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RUSH: I have a theory. We’re going this payroll tax business. Folks, let me tell you something. Obama announced yesterday after meeting with the prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, that he’s gonna veto any bill that extends the payroll tax cut if the bill lifts his ban on the Keystone pipeline. Now, all we’ve heard for the last several weeks is how vital this whopping 2% payroll tax cut extension is to the preservation of the middle class. They even have a countdown clock at the White House. Days, hours, minutes until the middle class experience a thousand-dollar tax increase. It’s amazing. And that is why the taxpayers are paying for all these recent campaign trips. See, Obama’s not campaigning. He’s pushing for this all-important tax cut. The White House website even has this countdown clock, which is ticking off the time to the expiration of the payroll tax cut.

Now, all of a sudden, Obama would rather veto this all-important bill and destroy the middle class, than allow the pipeline, which would create 200,000 middle class jobs. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not. Did you notice how the media and the rest of the Democrat Party are saying that if we end the payroll tax cut, it will, quote, cost working families a thousand dollars? They never talk that way. When tax cuts are discussed, the Democrats and the media only talk about what it will cost the government, never what it’s gonna cost you or me. They don’t care what it’s gonna cost you or me, never. But when it’s a tax cut they want, it suddenly doesn’t cost the government anything.

Have you noticed Obama is not worried what this is gonna “cost” the government? Have you noticed he’s not worried what effect this is going to have on Social Security? This is the only funding mechanism for Social Security — and there’s a concern out there, ladies and gentlemen, that reinstituting this thing will be next to impossible, which puts even further pressure on Social Security funding. But when it’s a tax cut that they want, it suddenly doesn’t cost the government anything! No, it’s gonna “cost working families” a thousand dollars. In truth, just in pure dollars and cents, the payroll tax cut has already cost Social Security trust fund more than $100 billion; and according to all accounts it hadn’t even created or saved a single job yet.

Now, in the midst of all this is the Keystone pipeline. It’s a no-brainer, right? In the normal ebb and flow, it is a no-brainer. It would increase on you supply of oil. It would reduce or dependence on foreign oil. It would lower the price of oil. It would create 20,000 jobs to start with the possibility of 200,000 by the time it was all done. No-brainer. Yet Obama is gonna go to the mat to make sure this Keystone pipeline’s not okayed before the election. I think I may have figured out why. Everybody’s focusing on the fact he’s a Marxist and he’s a hypocrite and all that. But if you look at it from his standpoint (and that at some point would be pure 100% selfishness), right now Obama’s getting campaign contributions from both sides:

The environmentalist wackos are giving him money to keep it shut down, energy companies are probably donating him money, hoping that he will okay the pipeline. If he makes a decision before the election, he cuts off one of those streams of campaign contributions. It could very well be something as simple as that. We know this guy’s out for himself first and always, ’cause you know this pipeline’s gonna be approved. One way or the other. (interruption) Yeah, I do. I think after the election, yeah, it’s gonna be approved. It’s a no-brainer. It’s gonna be proved. Regardless who wins. I mean, the odds are less it would be approved if Obama wins but still. But the fact — remember, now, Obama is not worried about the votes of white working-class voters. Everybody’s looking at this the wrong way.

Everybody thinks Obama can get votes by authorizing the Keystone pipeline. No! He wants the money from both sides of the issue coming in as campaign donations. Remember, his campaign is focused exclusively on getting the votes of the poor. The philosophy is the plan is create more poor people and get their votes. It’s been documented. The White House has admitted: White working class families, their votes don’t matter; undesirable, we don’t care about it. Therefore, trying to secure the votes of the American people on the basis of sound economic policy (i.e., okaying the Keystone pipeline) is not a factor. The campaign money is a more important thing from both sides of the issue.


RUSH: The unions want that pipeline, and the unions trump the environmentalist wackos every time. That’s why if Obama wins, after the election, that pipeline is gonna be authorized. That pipeline’s gonna be okayed. The unions want it. Obama’s buddies. Right now that’s just campaign donations, both sides of the issue. That’s why. The last thing Barack Obama is ever going to do — and I mean this as seriously as I’ve meant anything. The last thing he’s gonna do is what’s good for the country. That’s not his objective. It’s not who he is; it’s not what he’s about. It never has been, and it never will be.

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