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RUSH: They cleaned out Zuccotti Park. Well, they tried to clean out Zuccotti Park. The cops went in there and they told everybody to get out, they’re gonna clean the place. “You can come back after we clean it up, but when you come back you can’t bring any tents or anything to stay overnight.” And they went out and found a judge, “Oh, no, you can’t do that, Mr. Mayor. If those people want to go back, they can go back. You can’t establish rules on these people after they’re there. You have to have these rules for them before they get there or you can’t have these rules at all.” Jeez, what a way to start the program. This judge, the name is Lucy Billings. She’s an ACLU veteran. She was found for this case by the National Lawyers Guild, which is the same communist front group that has represented all the terrorists at Club Gitmo, or Occupy Gitmo, whatever it’s called.

I have a picture of her here, and she’s apparently been moved off the case. “But within hours, she was off the case as court administrators prepared to randomly choose a new judge — and excluded BillingsÂ’ name from the list of candidates.” Judge Billings taken off the Occupy Wall Street case in New York City. By the way, this is exactly what ought to happen to Elena Kagan at the Supreme Court with Obamacare. They ought to get her off of that case. She’s been found to be cheering the decision in an e-mail or two to Laurence Tribe who’s the Supreme Court nominee that never was. The brightest guy never to end up on the Supreme Court. He’s a law professor at Harvard. He hinted, he let it be known year after year after year that he wanted to be picked, but he’s never been picked to be on the Supreme Court. He had a very close relationship with Elena Kagan, who is on the court for exactly this reason. In case the case ever got to the Supreme Court she is there to provide a vote for the constitutionality of Obamacare. That’s why she’s there.

So, anyway, the cops went in there to Zuccotti Park. They’re thinking of lighting the Empire State Building brown for a week in honor of what they found in there at Zuccotti Park. It’s just amazing what has been discovered. Do you realize, folks, there’s a bigger fine for letting your dog poop on the street in New York than there is for humans. It’s a pigsty in there. This is precisely what everybody knew — these are the kind of people that make up this group. Even Mayor Bloomberg finally had enough because he realized that what was happening down there was this whole thing was a magnet for people who didn’t work, who wanted to get in on all kinds of freebies and everything. So that’s where we stand. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Bloomberg this morning at city hall. He held a press conference that discussed the clearing out of Zuccotti park.

BLOOMBERG: This action was taken at this time of the day to reduce the risk of confrontation in the park and to minimize disruption to the surrounding neighborhood. Protesters were asked to temporarily leave the park while this occurred and were told that they would be free to return to the park once Brookfield finished cleaning. Our intention was to reopen the park and to let people go in and express their First Amendment rights to protest or their First Amendment rights to just peacefully enjoy the park and say nothing.

RUSH: Yeah, right. So that was this morning from Mayor Doomberg. The story on this, I’ve got two of them, this is NBC New York Eyeball News 5. “Police in Riot Gear Clear Occupy Wall Street,” but a judge, Lucy Billings, overturned the decision. There are a number of Republicans starting to get fed up with the Republican nomination process. And for those of you who are thinking of staying home on Election Day if your guy doesn’t get the nomination, don’t do it. This judge in New York, this Lucy Billings, is precisely why we need liberalism defeated every opportunity there is to defeat it. When the liberals don’t get what they want by way of the legislature or the Congress, they just turn to a judge that they’ve appointed who will write a law. That’s what this judge has done, Lucy Billings. She’s basically trying to say the mayor doesn’t have any right to shut this park down, doesn’t have the right to enforce these rules because the rules were made after the protesters showed up.

So the mayor calls it an “intolerable situation,” finally taking action to clear the place out, and a judge grants a restraining order prohibiting the city from its enforcement plan. The judge granted “a temporary restraining order prohibiting the city from enforcing rules of the plaza that she said were published ‘after the occupation began,’ like a ban on tents and tarps.” She said the rules were published after the occupation began and you can’t do that. The rules were changed and you can’t do that. She spent 25 years as a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union. She’s an ACLU lawyer. She is a lawyer found by the National Lawyers Guild. It’s a wacko leftist front group that did represent lots of the terrorists at Club Gitmo.

CNBC Reports that the injunction prevents the city from enforcing park rules which were published after the protest began. So much for the rule of law. But when you have liberal judges like this, this is the point, who cares about the rule of law? They will make it up to suit themselves and handle things as they would like.

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