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RUSH: Jerry on Long Island in New York, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Rush, mega, mega dittos from New York. Thank you for taking my call. It’s a thrill to be speaking to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: A huge thrill. Thank you very much.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I was telling Snerdley, your opening monologues are usually amazing but this morning’s was brilliant, and I think it should be distributed to every high school student in this country. Because it was absolutely conservatism on parade this morning, and if our candidates could talk anywhere near what you said this morning, it would be a landslide in November, don’t you think?

RUSH: You know, I’ve forgotten what I said. I thought I opened up talking about the Obama Health and Human Services, the abortion thing. What did I say that…? I’m not denying it was great. I just don’t remember it.

CALLER: I was never really prompted to call anybody. When I heard it I just thought, “This was conservatism.” Everything you said, Rush. Just… I don’t know what you said, but it was just conservatism.

RUSH: You have to be talking about my monologue on how we are losing freedom ever so slowly, each and every day, unnoticeably so to many people.

CALLER: Absolutely. There it is.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, I appreciate your kind words. I look at what’s happening here and I’m gonna state this again because I did get a couple of e-mails after I talked about the woman in Rock Creek or Rock Springs, Wyoming, whichever it is, denied the opportunity to get on airplane to fly to Denver. And it’s a flight she regularly takes. They know her. It’s a small airport in Wyoming. They wouldn’t let her on the plane because there was not a female TSA agent to pat her down. She said, “Look, I need to get to Denver. I will sign a waiver and let a man pat me down.” “Nope, nope, can’t do it. You gotta come back tomorrow.” And she got mad that they wouldn’t get a female TSA agent to pat her down, and she was also mad they wouldn’t agree for her to sign a waiver.

So she’s talking about the fact, “We need more female TSA agents,” and I understand her getting mad. My point was, what she needs to realize — what she needs to get mad about — is all she wants to do is get on an airplane to go to Denver. And the federal government told her no. The federal government denied her a basic right to get on an airplane and fly to Denver. She doesn’t present a threat, she’s well known and so forth. So this begot e-mail, “Well, what do you expect her to do, Rush? We’re just tiny little citizens out here. We can’t take on the TSA. It’s the government!” I know that. I’m not suggesting that she get into an argument with them. What this program is all about…

We’re in the arena of ideas here, and the first responsibilities I have as host of this show are radio and business responsibilities. Those have to be met first or nothing else happens here. So my first job is to attract and hold the largest audience I can so we can charge confiscatory advertising rates. Then, second thing, if I had to state a mission — or issue a mission statement — for this program, it would be to create an increasingly informed, educated voting public. Because it’s at the ballot box this woman who’s denied the chance to get on the airplane can go express her anger and get rid of people who will put policies like this in place.

Get rid of people who will pretend the Constitution doesn’t exist and trample all over her and everybody else’s rights. Because we’re losing freedom each and every day. The president of the United States does not have the constitutional authority, legal or otherwise, to tell the Catholic Church one single thing about what it does. He does not have the authority. He does not have the authority to tell insurance companies what they must provide and how much they must charge for it. He does not have the authority or the right to mandate that every citizen buy a health insurance policy or any other product or service. He does not have that right.

And yet he’s exercising this power each and every day. And as he succeeds in usurping power each and every day, it’s power we can’t get back as long as people like this are in charge. So I’m in favor of — what I hope for is — an ever growing, large, informed, participating voting public that votes these people out of office. And does so as the result of being informed. It’s a substantive vote that has a mandate to it. I am for an ever-increasingly informed body of thought in the American people that will render liberalism the genuine minority it is every four years when we vote. If I had to attach a mission statement to what we do here, that’s it.

I think elections are how things change in this country. I think they’re the legal way that things change, and this is the objective. So in that woman’s case, what I would hope for is that in her anger, she’d save some room for recalling that she’s losing basic, everyday individual liberty and freedom in what’s happening to her. Not get angry that they don’t get a female TSA agent in there. She passively accepted the premise. She passively accepted the premise that she can be denied boarding an airplane. Passively accept that premise. She didn’t passively accept the way they denied her.

But the fact that the government said, “No, you can’t get on this airplane today. We don’t have any female agents. You gotta go away,” she accepted. “Oh, okay.” (interruption) Well, it’s true, it’s not a cave. Obama hasn’t caved at all on this abortion business. There’s not a cave here what Obama did. He just decided, “You know what? Instead of making the Catholic Church give out all this abortion stuff, I’ll make the insurance companies do it.” Look what he’s achieved! Barack Obama has just achieved making abortion and contraception on demand, paid for by taxpayers part of the fabric of American life. By edict. He just issued the edict from the White House. There’s no legislation. There’s no participation by the elected representatives of the people.

He just, by edict, did it.

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