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RUSH: So the media is telling us it’s been a bad week for President Obama. I’d rather look at it through a different prism. It has been not just a bad week, it has been a bad three-and-a-half years. Not for Obama, but for us. Every week is a bad week for America, with Barack Hussein Kardashian in the White House. Every year is a bad year for us. It has been a bad three-and-a-half years. And as much, ladies and gentlemen, as I am dedicated to the educational and informative task of teaching people about the destructive nature of liberalism and its latest vehicle, Barack Hussein Kardashian — and by the way, you know, that’s popping up everywhere. It was in a Breitbart headline the other day, last night on the Breitbart website. I’m sure there’s a whole Barack Hussein Kardashian website now. That’s why I’m show prep for the rest of the media. It’s all over the place out there now.

But, see, when it comes to America, I am not Obama-centric. We were better off before Obama and we’ll be better off after Obama. See, to me, and particularly if you are one of the millions of new listeners to the program, the country is what matters. The people who make this country work are who matter to me. I grow weary, I laugh at it, but I still grow weary, every day multiple media stories, “How will this impact Obama? How will this affect the Obama campaign? What does this mean for Obama’s reelect campaign?” To hell with that. What does it mean for the country? That’s our concern here. What does it mean for the people who make this country work? That’s our concern here.

It’s been a bad week for Obama. I’m sorry, that offends me. Boohoo. A bad week for Obama is a worse week for us. What is a bad week for the guy? He’s flying on Air Force One as often as he wants from party to party, from celebrity to celebrity. And when he gets off that plane, he asks for money, he asks for praise, he asks for adoration. He asks for those that he has hurt the most to have his back. What a bad week for Obama? Oh, you didn’t hear this? It’s a new ad for Obama. We had it yesterday. Here, listen to it again.

(playing of Obama ad)

RUSH: We’ve got yo’ back. We’ve got the president’s back. What is unemployment in the black community? Thirteen-point-six percent. What is unemployment with black youth? Fifty some odd percent. And yet here they are running ads for these people to have Obama’s back? What about Obama having their back? What about Obama having our back? Oh, it’s such a horrible week for Barack Obama. By the way, you should try this. A Google search of Obama and Kardashian returns 71,400,000 hits. Ha-ha-ha. A little throwaway line off the top of my head on this program a couple weeks ago and look how it has now rooted itself in the American pop culture and even in certain parts of the political culture.

So 13.6% unemployment in the black community, and Obama’s running commercials asking black people for his back. Bad week for Obama, party to party, celebrity to celebrity. Asking for money, asking for praise, asking for those he’s hurt the most to have his back. We have the first community organizer to occupy the Oval Office actively working to keep illegal voters voting in Florida. The state of Florida is trying to purge illegals and people illegally registered from the voting rolls, and the Justice Department, the Kardashian Justice Department with Eric Holder, is suing the state of Florida. Let a Republican president try anything like this, and you’ve got a nuclear explosion in the media.

I’m gonna tell you what’s happening. The media doesn’t report this stuff and they think as a result nobody knows about it. They continue to live in a state of denial, that there is an alternative media that is just as penetrating. They can pretend that by not covering a story, the story doesn’t happen. They can pretend by not covering a story, or not condemning an action, that nobody hears about it. But people are fully aware of all of this, of the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia and the Justice Department declining prosecution, as was said because we’re not going after black defendants.

Here we have a president who sued the state of Arizona to stop the state of Arizona from enforcing laws that protect their citizens. They simply created a law in Arizona that mirrors the federal law that Obama will not enforce, and he sues them. He gives billions of dollars, hundreds of billions of dollars to supporters of his in a losing industry, green energy, so he can use that as an excuse to pick on a winning industry, fossil fuel producers. He’s doing everything he can to limit oil production, discovery, and expansion. Bad week for Obama? Oh, my heart bleeds.

