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Well, let me tell you what’s happened now. Obama has tweeted the following: “If a teacher, police officer, or first responder has made a difference in your life, share your story here.” And it links to a website where they want people to send an e-mail to Romney sharing their above-referenced story about whether a teacher, a police officer, or first responder’s made a difference in their life. Because they’re out there trying to claim that Romney wants to cut teachers and cops and firemen.

That’s all they’ve got: Romney wants to cut these jobs!

So Obama does what?

He tweets out: Hey, if a cop or a firefighter, teacher made a difference in your life, share your story at this link. It’s an e-mail to Romney. Share your story about your dilapidated school. So predictable! How…? What are they thinking? Who’s president? All these problems… Share your story about your dilapidated school. Share your story about your whatever. As if Romney is anti-teacher and anti-firefighter and anti-cop. So let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is the AP correspondent, Ben Feller. He said, “Can you assure us that the White House and the people who speak for President Obama will not take a somewhat flattering sentence from Governor Romney and use that out of context?”

CARNEY: By “public sector,” we’re talking about state and local governments who have had to lay off teachers from classrooms, firefighters from the force, and police officers from the force. That was the “context” in which he was speaking and which everyone in this room was aware of at the time. Certainly we believe that you all ought to do your jobs and report on context.

RUSH: “[Y]ou all ought to do your jobs and report on context.” There was a little back-and-forth here. Remember, it was Mark Halperin yesterday who offered a truce. TIME Magazine. You know when the media offers a truce, their guy’s getting pummeled. So Halperin said (summarized), “Look, could we stop playing these silly little games? Everybody knows that Obama didn’t mean the economy’s good, and everybody knows that Romney doesn’t want to lay off cops and teachers. Can we just accept that and move on?”

Well, no, “everybody” doesn’t know that Obama doesn’t think the economy’s good.

The jury is still out on what Obama thinks about the economy. The jury is still out on what he knows about the economy. The jury is still out on what he intends for the economy! He clearly does not want a growing and robust private sector. But I’ll tell you what: Jay Carney, you better be careful, because the last thing you and Obama want is the media actually doing their job. You start challenging these people to go do their jobs, and you are in for it. Last night. We have a montage of CNN’s Anderson Cooper and just bunch other people, and they’re talking about six words “taken out of context” that the private sector is doing fine.

They’re doing everything they can to massage this.

They’re doing everything they can to say he didn’t really mean what he said.

ANDERSON COOPER: Six words that Republicans seized upon. The president’s statement has been taken out of context in this case.

DAVID CORN: Given the full context of the remark, it’s not what he really meant to say.

MARIA CARDONA: I don’t think it was the best six words that the president could have used.

STEVE MCMAHON: Put it into a broader context.

BILL O’REILLY: Six words could cost President Obama reelection.

CHRISTINE ROMANS: Those six words that launched a weekend of politicking.

EZRA KLEIN: The entire political and media establishment in this country have had their collective hair on fire over the last three days over six words uttered by President Obama. But it’s the 43 words that followed those six that are really, really important.

RUSH: Yeah? Well, then why is nobody talking about ’em? What are those 43 words? Does anybody have any idea what the 43 words are? Who counted ’em? The six words don’t need any context. “The private sector is doing fine.” Look, folks, I’m not gonna bore you. I’ve explained this countless times, what Obama means by that. All right, one more time: When he says, “The private sector is doing fine,” what that really means is: “The private sector’s always doing fine. Everybody in the private sector is fine!”

The 1%, to him, is the private sector. The rich. Walmart. Big Oil. Big Pharmaceutical. That, to him, is the private sector. And they’re rich and they’re getting richer and they’re always fine. The mom-and-pop drugstore or the mom-and-pop shoe repair store, that’s not the private sector to him. The private sector is biiiig corporations, and big corporations are hated by the American left. So, “The private sector is doing fine.” Unemployment does not happen in the private sector, not in his worldview.

