ESPN. Remember that? They were all excited. “Oh, yeah! We’re happy to bring somebody in here who’s not part of our fraternity.”

That’s not at all how they reacted. Let’s see. “Chelsea Clinton may have officially joined the media on Monday, but several journalists who covered the 2008 election remain skeptical about the press-averse former First Daughter entering their ranks. ‘The supreme irony of Chelsea Clinton becoming an NBC reporter: I’m pretty sure she’s never granted an interview,’ tweeted The New York Times’ Jodi Kantor.” Here’s another one: “The New York Times’ Amy Chozick, who covered the 2008 election for the Wall Street Journal, responded that not only did Clinton refuse to give interviews, but ‘seemed to absolutely hate us on (Clinton’s campaign) plane.’ In another tweet, Chozick wrote that Clinton ‘disdained reporters.’ …

“Politico’s Ken Vogel tweeted that Clinton gave reporters the ‘total cold shoulder’ during the previous election cycle. And Glenn Thrush echoed his Politico colleague’s experience on Twitter: ‘In ’08, Chelsea Clinton (in NH) told me “Sorry, I don’t talk to the media.” I said, “But you are all grown up now.” Now she IS the media.’ The New York Times was given a heads up about Clinton being hired as a special correspondent in anticipation of the press release, but Clinton declined to comment for the paper’s article about her. The lack of an interview didn’t go unnoticed. ‘Chelsea Clinton has loathed the news media for most of her life,’ tweeted the Times’ Don Van Natta. ‘So it makes sense she has decided to join us and refuse to be interviewed.'”

So you go through the various levels of the media — Washington Post, the New York Times — and they’re not happy about this. Now, the people at NBC are not gonna speak up, of course. As we just had a drive-by caller ask: “What about poor old Amy Carter? Why didn’t anybody cut her a break?” That’s because Amy didn’t have political “perspirations” beyond where she was. Oh, can you imagine if…? Can you imagine Brian Williams, if one of the Bush twins — one of George W. Bush’s daughters — had been hired? (interruption) One of George W. Bush’s daughters is a correspondent on the Today Show? Really? I didn’t know that. And they haven’t undermined her yet? (interruption) Well, she’s not there anymore? She’s not there? Okay. Well, hadn’t made a big deal out of it.

That is interesting. But, at any rate, this is very obvious what this is, folks — and because there has been so much outrage at my pointing it out, the proof is in the pudding. It’s very simple: You’ve gotta get experience on television. You have to learn how to use TV if you’re going to do anything in politics of a substantial nature. Plus, it’s Obamaville out there! (chuckles) It’s tough. Chelsea, what’s her degree in, history or makeup? Something or other. I mean, it’s tough to get a job out there. So the Clintons have called in a marker, but she doesn’t want to sit around and be the midwife for Huma’s baby all day long. She wants to get busy and have a career out there. So the Clintons have called in a marker, and this is gonna set her up (getting TV experience) for an eventual political career. There’s no question in my mind it’s what this is all about. (interruption)

Who, Huma? Chelsea? I don’t know if Chelsea is still married or not. Huma is. Chelsea worked for a hedge fund for a while. (interruption) “Public health” is her degree. I was just joking about being in makeup. She’s got a degree in public health. She worked for a hedge fund for a while, yeah. She worked for a… (interruption) Yeah, they are evil. Hedge funds are evil except when they’re run by Democrats (interruption) and Chelsea’s husband worked at Goldman? (interruption) I haven’t heard that they’re not still married. I think they are, and Huma’s still married to Weiner. Huma is pregnant. That’s what I said. You know, Chelsea doesn’t want to be a nanny all day long. So move out, get into the big world, NBC Nightly News, Rock Center, for a while. Get good on television if you can. The jury’s still out on that. They’ll make a decision. If she does well, “Bam! It’s on to elective office.”


RUSH: Yeah, right. It was David Shuster, by the way, who accused the Clintons of “pimping out” their daughter. Remember that, David Shuster. He was canned, he was fired. He was expended and let go, and now he’s over there working with Olbermann over at Gore’s network — and they’ve got an audience of 18,000, by the way. They’re at asterisk level in terms of ratings, 18,000 people. We have more… (interruption) Yeah, that’s another question. You know, the National Action Network, I mean there’s a lot of questions. Jesse Jackson, Sharpton. How come Chelsea Clinton starts at the top — NBC Nightly News — and Sharpton is over on the cable side? See how this works? Special, privileged treatment for the children of the rich and powerful. She gets the network gig on the big news show and the big primetime whatever you call Rock Center kind of show that is, and poor Reverend Al’s over there six o’clock on the cable network.

“Resist We Much!”


RUSH: I’ve been sitting here, folks, thinking Chelsea Clinton at NBC News and there’s one thing we have to grant as a concession. It’s totally understandable that Chelsea Clinton would refuse an intern position. Once you refuse the intern position, there’s nowhere to go but to the top. And that’s where she’s starting. That’s right, you refuse the intern position, and you go right to the head of the class. You go right to the top, right up there, because she knows how risky it could be to accept the intern position.

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