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RUSH: You know what this is? There is gonna be a big bash, a $40,000 a plate fundraiser, at Clooney’s house tonight in Hollywood. You know what’s gonna happen? Obama’s gonna get there, and all these people are gonna see him speak, and they’re gonna applaud him, “Mr. President, guts, courage.” Nothing’s changed. In fact, Obama hasn’t even signed the nondiscrimination executive order. He hasn’t even signed it. And this is something that gay rights groups have been pushing, and he’s refused to sign it. He continues to refuse to sign it. When it comes time to put teeth to this, Obama keeps the mouth closed. He’s not moving legally, forcefully at all on this. He’s just out there talking, but he’s not moving the ball forward at all. But he’s gonna get praised, (clapping) “Man, Mr. President.” And everybody at Clooney’s house tonight is gonna really feel special and they’re gonna feel like they’re part of history and they’re gonna think something really major, of profound and crucial importance has happened, and not a thing has happened.

Not one substantive thing has happened. And Obama’s gonna soak it all in, and he’s gonna leave there. “You know what? There really isn’t anybody better than I am. There isn’t anybody more thoughtful, compassionate. I own those people.” He’s gonna walk out of there, “I had Clooney. I had every damn one of these people in the palm of my hand, and they paid $40,000 to spend a couple minutes with me.” Not one thing will have changed. Not one substantive thing will have happened. Everybody in the room will be lying to each other about all this has gone on, but that just confirms what? It’s never the substance or the results that really count. It’s the intentions.

Obama’s getting accolades for his good intentions. Praised for his good intentions. And all the people in the room, they’re gonna end the night thinking they’re better than everybody else, they care more than anybody. They have put their money behind gay marriage, when nothing’s changed and they haven’t done diddly-squat, but they’ll tell themselves otherwise.


RUSH: Tonight Barack Obama will be appearing at the Hollywood home of the actor George Clooney. It’s $40,000 to get in. It’s a dinner. It’s $40,000 a person to get in there. We have rising unemployment. We have a plummeting economy. We have national debt and individual debt piling up. Home values are plummeting. We have a health care bill on the verge of implementation that nobody wants. And Obama is hobnobbing at 40 grand a person where he will tonight be feted with accolade after accolade after accolade for all of his great, courageous hard work on gay marriage.

An issue that, so far, people in 32 states have turned down.

And we are the ones who are out of touch. You talk about out of touch, removed, distant? Here is, by the way, exactly what I was just talking about. These people are gonna get together and they’re gonna pat each other on the back and tell each other they’re just the cat’s meow. They are fighting the good fight against discrimination and bigotry. They’re making sure that decent, hardworking Americans have the same opportunities everybody else has. And they’re gonna gather around and celebrate the one man who has had the courage to make it happen.

Barry Obama.

Not a thing has changed.

Obama even said that states ought to continue to decide the issue (which means he agrees with what happened in North Carolina, interestingly). But guess what? Nothing happens, no substance, nothing. And they’re all gonna be patting each other on the back and feeling like they’re the best people in the world and Obama is gonna walk out of there thinking he’s great. His head is not gonna fit out the door. He’s going to be saying, “I’ve got these people in the palm of my hand. They all paid 40 grand to spend some time with me, ’cause I’m the cat’s meow!

“I am the best person in the world. I’m it. They know it.”

They may all tell each other that what they’re doing matters. They may actually tell themselves that they’ve moved the issue forward, when not a thing’s happened and Obama has not done diddly-squat and there’s not one change. And get this: “The New York Times reports: ‘Norman Lear, the television producer,'” of All in the Family, “‘said moments after” Obama finished his evolution and turned into a butterfly… That’s the second time I’ve said that today. The first time was at 1:15. Moments after Obama finished his evolution and turned into a butterfly, Norman Lear turned to his wife.

They had both held back from giving money to Obama because Obama had not led the way on gay marriage. And now Norman Lear could barely contain himself, and he went for the checkbook, and he wrote two checks. Forty grand each. Maybe one check for 80. And he’s gonna be at Clooney’s place? Well, I don’t know if he’s going to Clooney’s but he’s donating to it. “This is the kind of leadership we support, and we are happy to max out today to his re-election campaign.” Norman? Norman?

Norman listens. It’s how he keeps his heart pumping, his blood pressure up.

Norman, you’ve gotta look further. Nothing’s changed, Norman. He hasn’t even signed the Nondiscrimination Executive Order. There’s no change. Norman, did you know that he’d already made up his mind that this was gonna be the end of his “evolution” at least a week ago? I’m talking to a blank frame here, ’cause it’s all about the intentions. At the end of the day, it’s about, “I cared and you didn’t. I care about ending discrimination! I care about equality and I care about fairness, and you don’t. My president cares about it.”

“Yeah? What has he done?”

“That doesn’t matter! He cares. He’s trying. That makes me feel better about myself.”

“What have you done?”

“Well… Well… I support the guy’s trying. At least he’s trying.”

“Has he done anything?”

“Well, no, but…”

“Then isn’t it all kind of phony?”

“Oh, I don’t want to think it’s phony. That would destroy my whole life! My whole life has been phony then if this is phony.”

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