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RUSH: Barack Hussein Kardashian, the Celebrity of the United States, went out for a press conference, impromptu on Friday. A State-Controlled Media reporter said, “What about the Republicans saying that you’re blaming the Europeans for the failures of your own policies?”

OBAMA: The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government — oftentimes cuts initiated by, you know, governors or mayors.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I think that he meant to say exactly what he said. I don’t see a problem here. The private sector, as far as he’s concerned, is doing fine. If he thinks that the public sector is losing jobs, that’s a problem. If there are fewer government workers, that’s a major problem to Barack Obama. As far as he’s concerned, the private sector’s fine. And, as far as he’s concerned, the way he’s been educated and taught, the private sector’s always just gonna be there.

The private sector’s a golden goose. Doesn’t matter. If people lose their jobs in the private sector, it doesn’t matter. There’s always some rich people out there. The private sector’s cool. The private sector’s fine. Everything’s okay. But people reacted and had a fit, and it forced Obama to go out and ostensibly “correct” himself. So later in the afternoon at the White House, after meeting with the president of the Philippines, he spoke with reporters after that meeting. He took a question. “Mr. President, Mitt Romney says you’re out of touch for saying, ‘The private sector is doing fine.’ What’s your response?”

OBAMA: Listen. Uhhh, it is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine. That’s the reason I had the press conference. That’s why I spent yesterday — the day before yesterday, this past week, this past month, and this past year — talking about how we can make the economy stronger. The economy’s not doing fine.

RUSH: Now, did he really “walk back” his statement, “The private sector’s doing fine”? He did not. I’ve seen all these reports that the president revised his private-sector-is-doing-fine comment. He didn’t. He said, “The economy’s not doing fine.” The first thing he said was, “The private sector is doing fine.” Then, during the ostensible correction, he says, “Listen. Uhhh, it’s absolutely clear the economy’s not doing fine.” What about the private sector? He did not walk it back. The bottom line is, for somebody like Obama, the private sector’s just there, folks.

It’s a golden goose. It never goes away. It’s always a target. It can always be raped and pillaged. It can always be taken from. It’s just always there! In fact, it’s a problem. The private sector is a problem. He’s looking at the economy being down as government jobs being lost. That, to him, is a big problem. And listen to Axelrod. He spells it out. On CBS This Morning this morning, co-host Charlie Rose said, “Tell us one more time. On the private sector, what did the president mean to say?”

AXELROD: He called a press conference to suggest urgent actions that we should take to undergird the economy against the clouds that are rolling in from Europe. He’s said repeatedly we need to do more to accelerate job creation. Governor Romney’s reaction to that was: We don’t need any more teachers. We’ve lost 250,000 teachers in the last 27 months after we were gaining these private sector jobs. I don’t know anybody — and you talk to people all the time about the economy and the future — does anybody really believe that we don’t need more teachers, that we can keep whacking teachers and that we’re gonna advance as a country?

RUSH: Now, let’s move to Paul Krugman. I want to hustle to get this in because he was also on the same program. Charlie Rose said, “Tell me what’s the ‘private sector’ and how do you define how well it’s doing, Mr. Krugman?”

KRUGMAN: That was an unfortunate line. The truth is the private sector is doing better than the public sector, which is not well enough. Actually, the real story about this economy is that these cutbacks at the public sector are what’s hurting recovery. By this point in Obama’s presidency, if we had normal public sector job growth, we’d have around 800,000 more people — firefighters, school teachers, police officers.

ROSE: M’right.

KRUGMAN: Instead, we’ve got 600,000 fewer. So right there is like 1.4 million jobs that we should have in the public sector. And, of course, those would translate into more public sector jobs, too. So that’s what he was trying to get at. And, of course, he screwed up the line.

RUSH: We have to really analyze that, but those are not private sector jobs. It is so, so instructive to listen to these liberals talk this way. So instructive.


RUSH: You know, Axelrod was on CNN with Candy Crowley on the State of the Union show on Sunday. He said, “We need to accelerate job creation in the private sector.” And then he added, “One of the ways we can do that is putting teachers and firefighters and police back to work. Because those are good, middle-class jobs.” Do you realize…? Well, I’m alternately stunned and at the same time exhilarated by this, because of how explanatory this is.

