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RUSH: I got a fascinating e-mail from a friend of mine last night. I want to share this with you. My friend’s heart and mind are the biggest and most generous you’ll ever find, and he’s totally, totally immersed in saving the country. He is dumbfounded and saddened that it appears Romney will be the Republican nominee. I’m not gonna tell you who he is. You wouldn’t know. He’s not a famous person. I want to read you his note to me.

“Well, looks like Romney, so I wish us much luck. Look at what happened. The Tea Party rises up, the Tea Party delivers the House of Representatives to the GOP, the Tea Party nearly takes out the Democrat Senate in 2010, and our nominee is gonna be a former RINO governor of Massachusetts who invented Romneycare. Rush, this could be ugly. And if Romney wins, the best we can say is he’s not Obama. Which is important, but it’s not enough to stem the tide of big government disaster. So the establishment’s gonna win again. If Romney loses, which is possible, then everybody who has been trying to warn people about Romney are gonna be blamed for not getting behind him sooner. Like the left, the establishment Republicans can never admit responsibility for their own handiwork. We’re all gonna be good soldiers, and we’ll fight for our nominee even though they don’t ever fight for ours. The Tea Party made this chance possible.
The Tea Party did everything, and we get a RINO?”

My friend’s beside himself, folks.

“George Romney was a disaster. He was successfully blocked by conservatives. Mitt’s no different. Mitt Romney is like Nixon. I can’t name three serious conservative things he’s ever done. I look at these endorsements. Bill Weld, Massachusetts, the Bush family, McCain, every Washington insider and former Republican politician. And they didn’t do one thing to deliver the House to the Republicans. They didn’t do one thing to help nearly take out the Senate, the Democrat Senate in 2010, they didn’t do one thing. They sit there and they take all the spoils, but they didn’t do one thing to help. Scary.”

You can tell my friend’s not happy.

“The reason that we’ve had several wonderful days at the Supreme Court, although who actually knows what they’ll do, is because conservatives are fighting the good fight. Conservatives are filing the briefs. Conservatives are making the arguments. Not establishment Republicans. Establishment Republicans don’t even think the guy can be beat. It’s frustrating, Rush, whatever progress is made on our side, it’s always due to the conservatives, not Republican operatives, not the consultants, not the insiders, not the establishment.”

My friend obviously was hoping for a far more conservative nominee than an establishment guy. He doesn’t have anything against Romney personally. It’s not that. This is strictly there were so many hopes, the Tea Party, an uprising, conservative grassroots, and there is the old establishment GOP benefiting from it while not doing one thing to assist or to make it happen.


RUSH: Here’s Shirley in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Happy Friday, Rush, from a proud mom of three Rush Babies.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’d like to paint a picture for you of what the Republican primary boils down to for me.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: It’s ten minutes ’til closing at the used car lot. Moderate Mitt Romney is a used car salesmen who has been hounding me all afternoon, is frantically trying to seal a deal with me on a vehicle I really don’t want. It looks okay on the outside, has a weird smell inside that I suspect indicates might be damaged by a flood, so I ask for the car fax and he swears that it was only driven to church on Sunday and to bingo on Wednesday by a sweet little old lady. When I tell him I’m gonna go back to get the car down the road that I like better at the other dealership, he starts trashing the other dealership, that’s Mitt Romney for me. The man has no core convictions, no principles, no anchor like Santorum does —

RUSH: Folks, I must be honest with you. I hear this all the time from people about Romney, and I know him and I’ve talked to him. He came here and he sat down and he told me what his plan was, and it sounded like anything you and I would say. He even said to me, “If I accomplish everything I want to do, I may only be a one-term president.” I said, “What do you mean?” “Because I am gonna so fix this. It’s gonna be dramatic. We’ve gotta reverse this. We gotta stop this. Our children’s future is at stake here, and I’m gonna stop the direction that we’re headed, and if they throw me out after four years, fine and dandy.” And from right here in this studio he left to go to a huge fundraiser here in Palm Beach. First traffic jam I have ever been in since I lived here trying to get home. (interruption) No, I don’t go to fundraisers. Of course I wasn’t invited. I don’t go to those things.

But anyway, what she just said, no core, I can’t tell you how many people I hear this from. And it surprises me a little. There’s gotta be some core there. There has to be some core. But there is a tremendous amount of, what is it, suspicion, distrust. And I know why. Back in 2006, (imitating Romney) “Oh, no, I’m not really conservative. Yeah, I had to vote for Paul Tsongas, a Democrat, there weren’t any Republicans on the ballot.” Then there’s Romneycare and all that. I think the note I read from my friend really sums it up. The Tea Party did all the heavy lifting. The Tea Party actually presented this opportunity. I think some of the anger at Romney is actually anger at the Republican establishment itself. Maybe I’ll develop that, talk further about that next week.

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