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RUSH: Obama and the Keystone pipeline. This is such a neat trick, and this is a great example of how he couldn’t pull this off without a totally supportive and in-the-bag media. According to reports, our president, “Baraka” Obama, who doesn’t like oil — is afraid of it, is trying to get rid of it, is trying to wean us off of it — is going to go to Cushing, Oklahoma, today for a photo-op near the southern leg of the Keystone pipeline that he claims all of a sudden that he’s fast tracking! Barack Obama does this after months of steadfast opposition, passionate opposition, with detailed explanations of why the Keystone pipeline’s bad.

It’s not gonna affect the amount of oil we have! No, no, no, no. We gotta get ourselves off of oil.

All of a sudden now, he wants to be seen as approving the Keystone pipeline. He’s not doing that, folks. He’s going to Cushing, Oklahoma, for a photo-op at the southern leg of the keep on pipeline that he claims to be fast-tracking. He’s not doing anything about the northern half of the pipeline. It remains blocked. The northern half of the pipeline remains unauthorized. And that’s the argumentative part. That’s the part that’s gonna go through sensitive swampland or whatever kind of land in Nebraska. But Obama, it’s gonna be reported today or tonight, has authorized the construction of the Keystone pipeline.

He hasn’t, folks. He hasn’t. Nothing is going to change with the Keystone pipeline. It’s not going to be built. Not now. He’s not authorizing it to be built. He’s trying to have his cake and eat it, too. He’s gotta keep his base happy, but he’s also gotta create the impression among the rest of Americans that he actually cares about the country the way they do. That’s his big problem. How do you do both of those? Because his base, I’ll tell you: Anything good for America, they don’t like. That’s the position the Democrat Party is in. I wouldn’t want to be in that position. Anything that happens good for America they have to oppose.

Anything bad for America, they support. That’s Obama’s base. So he’s gotta placate ’em. He needs ’em to turn out. He is in deep trouble on the reelect side in every poll you look at. And that’s why he’s going to Oklahoma to create this literal false impression that he’s all of a sudden had a change of heart and is authorizing the Keystone pipeline. He’s not authorizing the Keystone pipeline. In fact, Obama campaigning at an oil center like Cushing, Oklahoma, makes me wonder: What’s more dangerous, the Republican so-called war on women or Obama’s all-too-obvious war on reality? So just to give you a heads-up on that, that is going to happen.


RUSH: We’re gonna start in Chelsea, Oklahoma. Hi, Katrina. You’re up first, and it’s great to have you with us.

CALLER: Hi! Great to be on your show, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: How are you?

RUSH: I’m good. Thank you.

CALLER: Well, we’re not real happy about him coming and it was worsened when it was on our news outlet that his people had said that our governor and their people weren’t invited to anything that he was gonna do. And that was a little unnerving. It’s like having a party at someone’s house and then telling them, “You’re not invited.”

RUSH: Well, this whole thing’s a dog-and-pony show. You’re just being used.

CALLER: Probably. But I just wanted to let him know that we’re marking our oil tanks with how much is in there, so if any disappears after he leaves and it’s suddenly discovered under Michelle’s garden, we’ll know where it came from.

RUSH: (laughing) Well, I wouldn’t expect that. This is really just a dog-and-pony show. Obama’s going in there to make it appear that he is authorizing now and approving the Keystone pipeline. His visit to Cushing, by the way, is not open to the public. That’s according to media reports. It’s not open to the public. It’s just a photo-op. You’ll see some still videos, maybe some video from approved media when it’s all over, but this is the southern leg of the Keystone pipeline route that he’s gonna authorize, which already has been for all intents and purposes. This is really instructive, folks. This really illustrates the pressure Obama is under. This really illustrates where he is in his reelect effort. This is a signature issue of his: Opposing oil, opposing new sources of oil. And yet he’s gotta go to Cushing, Oklahoma, today for a media-op, a photo-op to make it appear like that he’s opening up the Keystone pipeline. He’s risking his base, and that’s why it’s not open to the public. This is a managed news event.


RUSH: Curt in Lafayette, Louisiana. Are you there? Hello.

CALLER: Hey. Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: I remember when I first heard you it was a catharsis. It was 1988. I celebrated. “Wow, one of us finally made it!” We were being heard.

