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RUSH: This was funny. This is Reliable Sources on Sunday with Howard Kurtz. He had Daily Caller contributor, Matt Lewis, and Newsweek magazine correspondent, Michelle Cottle, talking about the Republican primary and me. And Kurtz introduced me, played a clip of me talking about my vote in the Florida primary.

KURTZ: Here’s Rush Limbaugh the day before Tuesday’s Florida primary, couldn’t seem to make up his mind.

RUSH ARCHIVE: And that’s why I’m not gonna tell anybody for whom I voted. That would destroy my objectivity as a journalist. I’m not gonna tell you. It isn’t going to happen. Because when this is all over I am not gonna be in a position where my credibility is such that I can’t support whoever the nominee is.

RUSH: Okay. So I said it would destroy my objectivity as a journalist with my tongue so buried in my cheek that it nearly came out of its socket. We fast forward to later in the program, Kurtz talking to Michelle Cottle. They have this little exchange about what you just heard me say.

KURTZ: Rush says he doesn’t want to compromise his credibility depending on whom —

COTTLE: I’m just stunned that the words “as a journalist” came out of that man’s mouth. He spends all his time telling us how he’s an entertainer, but now he’s “a journalist” with objectivity and credibility.

KURTZ: I’ve never seen Michelle Cottle look so stunned.

RUSH: It’s so easy to fool these people. It is so easy to yank their chains. It’s like those little arcade games at the county fair where the little ducks go by, shooting, one, two, three. I mean, they are so predictable. I, by the way, have never called myself an entertainer. They do. And then the next day they’ll call me the titular head of the Republican Party. I was mocking Brokaw, for crying out loud. Brokaw, he was concerned because Romney was using him from the Nightly News in an ad. Brokaw was concerned about his objectivity as a journalist being compromised appearing in a political ad. And all Brokaw was doing was ripping Newt. They didn’t add to what Brokaw said. Brokaw said it, it’s in there in the public record, but Brokaw didn’t want to be part of the campaign. He likes to do it stealthfully. If he’s gonna seek out and destroy Republicans, he doesn’t want it known that plainly that’s what he’s doing, and Romney made it look like that’s what his point was. He didn’t like that.

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