All of the jobs that he listed are actually public sector jobs!

All the money for them comes right out of the private sector.

But now we know where Obama gets his economic advice from. Look, as nice as they are to have — teaching jobs, firemen, policemen — they are all paid for with money out of the private sector. They are paid for with tax revenue from citizens. They cut into the amount of money left for private sector. They don’t grow the number of private sector jobs, they reduce them. Now, I’ve gotta be very careful here. Because nobody’s against teachers or firemen or cops. But those are public sector jobs.

Look at the way these people think.

They’re combining two things here: A, the never-ending appeal to tax revenue for firemen, cops, and teachers. That is the education of your kids and the safety of you and your house and your family. And they’re trying to say that those jobs are being cut and now we’re not safe and your kids aren’t being educated. And that’s because the private sector’s been too selfish and too greedy and so forth. (pause) Look, folks, this is where I have to be very careful. Nobody’s opposed to cops or firefighters or teachers.

But they aren’t private sector jobs. They do not contribute to economic growth. Their purpose is otherwise. They have an entirely different purpose: Public safety, public education, this kind of thing. But there’s no growth in the economy. If you add those jobs — and if there aren’t other types of private sector jobs added while at the same time we’re adding to the fire rolls and the cop rolls and teachers — we are reducing the size of the private sector. This is Marxism 101. It’s also Ignorance and Sophistry 101.

To these people, that’s the private sector.

Do you think Obama knows anybody in the private sector apart from his campaign donors? Did he know anybody in the private sector before he went into politics? You know, it’s no wonder he gets this all mixed up. He doesn’t know! And I’m being charitable here. The other side of this is he does know and this is just deceitful as it can be. But in his book, Dreams from My Father, he described his only private sector job as being “behind enemy lines.”

It is.

The private sector’s the enemy.

And it’s always there.

Your enemy never goes away. Your enemy has to constantly be defeated, fought against, opposed, cut down to size. That’s how he looks at the private sector. So they combine a bunch of things here, and they’re utilizing fear. They’re trying to tell you that the private sector is responsible for fewer teachers, fewer cops, and fewer firefighters. And the corresponding fix here is more teachers, more firefighters, and more cops. And that’s gonna equal a private sector that’s growing with economic growth. It’s not possible.

Those are all government jobs. No matter how you slice it, the jobs they’re talking about are government jobs. They’re not public sector jobs. However, I’m still not nailing this in trying to explain their mind-set. It’s old, old fashioned. It’s antiquated. It’s a 1930s-type of thinking. It’s antiquated; it’s nostalgic. And you combine all this with the belief or the knowledge that Obama believes that there’s too much private sector, not enough government.

That’s what they’re telling everybody? Axelrod, Krugman, they’re going on television and they’re saying: “The real problem in the economy is we don’t have enough teachers. We don’t have enough firemen. We don’t have enough cops”? That’s not how…? That’s absurd! It’s just flat-out absurd. Now, one possibility is that as far as they’re concerned, this is the slinkiest and most credible way out of the mess they’ve made of the private sector. Because they know that there’s a sympathy and an attachment people have to cops and teachers and firefighters.

Nobody dislikes them. You never blame them for anything that goes wrong economically. And who doesn’t want more cops to protect them and better teachers and all that? So it’s a slick ploy, but it is so wrong. There’s no production. I really don’t want to be misunderstood here, but policemen don’t hire anybody. Policemen don’t create jobs. Teachers don’t, either. And firefighters do not create jobs. When Obama goes out and talks about (impression), “I’m gonna get a tax credit for everybody that hires a new employee.”

Well, cops aren’t gonna hire anybody and firemen aren’t gonna hire anybody. They get hired! Teachers are not… (sigh) It’s just literally so absurd. They’re sitting around thinking this is the problem? And so when he says, “The private sector is fine,” he means it. In his view the private sector is fine. He was ticked off he had to walk that back for semantic reasons. He didn’t want to walk that back. He meant to say what he said! The public sector is where the problem is. Any time government gets smaller…

And I don’t care how you define it. A cop is a government job. Even though it’s municipal not federal, still, it’s a branch of government and it’s getting smaller. But who’s to say that that’s even correct? The stimulus? In case you’ve forgotten, the big stimulus was to make sure that these jobs were not eliminated — teachers particularly. Yet he’s out there promising shovel-ready jobs. “We’re gonna rebuild schools and roads and bridges,” and all the happy horse dung. And that was all smoke and mirrors.

