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RUSH: “Shocking new research shows almost half of young women aged 18 to 25 would prefer to have large breasts than high intelligence,” in the UK, “with a third even saying they would gladly swap.” So it’s half that would prefer big boobs to a high IQ, and a third of them say, if they could, they would swap their IQ for larger breasts. “Experts have blamed the growing obsession with celebrity culture among youngsters together with the burgeoning market for plastic surgery. … And almost 60% of the respondents believed that men would be ‘more interested’ in them romantically if they had bigger breasts.” (interruption)

What do I think about that? Well, all I can tell you is that that would not be the case for me. It might be for you, Snerdley, but that would not be the case for me by any stretch. “It comes amid widespread concern about the pressures put on modern-day women through advertising and magazines” and congressional hearings. “Kat Banyard, from women’s group UK Femin[azi] said…” Uh, uh, no! UK Feminista. She said, “‘Women face now unprecedented pressures to focus on their body. Industries that focus on the way women look are flourishing — and that means that, from a very early age, women are taught that the way they look matters more than what they do.'”

Now, this is reminiscent of something. This is a news story, right? Somebody just decided that that fact is news: “[F]rom a very early age, women are taught that the way they look matters more than what they do.” This reminds me of the TIME Magazine cover I think back in 1998, ’97. I always forget the exact year. But there was a cover of TIME Magazine. The editors at TIME Magazine (stop and think of this) were stunned and shocked when they were told of research that proved men and women were actually born different. The editors at TIME Magazine were so stunned at that, were so shocked, that they made a cover story out of it. Now, if that’s news to you, that men and women are born different, what must you believe?

That men and women are the same?

And, if you believe that, who taught you that? That’s obviously descending from the feminist movement, which taught, among other things, that if you raise a little girl with GI Joe in a dark blue-painted bedroom that you’re going to get a very masculine little girl, and of course pink in the little boy’s bedroom… And it didn’t work out that way. There was a couple that actually gave their little boy Barbie dolls and the little boy turned ’em into soldiers. So that was big news. And now this: “[F]rom a very early age, women are taught that the way they look matters more than what they do.” Somebody in the UK, at the UK Daily Mail, just now figured that out. So that’s that.

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