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RUSH: Those of you at the Sullivan Group out in Sacramento, my opinion auditing firm, you better listen up. I gotta go up now, I gotta go up above 99.6. I mean Fast and Furious, right on the money, I called it. Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News, found evidence in the e-mails that the whole plan was about affecting gun laws in this country, exactly as I prognosticated all the way back on July 7th of this year.


RUSH: I take you back to this program. This is me on July 7th of this year.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Don’t doubt me on this. This was an attack on the Second Amendment. The purpose of this was to have it all go wrong, have American guns, because they’re so widely available, “You can go into any gun store in America and buy an assault rifle,” quote, unquote, end up owned by Mexican drug lords. (gasp) We were supposed to be so appalled and outraged by that that the American people would clamor for gun control. That’s what they were trying to do. Nobody’s gonna ever convince me otherwise.

RUSH: July 7th, 2011. So you remember Fast and Furious. This is where we arranged for thousands of guns, long guns, automatic, semiautomatic, AK-47s, machine guns, bazookas, whatever, to end up in the hands of drug lords, right out of gun stores, gun shops in Phoenix, just walked outta there right across the border into Mexico, into the hands of the drug cartel and the cartel was supposed to do with those guns what drug cartel people do, start using them, bam, bam, you’re dead. They did. Hundreds of people died as a result of these guns being walked out of Phoenix gun shops and others along the border. And in this period of time a border agent got killed. So when attention was brought to bear on this, I said, “Well, it’s clear what this is all about. Who do we have in the White House? We have a quasi-liberal socialist Marxist. What do they hate? They hate citizens having guns. They hate the Second Amendment.”

It took me a split second to understand what this was all about. They have lost the gun control argument. In presidential debates they don’t dare bring it up, they have lost it, the left has lost the gun control argument, just like they’ve lost the abortion argument. But that doesn’t mean they go away, they never accept defeat. Okay, so let’s engineer a program where the baddest of bad guys get hold of American guns easily because we essentially give them to them, but we don’t tell anybody that. We make it look like the drug cartel could just cross the border, walk in there and buy ’em and walk back across the border or really rotten Americans could walk into the gun stores, buy those guns, go to Mexico and sell them to the drug cartel. Yes, evil Americans could, and then people would die, and the conclusion is supposed to be, “See, we have got to have more control over guns. Look at what happened here.” That was the plan. Backfired. Sharyl Attkisson with repeated random act of journalism after random act of journalism has been doggedly following this story and her latest report on the Early Show on CBS today featured this. One of the hostettes said, “Some officials originally discussed using the gun walking case to press for new gun regulations?”

ATTKISSON: That’s right. New e-mails that we have add to some documentation that we already had that show government officials never planned to reveal publicly their role in letting those guns fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels but planned to use the end result to argue for new gun regulations that they wanted, and you can read more about that story on our website, CBSNews.com.

RUSH: Which we’ve done and we’ve read the e-mails, and Sharyl Attkisson is exactly correct, exactly right. It’s exactly what this program was all about, to a T. Another El Rushbo bull’s-eye. Precisely what it was all about. So now they’ve got Holder up there, and they’re asking him about this. Before we get to that, back in 2009, this is in Mexico City, Obama and the Mexican President Felipe Calderon held a joint press conference. This is a portion of what Obama said back in April of 2009.

OBAMA: This war is being waged with guns purchased not here, but in the United States. More than 90% of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that line our shared border. So we have responsibilities as well.

RUSH: Damn right. It’s your program. So you go to Mexico after instituting this program with Eric Holder, you engineer these guns walking across the border, you engineer it, then you go to Mexico and you point out how horrible it is these guns actually came from the United States. It was all part of an Obama scam. This is who liberals are. Don’t ever doubt yourself or me.


RUSH: Yes, a little Steelers music here. Thursday night football on the NFL Network, the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field at Condiment Coliseum. They have a giant ketchup bottle there, Snerdley, on the scoreboard. I love Thursday night football. I love Christmastime, wintertime, when it turns cold. It’s just ideal. Great, great, great time of year, but I gotta tell you this stuff in news every day is ticking me off like I can’t tell. Folks, during the break here, I actually was setting here. I am so enraged at Obama, and I”m asking myself, “What’s the most effective way to express it to people without it arousing sympathy for this poor schlub or without people mad at me?” But I can’t tell you. I literally cannot describe. It would require profanity for me to accurately tell you what I think of this and what — what he’s done, what he’s continuing to do. It infuriates me, beyond my ability to express it, and this fast and Furious? There he is down there in Mexico apologizing?

He set this whole thing up and he has no clue? He doesn’t know what it’s about? Holder doesn’t know what it’s about? Holder, the first memos were lies, this is past the most corrupt administration that we have had in my lifetime, and I’m including Nixon in this. Nixon was a piker! Nixon could only dream of this kind of stuff because Nixon never had the media covering up for him. But I’m telling you this is bad! It really was. I’m a master communicator here and I’m stymied in trying to convey the depth of my outrage over what’s happening to this country, right out in front of everyone. What benefit from Fast and Furious? Look, let’s go to the audio sound bites. Get benefits? Okay. So it’s up on Capitol Hill, same Capitol Hill where Corzine said, “I have no idea where the money is!” James Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin, said, “Since it’s obvious that there was knowledge within the justice department about Fast and Furious, you all knew what you were doing. What are you gonna do to clean up the mess?”

HOLDER: Lemme make something very clear and in response to an assertion that you made — or hinted at — nobody in the Justice Department has lied.

SENSENBRENNER: Why was the letter withdrawn?

HOLDER: The letter was withdrawn because information in th-there that was inaccurate. The Justice Department letter of February —

SENSENBRENNER: Okay, tell me what’s the difference between “lying” and “misleading” Congress in this context?

HOLDER: Well, it — uh — eh — um — i-i-if you want to have this legal arg — uh, conversation it all has to with your state of mind and whether or not you had the requisite intent.

RUSH: Riiiight, right. You can’t lie unless you intend to. It’s all about your state of mind! True, true enough, folks. It could hold true for rapists. “Yeah, I thought she loved me.” Sandusky. “No, no, those boys loved me! Those boys begged for it. Those boys followed me. I loved those boys! Prove I’m lying. My state of mind wasn’t to abuse those kids; I love those kids! You can’t accuse me of abuse; it wasn’t in my state of mind. So this little conversation continued. Sensenbrenner followed up with this.

SENSENBRENNER: You know, the thing is is that if we don’t get to the bottom of this — and that requires your assistance on that — there is only one alternative that Congress has, and it’s called impeachment, where our subpoena powers are plenary and there can’t be any type of a legal immunity or privilege that can be asserted on that.

RUSH: These people, again, are not smarter than you and I, and what Sensenbrenner has just said and what we know is that Eric Holder, the attorney general — number one law enforcement officer in the country — sent letters and documents to Congress filled with lies. They were part of a cover-up, and Holder hasn’t given up on that. Obama’s attorney general is participating in a scheme to undermine gun laws, a scheme to undermine the Second Amendment. The attorney general of this country and the president are participating in a scheme to undermine the Constitution of the United States — and not just with Fast and Furious, but with as many policies as they can. It is serious.

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