Every day, we’ve had two in a row from the Washington Post. Democrats are worried. How’s all this affecting Obama? You know, most of the country, Mr. Milbank and Ms. Tumulty, most of the country is not asking with wringing hands and deep concern, “Oh, my gosh, how is this news affecting our wonderful president?” They’re asking themselves, “When the hell is somebody gonna do something to change the direction this country’s economy is going?” They’re not worried about the impact all this stuff is having on Obama. They see him having the life of a party. He’s bragging about it. Television commercials, dinner with Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker. Then George Clooney. Now they’re gonna do it again. Obama flying all over the place. Moochelle flying all over. Vacation after vacation after vacation, Martha’s Vineyard, Las Vegas, Spain.

Poor Obama had a bad week? On his worst week, President Kardashian has had it better than the richest man on the planet in recorded and unrecorded history. I’m growing weary hearing about Barack Obama having a bad week. The people who make this country work are suffering every day he’s in office. And we have to hear about a bad week that Obama had? Really, it is so out of proportion. It’s insulting. You know, the scary thing to contemplate is, what would a good week for Obama be? What would it take for the media to report that he had a good week? Let that scare you, because it should. A bad week for Obama is having to sit next to a movie star that he doesn’t particularly like.

Nixon was hounded out of office 40 years ago for a second-rate burglary that even to this day nobody can figure out. We have got Watergate type scandals in three different spots in this administration, and what’s the media writing about? Forty-year-old Watergate. I’ll never forget, folks, my dad. Oh, you would have loved if my dad were alive, get him on the phone, I’d say, “Hey, what’s going on?” and shut up for a half hour. During Watergate Cronkite was still doing the news. At the end he would turn off TV, look at me, and he would scream, “What the hell did he do? What did he do?” People are still asking, what really happened?

Nobody can figure out what Watergate really was. We know it was a burglary at the Democrat National Committee, but beyond that, we still don’t know what Nixon really did or didn’t do and what the purpose of this was, and how it — (interruption) Yeah, yeah, Nixon covered it up. Trying to protect his boys. Liddy, E. Howard Hunt. Folks, don’t misunderstand me now. I’m not saying nothing happened, but a sense of proportion is needed here. For crying out loud, we have a regime which ignores federal judges on drilling moratoriums. We have a regime that is running an open money laundering operation with union dues. We have an administration that is knowingly bankrolling losing industries, crony capitalism out the wazoo.

Whatever Nixon did, it pales in comparison. Woodward and Bernstein just wrote a 4,000-word editorial for the Washington Post. And you know what their point was? Nixon was even worse than what they knew. Oh, yeah! Nixon was even worse than what they knew. I’ll tell you what I think. I think this Deep Throat guy… What was his name? Oh, I’m having a mental block on the Deep Throat guy’s name. Mark Felt. I think this guy played Woodward and Bernstein like Yo-Yo Ma plays the cello.

And you know what Felt was ticked off about?

He wanted the FBI director gig, and L. Patrick Gray got it, one of Nixon’s buddies. And what Felt was trying to do was get even with Nixon (which he did). Meanwhile, Woodward and Bernstein, everything Deep Throat told ’em they bought hook, line, and sinker. They didn’t question it. In the end, this guy… At any rate, you look at Eric Holder and the Fast and Furious? For crying out loud, nobody died in Watergate! A federal agent died in Fast and Furious. We had Holder taunting members of the Senate yesterday: “I’m gonna stick to my guns.”

Yes, “I’m sticking to my guns,” Holder said.

Somebody said to me, “Well, talk about insensitivity.”

It’s not insensitivity.

He’s goading ’em.

He’s got a sense of entitlement like Obama does. “Nobody can touch me. Nobody can stop me!” It’s a statist dictatorship mentality that exists here. Lanny Davis said there are “some really vicious people” working for Obama. Don’t tell me about Obama having a bad week, because I have no sympathy for Obama and his tough week. My concern is for the country and you and everybody who makes this country work. Our Justice Department’s more corrupt than anything this country’s seen in a long time.