We all know that cops and firefighters and teachers do not dig ditches.

They don’t build buildings or roads or anything.

Obama even started laughing about this whole business of shovel-ready being a joke. We really are dealing with ancient-thinking people who are locked back in the 1930s. They have no idea of innovation, no understanding of entrepreneurship. None whatsoever. They resent it. It is to be punished. It’s to be taxed. It’s to be warned against. There’s no valor in those jobs. But firefighters, teachers, and cops? “Oh, yeah!” Who doesn’t want that? We’re down, we’re losing these jobs, and therefore the economy is shrinking.

Folks, the charitable side of this is that we’re dealing with genuine idiots. That’s the charitable way of looking this. If they’re not genuine idiots, then they are the most practiced, deceitful people — and it’s hard to argue against that, too. ‘Cause I can’t believe that they really believe what they’re saying. I cannot believe that they really believe that to grow the private sector, you hire more cops and firefighters and teachers.

I just can’t believe they really believe that. That’s their way out of the mess they’ve created. That’s the path of least resistance, because who can oppose it? It’s like a new civil rights bill. Whatever you put in it is gonna pass because who’s opposed to civil rights? Well, who’s opposed to more cops? Who’s opposed to more firefighters? Who is against more teachers? Nobody! And here they are out there clamoring for more, claiming that that will fix the economy.


RUSH: Grab sound bite 32. Gotta get this in, stay in context. I don’t want this as a stand-alone. This is yesterday on Governor Romney’s campaign site. He released a new ad entitled, “Fine?” You’ll hear Obama in this, Kardashian, five unidentified women, so forth. Here it goes.

OBAMA: The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy, have to do with state and local government.

Unidentified Woman 1: We’ve seen layoffs, cutbacks.

Unidentified Man 1: When it’s all said and done, IÂ’m making 200 dollars a month.

Unidentified Woman #2: I’ve been looking for a job for two years, haven’t found any.

Unidentified Man #2: You know, I had to file my own personal bankruptcy. I had to close my business.

Unidentified Woman #3: Here I am. No health care, and a slashed pension.

Unidentified Woman #4: I just lost my job recently.

Unidentified Woman #5: I have to work part-time in order to make ends meet.

Unidentified Man #3: Sometimes I feel like I’m a failure.

OBAMA: The private sector is doing fine. The private sector is doing fine. The private sector is doing fine.

RUSH: And then there’s a graphic on screen that says, “No, Mr. President, we are not doing fine.” ObamaIsntWorking.com, paid for by Romney for President. ObamaIsntWorking.com is the website. I love that. There’s a story here from the Daily Caller: 35% of union members now support Romney. Details coming up.

Regina, Canada. This is John as we go to the phones. I’m glad you called, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I want to argue tongue-in-cheek that I’m special today, simply because I have the special privilege and opportunity to talk with one of the most influential, special people in America, and that is you, sir, El Rushbo. Rush, I’ve appreciated listening to you since 1992, and, as a teacher, I try to train my students to enter the private sector. That’s the goal. In essence, David McCullough’s message is so special and unique, because it throws reality like cold water in our face. And that doesn’t feel good at first, but it reminds us of our special opportunity to achieve greatness because of the special sacrifice of our troops who have fought for our freedoms. That’s what’s special. Our Creator has given us the special opportunity to uphold those rights and freedoms.

RUSH: I can’t disagree with that. I think that’s right on the money. It’s an opportunity that’s not to be squandered, being born in this country, the opportunities for prosperity, for happiness, for greatness, for things that benefit others. It’s why so many people want to get into this country, exactly right. Obama told a bunch of fat cat donors before he started making people get rid of their cell phones when they showed up at his fundraisers, he said that he sometimes forgets there was a recession. Remember that? “Sometimes I even forget that there’s a recession.” Because the private sector to him is always there, and it’s always fine, and it’s made up of people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. That’s the private sector to Obama.

