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RUSH: Sarah in Tacoma, Washington, I want to get you first here. I’m glad you called, thank you for waiting, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you so much, Rush. It’s nice to talk to you. I work at a nursing home, and I was really bothered the other day. I was listening to that interview with Lesley Stahl with the interrogator from Guantanamo, and they talked about how giving somebody Ensure was like torture.

RUSH: Yeah, was Orwellian, it’s torture, we don’t do that stuff anymore.

CALLER: Is Orwellian, yes, exactly. Like I said, I work at a nursing home, and we have a lot of people who do not want to eat. I suppose when you turn 85, 86, you stop eating.

RUSH: I know. You either give them —

CALLER: And this is something that gives them the nutrients that they need every day, something to sustain life, and I just —

RUSH: You either give them that or some marijuana to stoke their appetite.

CALLER: Right. (laughing)

RUSH: Well, no, there is. My mother took it in the last days of her life. It’s a pill and it’s got one of the ingredients in marijuana that enhances the appetite. It’s either that or Ensure. I got those sound bites coming up ’cause Jose Rodriguez has made more media appearances, and I’ve got the new stuff he said, plus that. So I’m gonna play those sound bites again with Lesley Stahl thinking Ensure is torture.

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