We have never been so far in debt with no plan to get out. Wages haven’t budged in four years. The average wage? What is the increase? It’s 10¢! The hourly wage is up 10¢. Job creators have been demonized. Votes in Congress have been bought. The pharmaceutical industry was bought off. The public sector unions were bought off. And the State-Controlled Media has encouraged all of this. And we’re told that eight-plus percent unemployment is the new normal.

The bottom line is, Barack Hussein Kardashian does not have bad weeks; we do!


RUSH: Let’s take a look some more statistics. A story from The Politico: “Election Angst: Wages Have Barely Budged Since ’08.” Hourly wages have increased ten cents a year under President Kardashian. I know some of you might be saying, “But Rush, but Rush, what about the minimum wage?” Not a factor here. That should tell you something. The minimum wage is an arbitrary number that’s not related to anything. The minimum wage has no relationship to economic activity whatsoever. All the minimum wage does is lose jobs. All the minimum wage does is guarantee that young people are gonna have restricted entry-level job opportunities. That’s all it does.

Well, now, I take that back. The minimum wage actually is a great PR move for the left, the way it’s covered by the media, minimum wage, ten dollars an hour, everybody thinks, wow, at least that’s what everybody’s making. They don’t stop to report the truth about it. So talking about it, promoting it, seeking increases in it, is a PR victory for Democrats, but in reality, the minimum wage harms the economy and entry-level workers. So in each year since President Kardashian was immaculated, hourly wages have increased ten cents. When President Bush left office, gasoline was a buck eighty-five a gallon. Today, the average price for a gallon of unleaded, the closest I get is $3.54. If you add to that that wages haven’t budged since Obama was immaculated, we have disposable income for millions of Americans going backwards. And, believe me, they are paying attention.

They’re not gonna wait until August or September to start paying attention. They’re paying attention now because they can’t avoid it. It’s their life. “Adjusted for inflation, the average hourly wage has gone up just 42 cents over the past four years to $23.41, according to Labor Department figures. High unemployment explains some of this, but salaries have stayed disturbingly flat, economists say. ‘ItÂ’s unprecedented how modest the wage gains have been over this recovery,’ said Sherry Cooper, chief economist and executive vice president at the BMO Financial Group. ‘ItÂ’s painful for consumers and detrimental for labor.'”

“Unprecedented how modest the wage gains have been over this recovery.” Has anybody stopped to think that maybe it really hasn’t been a recovery? Anybody stop to consider that we may still be in a recession, for all practical purposes? Obama here has created a twofer, a jobless recovery and a wageless recovery. And yet they tell us, it’s a recovery. And yet every news story is looked at through this prism, “Oh, no, how will this affect Obama?” You see, folks, I thought green energy companies were gonna create millions of high-paying jobs of the future. That’s what the president told us. What happened? He keeps saying that we’re not going back to pro-growth policies. He says we tried that approach. We tried that approach for 210 years, it didn’t work. It’s never worked.

All that prosperity and wealth that was created in the 200 years since the founding of the country, false, phony, never happened. Never worked. Only now, with Barack Hussein Kardashian in office, are we finally doing it the right way. Private sector jobs have increased by an average of just 105,000 over the past three months, by 89,000 a month during the Obama, quote, unquote, recovery. And they tell us Obama is having a bad week. The US economy is suffering its longest sustained bout of 8% unemployment or higher since the Great Depression, and they tell us Obama is having a bad week. The US stock market is down 7% since April, early April. Real take-home pay is down over the past year. Barack Obama is having a bad week.

The first quarter GDP report also showed that after-tax corporate profits dropped for the first time in three years, in this recovery. And Obama is having a bad week? Barack Obama has not been able to transition from being a community agitator to being a president. He’s been unable or unwilling to make that transition. And, you know, Hillary was right. He simply wasn’t ready. And Clinton knows he’s not ready. And more and more Democrats know he’s not ready. More and more Democrats are publicly undermining him. Believe me, the American people are paying attention.

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