RUSH: And you’re still celebrating.

CALLER: Oh, great.

RUSH: I’ve spent my adult life on oil rigs in the oil field, and there’s one thing almost no one knows. The reason there are more wells drilled in the United States of America than all the wells in the rest of the world, and there’s more rigs running now in the United States of America than the rest of the world, is because only in the United States do property owners have mineral rights. I’ve worked all over the world. I’ve always worked for national oil companies. It’s not guaranteed. Each county and state’s different. You gotta check your contract. But overall, people who own property get to enjoy the value of their minerals, in the United States. And that’s why there’s drilling on private land.

RUSH: Well, the important thing about that is that drilling and oil production on federal lands is way down under Obama, and yet he’s out there talking about all this record oil production. He’s got nothing to do with it because he can’t stop it because it is occurring on privately owned land.


RUSH: Oh, it’s tomorrow. Okay, Obama’s going to Cushing, Oklahoma, tomorrow. I thought it was today. It’s gonna start about ten o’clock in the morning. It’s closed to the public. The governor and lieutenant governor are out of the state, and Obama’s first presidential visit to Oklahoma will not be officially welcomed by state officials. So it’s tomorrow that he’s heading into Oklahoma. Okay, not today. I was misinformed.


RUSH: Gil again in Philadelphia. Hello, sir, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I didn’t tell your screener I was gonna say this, but you said something earlier that touched me, and that is the familial relationship, you know, between you and your audience. I’ve been listening to you, man, for 20 years, and I have to say, I feel like you’re… I really love you. And all your listeners, I feel like they’re just really good friends I haven’t met yet. So thank you very much for being there. We love you. We’re behind you. We support your sponsors and everything else.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I know you do. I really appreciate it.

CALLER: Hey, no problem. By the way, this is the 22nd time you and I are speaking. What I called to say, Rush, was that this idea that an industrial nation can’t drill it’s way out of an oil shortage is like telling a starving man you can’t farm his way out of hunger. I’m an energy engineer, and I’ve been in this industry since 1972. I started in the nuclear field. I worked on Three Mile Island, Peach Bottom, Perry. Then they destroyed the nuclear industry. Then I went to the fossil fuel industry. I worked on coal-fired power plants. After that, I went to the petrochemical industry. And they destroyed that industry. So the government keeps on taking. They take from us the meat and then they give us chicken, and then they take the chicken and after a while they’ve got us eating tofu. And, you know, one industry after another they destroy. They destroy the economics, they legislate it out of existence, they regulate it out of existence. Right now here in Philadelphia, they are closing I think it’s three oil refineries. And in Pennsylvania they’re closing five coal mines. It’s gotta stop.

RUSH: They’re doing the same thing in Illinois, near Chicago.

CALLER: The other thing, Rush: As an energy engineer, for years I’ve been doing energy audits and I’ve been trying to encourage people to do energy conservation, ’cause it makes sense economically, not for political correctness. And this whole thing with the green energy, I want to tell you: You are absolutely right when you say there is no such thing as alternative energies. Rush, the solar, wind, the biofuels, it’s pabulum to the masses. It’s nothing more.

RUSH: That’s exactly right. It’s opiate and pabulum for the masses, pure and simple. I’ll give you an illusion. I read a story today — and I wasn’t even gonna mention it here until Gil reminded me of it. I, frankly, had forgotten about it. But there’s a story somewhere on Boeing working on some extraordinary, brand-new invention to power jet engines in the future. It’s clean, it is robust, it’s a miracle! It’s forward thinking! You know what it is? Natural gas! Now, I hate to remind people of it, but natural gas is a fossil fuel.

Natural gas results from oil exploration, in large part. And yet Boeing, trying to score some PR points… You can’t blame ’em. The administration’s trying to harm them by not letting them build a manufacturing plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state. So Boeing’s trying to score some PR points, “Ah, we’re working on a new wave of jet engines for the future that’s gonna use natural gas.” Fine and dandy if it works, but that ain’t green energy, and it’s nothing new. And it’s not a result of Obama or anything else. Natural gas has been around as long as oil’s been Anderson. It is cleaner, but it’s a fossil fuel.

Which, according to people like Obama, seals its fate.

Fossil fuels are evil.

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