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RUSH: “Comparing high school football to the gladiator fights of ancient times, Council Rock school board member Patty Sexton has called for banning the sport at the high school level. Sexton, also a Philadelphia public school teacher, made her comments late at Thursday nightÂ’s Council Rock board meeting.” This is from PhillyBurbs.com, which is a website of combined suburban newspapers in Philadelphia.

“She said continuing the sport at schools funded by the general taxpayer base is inappropriate. It has become too dangerous and carries too much of a risk of lasting effects from injuries, especially concussions, Sexton said. ‘ItÂ’s no longer appropriate for public institutions to fund gladiators,’ she said. ‘I am very, very concerned about putting these student-athletes in the position of getting a concussion. Football has gotten faster, harder and more dangerous with each passing year. IÂ’m extremely scared we will eventually be sued over injuries suffered in sports.’ … She said she also has concerns with other contact sports in high schools, and mentioned specifically the risks involved in ‘heading’ the ball in soccer, but her main emphasis was on football because she believes it is the most dangerous sport played in high schools.”

I warned you. I warned you! And here’s the thing. I’m telling you, once these people start with things like this, it never goes away. They never give it up. They will eventually get banned all smoking including in someone’s private house. They will not stop. They start out with banning cigarettes in public places, airplanes. Now they go for more. Gonna raise taxes on it. We’re gonna fund children’s health care programs with the tax revenue. We’re gonna allow the sale of it, but we’re not gonna let you use it, which means they’re not gonna have the money for children’s health programs. They don’t think about that ’til it’s too late. She’s not the first to call for banning football, and there are sportswriters who cover the pro game who are now openly saying that they are wondering how long they can write about such a brutal game.

So it has begun. And I don’t know how long it’s gonna take, and I don’t know a lot of the ancillaries, but I do know that it’s only going to build. And while everybody right now is laughing every time they hear this, “Oh, come on, get serious, some busybody woman.” That’s how these things all start, with some busybody telling you that you can’t eat trans fat in New York City. Some busybody telling you that you should not be allowed to purchase a Coca-Cola or a Pepsi that’s larger than 16 ounces. That’s how this stuff all starts, some busybody, everybody laughs at it, the attack on the SUV.

Now, Patty Sexton, when asked to comment on this on Friday, said, “I know my chances of eliminating football at Council Rock are about as good as keeping the sun from coming up tomorrow, but I feel like it has to start somewhere. Some school district has to stand up and say we care more about our children than we do about feeding them into the funnel of the NFL.” So it’s started. And you can laugh at me all you want, “Ah, Rush.” You watch. It’s only gonna grow, and at some point you’ll be surprised at the way it manifests itself.

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