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RUSH: I am tempted, ladies and gentlemen, to sit here and ask you if you remember hearing me say a few things in the past three weeks. But I think I’m just gonna go ahead and report what happened, ’cause I think you do remember. I think of all the people in this country who are not really surprised at everything that happened yesterday, election-wise, it’s probably you in this audience.

Great to have you with us. Here we are back with more broadcast excellence, Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Telephone number, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

How many of you in this audience watch the TV show Justified on the cable channel FX? It’s a shame. You should. But those of you who watch it, let me read you a little story here. This was from last night while the vote count was still going on. Obama has now lost eight West Virginia counties to federal inmate number 11593-051. Federal inmate 11593-051, that is who beat the Preezy of the United Steezy in at least eight counties in West Virginia. A federal inmate slow-jammed the Preezy in West Virginia. Obama was unopposed. In North Carolina, Obama was unopposed, and 20% of North Carolinians chose “other.”

I sit here and I look at what happened in Wisconsin, Scott Walker, the sitting governor, the Republican, against whom the Democrats have mounted this recall effort. The Democrats had a primary to choose who’s gonna oppose Walker in June. Whatever happened to Walker on the ballot last night didn’t matter. He was unopposed. The Republicans did not have to show up for Scott Walker. He’s the governor. He’s gonna be the candidate in the election in June. The contest and the only contest in Wisconsin was between the two Democrats. Scott Walker got more votes than the two Democrats combined.

Now, how much money have the unions spent in Wisconsin to get out the vote, to intimidate Republicans from voting? How much has the media reported that all the enthusiasm’s on the Democrat side? How many stories have you seen just in the last week that the Tea Party is dead? How many stories have effectively countered that assertion, the Tea Party is dead?

We move to Indiana where Richard Mourdock beat Dick Lugar by 20 points. The latest polling data had Lugar losing by 10. This was a landslide of historic proportions. It was a Tea Party victory from top to bottom. I didn’t know this until last night. Snerdley told me this morning. He just found out, too. Dick Lugar hasn’t lived in Indiana for years. He’s the senator from Indiana, and when he goes back there he has to stay in friends’ homes or hotels. He does not have a home in the state that he represents. It’s usually Democrats that do that.

Now, Lugar’s a nice guy. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand this, and I made the point yesterday when talking about this that Lugar is a nice guy. Remember, all of the pre-election news coverage yesterday in Indiana was about how Lugar goofed it up strategically, his campaign. And I pointed out, isn’t it fascinating when Republicans or conservatives win, it never has anything to do with issues. Have you noticed that? Issues and substance, naw, not a factor. Lugar blew this. Lugar didn’t take Mourdock seriously soon enough. Lugar didn’t get down in the gutter soon enough. Lugar didn’t take the campaign seriously. Lugar didn’t do this. I’m here to tell you there’s nothing Lugar could have done.

USA Today, a lot of Drive-By Media headlines today, about how disappointed Democrats are that Dick Lugar lost. What else do you need to know? The people in the state of Indiana have known for a long time what’s wrong there.
There is a conservative rebellion going on. There is resurgent conservative Tea Party, I don’t care what you call it, energy out there that the Drive-Bys probably know exists but they’re in a state of denial. Just as they try to write that the Tea Party is dead and the Occupy movement is where it’s really at, they know that it’s 180 degrees out of faze. They know that the Occupy movement is dead and it was never real to begin with. They know that the Tea Party is real, that it is huge, that it is reverberating, that it is effervescing, and it is exploding.

The Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, refused, after he voted yesterday, to tell anybody if he voted for Obama. He wouldn’t admit, in a Democrat primary, where a federal inmate won eight counties. And this guy, if you watched Justified, that federal inmate is West Virginia’s: Boyd Crowder. Obama essentially lost to a Boyd Crowder-type guy, if you watch Justified. If you don’t watch Justified that analogy isn’t gonna mean anything to you, and it’s sad that it doesn’t. Boyd Crowder is an incredible character on one of the best TV shows on television. The character is your average Kentucky hayseed drug running, moonshining, sophisticated — nevertheless — criminal.

Well, James Carville is not spinning it. James Carville, both written and spoken word, is basically spanking the Democrats. (imitating Carville) “You people think you can’t lose this? You think you can’t lose this? I’ll tell you what, you’re gonna be in gumbo if you don’t wake up.” He is nervous. This gay marriage business… Oh, North Carolina. Let me tell you something. All the news stories: “North Carolina Defeats Same-Sex Marriage.” It’s not what happened in North Carolina. They’d already done that. What the constitutional amendment in North Carolina was was simply a definition of marriage. And they put it in their constitution that the definition of marriage cannot change. It is a union of a man and a woman, and that’s it, and they put it in the constitution in the form of this amendment that was voted on and that won big. That was huge. That was pretty much expected. But it’s still a shock and a disappointment.

Everywhere the media looks today where there were elections, everywhere the Democrats, the White House looks today, folks, if they’ve been living in denial, yesterday was the biggest wake-up call that they’ve had in probably three-and-a-half years. And I’m gonna tell you, you know, a lot of people think that issues like the deficit and the national debt and no entitlement reform and no budget and all that, those kind of issues drive this, and they do. There’s no question they’re important. But I’ll tell you what else. It’s the little things. When they tell you you can’t buy a standard light bulb anymore, people aren’t gonna put up with this. They’re just not.

