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RUSH: Speaking of customer service, you know, I ordered something online earlier this week. There’s a company out there, I’m not even sure how you pronounce it. It’s S-p-i-g-e-n, they’re in LA, and they make a tempered glass shield for the iPhone that will not shatter. Well, it remains intact if it does shatter, but you can get a box cutter and it won’t scratch it. Keys won’t scratch it. I’ve seen a demo where they got a portable drill and it wouldn’t drill through it. You know, people drop their iPhones and sometimes the glass breaks, and I said, “I’m gonna try this,” and I ordered five of them. It came the other day, one came. There was only one in there, but the shipping said the quantity was five. So I wrote ’em an e-mail, I said, “I only got one of the five I ordered.”

They wrote back, “We need a picture of the packing.” They wanted evidence and I had thrown all that away. So I wrote ’em back, I said, “I’m sorry, I threw all that stuff away.” So I guess it’s never mind and I’ll see you later. So they just wrote back, said, “Never mind, we’ll send you four replacements soon.” And it reminded me, that’s how good the customer service is at Two If By Tea. They’ve obviously got a policy there. Anybody could write them an e-mail and say, “I ordered five and I only got one.” They wanted proof, I didn’t have it. I took a picture of the one that I got and I sent ’em that. So I wanted to give them a shout out, S-p-i-g-e-n. In fact, well, the website for the store is SGPstore.com.


RUSH: The company, I don’t know how to pronounce it, I think it’s Spigen, S-p-i-g-e-n. SPG.com. It’s 28 bucks. In my e-mail: “What does it cost Rush? You didn’t tell us.” It’s $28, and it’s really cool. You put this on the phone. A video, shows you, put this thing on. It’s like four-tenths of a millimeter thick. It’s thin as can be. It’s scratch proof. They’ve got a video demonstrating all this. You put it on the iPhone, and you tap it in the middle, and you see the thing stick itself to the iPhone. You just tap it. You line it up, then tap the thing. I can’t describe it. All you gotta do is wash your hands and clean the actual screen of the iPhone and put it on there.

So I ordered five. I got one. I sent ’em a note, only one, and the shipping invoice included the quantity of five. They said, “Well, send us a picture, packing materials, the FedEx slip, etc.” I had thrown all that stuff away. Who keeps that stuff? I don’t. So I wrote ’em back, “Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t keep it. Here’s a picture of the one that I got,” and they went ahead and sent me a note just now saying they’ll send the other four. That’s the kind of service you get at Two If By Tea. There aren’t too many companies that do that kind of thing if they’ve got a policy that you have to have a picture of what you bought. So I just wanted to give them a shout out and thank ’em.

There are no bubbles in it. It’s the most amazing thing. You just put it on the iPhone and tap it. It looks like a slow-spreading blob underneath it, as it adheres to the surface of the iPhone. It’s a screen shield. It’s a protector. And if it does shatter, it’s all contained. You’re not gonna have shards all over the floor. It takes a lot for that to happen.

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