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RUSH: Dillard, Nebraska, this is John. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. My question is if the Obamacare is appealed, what happens to all the employees that were hired because of it?

RUSH: The IRS agents?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: What happens, it’s a good question. If the Supreme Court says that the mandate’s unconstitutional, they strike it, then what happens the IRS agents. I assume fairly confidently that they will be kept on board. They will remain employed and they will have a role in implementing Obamacare with what’s left of it. They’re government workers. When was the last time you heard about any of them en masse being dismissed? A government job is forever. Here’s what I wouldn’t put past Obama. If they strike the mandate but leave everything else, then they’ll continue implementing it, and they’ll try to take some drastic action to replace the mandate, probably with Medicare for everybody, just go ahead and do single payer, just do it.

But we must also consider the possibility that Obama will just ignore it. There is precedent, not at the Supreme Court, but a federal judge ruled that the moratorium against oil drilling was invalid in the Gulf of Mexico, and Ken Salazar, the interior secretary, just ignored it and kept the moratorium. This administration simply ignores judicial rulings it doesn’t like. Now, this one would be pretty big. Supreme Court strikes down your mandate, or if they throw the whole thing out, the first thing that will happen is it’ll become the biggest campaign issue you have ever seen. We told you this last week. What Obama’s gonna do is say, “Five Republicans have just taken away your health care. They didn’t lose theirs, but five Republicans on the Supreme Court just took away your health care. Five Republicans on the Supreme Court don’t care if you or your family get sick.”

Nobody’s gonna care about the IRS agents. It was the judge named Martin Feldman that Salazar ignored, and he wasn’t happy about it. Four rich white Republican judges and one confused, deranged black Republican judge took away your health care. An Uncle Tom or however they’ll refer to Clarence Thomas. They’re already setting that up and they’re probably setting that up with a degree of great expectation. They’re probably looking forward if that happens to turning it into a campaign issue because to understand the left is to know that they never acknowledge ultimate defeat, never happens.

Like global warming. You could establish multiple times a day the hoax this is. Have they stopped? Have they stopped trying to implement everything that they were doing because of global warming, even though it’s been established? And, by the way, how do they do that? How do they do that? It’s a giant guilt trip. They come at you, all these global warming people, “You have caused this massive destruction of our planet.” Then they offer you redemption: agree to higher taxes; agree to limit your travels to wildlife; agree to drive different cars, and you can redeem yourself, and you can win the approval of the state if you do the right thing to save the planet.

Global warming and the race industry have one thing in common, and that is incidents which prove their allegations or lend credence make them happy. The Trayvon Martin situation caused happiness some places in the civil rights community because it gave them a shot in the arm. It launched them. It allowed them to get in gear and to start leveling the charges that they always love to make about the country. When you have the hottest March, supposedly, on record, it makes the global warming people happy. What is global warming? If you listen to these climate change people, it is the destruction of our climate, the destruction of the planet. They live in happiness whenever they think they have found evidence that what they’re saying is right!

You would think normal people wouldn’t be happy about that.

Normal people would not be happy when a racial incident happens.

Normal people aren’t.

But leftist activists are happy, and then they come along, and the way they corral everybody else is through condemnation. “You’re to blame! You are the reason! It’s your fault that there is racial strive in America,” and they say that to population in general. “It’s your fault that the polar bears don’t have anyplace to live! Even though the polar bear population is at a record all-time high, it’s your fault.” There’s condemnation, accusation, guilt. And this is how they get YOU to go along with whatever YOU must do to correct what YOU have done to bring about THIS destruction — and that’s cede a little freedom and power to government so it can get bigger. Raise taxes, pay higher taxes, drive a tiny little car that you really don’t want. But it allows you to turn your life into something meaningful. You’re “saving” something that you heretofore didn’t even know you were participating in destroying. And that’s the technique that every liberal special interest uses, the psychology behind every area they’re in and how they try to advance it.


RUSH: Now, here’s the answer, by the way. We feature solutions here at the EIB Network. When Obama says… If they strike down the mandate at the Supreme Court. When Obama says, “Five Republicans on the Supreme Court have just taken away your health care! They didn’t lose theirs. Five rich Republicans on the Supreme Court have just taken away your health care,” the answer to that is: Five Republicans on the Supreme Court have just saved your private health care. Five Republicans on the Supreme Court have just saved your current health care plan. That will be the truth of what has happened if the mandate is struck down. Because if this mandate is upheld?

That 8% fine for businesses, for not having health insurance? Guess what?

Your health insurance at your place of business is gone.

When your place of business, your employer can pay 8% of what he is currently paying for your benefits, what’s gonna happen to your benefits? Sayonara, and you are on your own. If the mandate is struck down, your employer will not be getting rid of your health plan. Five Republicans on the court will have saved your private health care. And here’s another dirty little secret: There are more Americans with private health care than not in this country. As we speak today, vastly more Americans have private health insurance than, say, Medicare or Medicaid. Although that’s gonna change if we don’t succeed here. People don’t want their private health care, their employer health care terminated! They don’t want that taken away from ’em.

People have been led to believe they’re gonna be able to keep it if they like it, and you won’t if the mandate is upheld.

Five Republican judges on the Supreme Court will have saved your private health care.

And then the IRS will not need to come “help” you with your health insurance.

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