The evil parts of the private sector are Walmart, Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, big this, big that, Big Food. The parts of the private sector he admires, the teachers, cops, firefighters. This guy even hates doctors. Remember in one of his speeches he accused ’em of doing unnecessary surgeries to pocket the extra money. The private sector is just there. It’s always there. It’s always there to be looted. And it’s always fine. He resents that, by the way. He meant to say that and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Here’s Matt, Woodstock, Illinois. I’m glad you called, sir. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Good morning, sir.


CALLER: One of the questions I have, I think the president should be required to explain specifically to the people exactly how the addition of these public sector jobs is going to increase the gross domestic product and to increase private jobs for the middle class.

RUSH: Exactly. He can’t. It’s not about that. It’s simply about people working. It’s about jobs. He doesn’t care what kind they are, the more government oriented the better. You’re exactly right. That’s exactly the point. There is no growth, and this is not to put them down. This is why I said I have to be very careful, ’cause I’m not critical of these jobs. I’m being critical of the way Obama is talking about them and using them. They’re not even private sector jobs. How do they grow the economy? How does the gross domestic product increase when these people are hired? It doesn’t. And that’s what’s wrong. The gross domestic product is plummeting. Economic growth is not happening in this country and it will not go up simply by hiring more of these kinds of people. Just as it wouldn’t if we had make-work ditch diggers.

You know one of his idols is FDR, and what did FDR have, all these make-work jobs just to get people working, paid for with a transfer of wealth, not with new creativity, not with new production. It was just to get people working, and that’s what he’s looking at, just get people working. I guess they did think it worked. But it was morally good, too, you know, it was honest work, it was digging ditches. It’s the proletariat, the bourgeoisie versus the hoi polloi. All this crap wrapped up in Marxism, which is sheer idiocy. This whole notion that Obama’s slogan is Forward. You know, it’s 180 about-face full speed is what we’re doing here. We’re turning around and we’re marching right back to the 1930s. That’s greatness. And how do we do that? Government has to spend more and more money.

I can’t tell you how instructive it is. I can’t tell you how explanatory it is. And yet, ladies and gentlemen, there are countless other stories in the news, and I will have them. We’re gonna load up the next hour, phone calls, try to get to as much of the Stack as I can, ’cause we’re loaded with wonderful stuff, and the details on the North Dakota story where the residents are gonna apparently vote against eliminating their own property taxes because they’re worried that government might someday need the money.


RUSH: Everybody is talking about how Obama had a bad week last week. Really? He didn’t ever have to explain his membership in the New Party. He wasn’t asked a single question about Fast and Furious or Eric Holder’s corrupt Justice Department, he wasn’t asked to explain his political cowardice when he refused to go to Wisconsin, stand shoulder to shoulder with his union buddies. He played golf. He was compared favorably to the Kardashians. There’s not gonna be a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the national security leaks. All this talk about what a bad week Obama had? Maybe, but, then again, you could see where it maybe wasn’t.


RUSH: Here’s Axelrod. We’ve got him on CNN with Candy Crowley yesterday. They’re having a discussion about Obama’s statement on Friday that the economy, the private sector is doing fine. She asked Axelrod. Here’s what he said.

AXELROD: The private sector. We need to accelerate job creation in the private sector.

CROWLEY: Riiight.

AXELROD: One of the ways that we can do that is putting teachers and firefighters and police back to work because those are good middle-class jobs. That’ll help —

CROWLEY: That’s the public sector.

AXELROD: But that’ll help accelerate the recovery.

RUSH: She even said it! Candy Crowley, CNN, State-Controlled Media, she even said (paraphrased exchange), “But that’s public sector.” And Axelrod said, “Well, that’ll help. That’ll help. That’ll help accelerate the recovery.” Ohhhh, there you go! “Accelerate the recovery.” Just get more people working. We don’t care how. We don’t care if the jobs mean anything. We don’t care if anything’s produced. We don’t care whether there’s economic growth. Just more jobs! Just more jobs! Go hire cops and teachers and firefighters. Yeah, just go create more crime and get more cops.

Create more illiteracy, hire more teachers. Start more fires, hire more firemen. That’s what we gotta do. That’s exactly what we do, and that’s gonna give us a growing economy. These people are standing in quicksand.

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