He followed it up by saying the public sector is where we’re losing jobs. In fact, as we said at the start of the show, the public sector is gaining employment. Public sector employment is up 11.4%! Unemployment in the public sector is at, what, 3%? I mean, the two are not even comparable. The public sector is going gangbusters, and it’s not possible for it not to be. Obama is taking as much out of the private sector as he can. We’ve got four million people who were working when Obama took office who aren’t.

Right there is shrinkage of the private sector.

So when he comes out and says, “The private sector is doing fine,” people who have a genuine intelligence and an understanding of matters economic understand that that is a huge gaffe. So he goes out there and tries to repair the damage but doesn’t say anything differently. Everybody hopes and prays on the left that he got it fixed and straightened out. So now they’re talking about, “Well, you took it out of context; you gotta look at the other 43 words,” and so forth. But the private sector, as far as Barack Obama’s concerned, is where all the unfairness is.

It’s where the lack of social justice is. It’s where the immorality is. The private sector’s where all this phony American exceptionalism is. The private sector is what Obama thinks he’s gotta apologize for to world leaders. The private sector’s where all the crime takes place. The private sector’s where all the discrimination takes place. The private sector is where all the racism is. The private sector is where all the discrimination is. And as far as Obama’s concerned, that’s never gonna stop. That stuff’s always there.

That’s what America is. America was unjustly founded. When he says, “The private sector is doing fine,” he says that with a smirk. He says it with resentment. He wasn’t saying, “The private sector is doing fine” the way you and I would say it if it were and if we meant it. Obama and leftists like him hold people in contempt. Average, ordinary Americans are held in contempt. They really are looked down upon. It’s an arrogant condescension they have. The private sector, that’s where all the evil is.

That’s where all the stuff that needs to be fixed is.

That’s where all the transformation has to take place.

So when he says, “The private sector is doing fine,” it’s like saying: “I don’t want to hear any complaints about Bill Gates, and I don’t want to hear any complaints about the Koch brothers, and I don’t want to hear any complaints about Warren Buffett!” That’s who he thinks the private sector is. “They’re fine. They’re always gonna be fine! They’re always gonna be the enemy. I’m always gonna have to deal with ’em.” That’s what he meant about it. And that’s what these people in the press… They either know that, or they’re equally blind and obtuse and don’t understand that. But they look at everything as, “Oh, my gosh, how is this gonna help Obama or how is it gonna hurt Obama?”

And that’s the only context they see.


RUSH: Soon, Snerdley, soon. Snerdley is bugging me. He wants to hear what I have to say about what Apple did yesterday. It’s not just what they did yesterday. There’s a story about innovation in the new mobile software that Apple announced yesterday, come out this fall, that’s gonna serve as a great illustration of the kind of thing that happens in the private sector that Obama hasn’t the slightest understanding of, the slightest clue about. Yet it’s the kind of innovation that any president ought to be pointing to and saying, “This is what we are capable of in America.” Instead of running around and saying to fix the private sector we need more cops and firefighters and police officers.

You look at Detroit, and I hate picking on Detroit. Detroit was one of the first major markets this program was heard in, and we have a great relationship our affiliate there. But they’re bulldozing houses in Detroit. The tax base is diminishing. It’s a petri dish. Detroit is a petri dish for what happens with unchecked liberal Democrat power and control for decades. And what Detroit needs is a rebirth of private sector growth and entrepreneurism, people moving back into the city and rebuilding it. The idea that more police officers and firefighters would bring the city back, it would give Obama more control, more power, have more bureaucrats and so forth, and more union members and more dues and more campaign contributions to him and the Democrats, but that’s about it. And that’s what Detroit’s good for for them. That’s the real crying shame here, is the value of Detroit, to people like Obama, is as many union people paying dues that end up being donated to Democrats as possible. To heck with on-the-ground circumstances, the people that live there.

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