Now, when a pollster asks you, “What do you think about gay marriage?” So that you won’t be thought of as a bigot, “I’m all for it. I love it.” But when you have a chance to vote for it, what happens? It goes down in a landslide. And it’s the same thing, don’t doubt me, with all these polls that show Obama’s likability, 65%. If Obama’s so likable, how come nothing he stands for gets even close to winning now when put to a vote of the American people? It’s the same thing. The pollsters don’t know it but they’re being lied to. Maybe not even consciously. Somebody calls you on the phone, “Hi, I’m doing a big survey. I’m from Gallup Acme here and I want to know what is your opinion of gay marriage? You’re in North Carolina.” People think, well, I don’t want ’em to think I’m a bigot and a homophobe. “I’m all for it. I’m all for it.”

The same person goes in the privacy of the ballot box, got a constitutional amendment defining marriage as that between a man and a woman. “Hell, yes,” that’s what I’m voting for. Doesn’t matter what they told the pollster. It’s little things. Like TSA agents feeling women up in line at airports. That kind of thing turns people out to vote against an administration and a government that seems insensitive and unconcerned that this kind of stuff is going on. So it’s a whole smorgasbord of things that is behind this. The Tea Party’s not dead. It is very much alive, and the message, both in Wisconsin and in West Virginia and from North Carolina and Indiana, the message sent is that moderate, inside-the-Beltway GOP establishment Republicanism is not the future of the Republican Party at the ballot box.

Now, I’m doing my best here to contain my enthusiasm because this is only May. The election’s a long way off. But I am here to tell you — I don’t want you to doubt me on this — I don’t care what you hear and what you see from Drive-By Media types on television today and tonight or what you read from mainstream media types. I don’t care what you hear from the spokesman Jay Carney or Joe Biden or anybody associated with the administration.

The truth is, they have been rocked with what happened yesterday and last night. These are huge landslide victories with a barely containable Republican electorate, a Tea Party electorate, that showed up and voted. Remember the conventional wisdom. All these people on the left had told themselves: “The Tea Party’s dead! Occupy is where it’s at. All the enthusiasm is on the Democrat side. They can’t wait to get Wisconsin back, can’t wait to get rid of Scott Walker, can’t wait to put the unions back in charge.”

North Carolina? These people are lying to themselves. Even today in the New York Times you’ll read stories about how popular gay marriage is in this country. It has yet to win when put to a referendum-type ballot in any state. It’s either 31 or 32 states where it’s gone down the tubes. Yesterday was November 2010 all over again. Yesterday was November 2010 and then some all over again.

And one of the many messages that I’m taking from what happened yesterday is a very comforting one, by the way. People don’t want any more of this. The people simply don’t. I don’t care what they tell pollsters; I don’t care what they say outside the ballot box. When they get a chance to privately count, when they go into a polling booth and nobody’s watching — it’s just them, their conscience, their hearts, their passion, their mind.

The people this country don’t want any more of this. They’ve had their fill. Dick Lugar is a fine man. There’s no question in terms of a guy, he’s a fine guy. But if you’re not from Indiana… I didn’t know this. Dick Lugar’s residency did become an issue in the campaign. He doesn’t have a residence in Indiana. (interruption)

Well, the Democrats’ convention in North Carolina, let me tell you about that. You talk about…? The Democrats chose North Carolina for the convention ’cause it’s become a swing state. They need it. What is happening in North Carolina? I guarantee you, there are people wishing they could pull out of there and not do that convention in North Carolina now.

You know, you just know the Democrats are having second thoughts about it. The big problem — before yesterday, the big problem — was that the unions were upset because North Carolina’s a right-to-work state. So all the dues that they launder for the Democrat Party go to nonunion labor. The money-laundering operation that we’ve described here doesn’t happen in North Carolina.

One of the reasons they went in there was to try to establish it. But after yesterday, after the constitutional vote on the definition of marriage, there is the problem of so much Democrat money going into the pockets of “redneck hicks” who are so backward they believe that marriage ought to be between a man and a woman. There are Democrats today saying, “What the hell are we doing throwing money into that state?

“Look at what’s happening to us in that state. Our governor quits. Our ex-senator, John Edwards, on trial for campaign fraud. Messing around, having child out of wedlock. All that kind of stuff while his wife was dying from cancer. Now this! Got a bunch of stuff going on there.” If you look at North Carolina, here’s another interesting stat.

Except for Wilmington, in every city — every metropolis from Raleigh-Durham to Charlotte — the definition-of-marriage amendment lost. Or… (sigh) How can I put this? The cities voted Democrat on the initiative. The cities in North Carolina. They’re not large, but the cities — the metropolises — all voted the Democrat position on the constitutional amendment, and it still lost by 22 points.

So the blue cities in North Carolina all went Democrat, and they were still dwarfed and outnumbered by all the hayseed hicks that don’t live in the cities. They skunked ’em. So now you’re gonna have these Democrats scratching their heads, saying, “What the hell are we doing throwing money into a state like this where there are so many damn stupid idiots that think marriage is between a man and a woman? What the hell are we spending our money there for?”

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