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RUSH: Bob Turner was the president of Multimedia, which was a company that syndicated TV programs, and they syndicated mine in 1992 through 1996. Bob Turner was the president, and it was Bob Turner that chased Roger Ailes and me down one night at 21 with the idea of doing a show. He was a great guy. He is a great guy. And he has the perfect temperament. I mean, the guy knew what he was getting into. Almost. (laughing) He sized it up real quickly, and he was as loyal as the day is long.

He had a stick-to-itiveness. He couldn’t be rattled. And at that time, 1992, we were just four years into the program. And the effort to discredit me and the program was every bit as intense then as it was now. And it would have been easy to avoid it. I mean, he was syndicating Phil Donahue and Sally Jessy Raphael, and Sally was not happy at all. Sally’s show taped right down the hall from mine. Sally was not happy at all. Phil was kind of conflicted about it, ’cause Phil likes money.

I remember getting on an airplane leaving a TV show convention. It was in New Orleans. We were flying back, and Donahue’s in the seat next to me, and he starts talking about, “Boy, I’ll tell you what. When I went out, I didn’t get as many clearances as you’ve got. Ah! It was never this easy for me.” I said, “Well, Phil, you’re part of the company. I want to thank you for making it possible.” He said, “Well, don’t get too excited yet,” but he was nice. He was just… But he had to be Phil Donahue.

But, anyway, Turner ran Multimedia. He also had Jerry Springer. Jerry Springer was part of the mix. I remember we had to do a giant photo session on the roof of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. It was my first real exposure to never-ending flashbulbs, flash attachments so forth. It was for a half hour up there. Anyway, Bob Turner is a member a Congress. He won an election. He won the seat that was previously occupied by Huma Weiner’s husband. What was his name? Anthony. It was Anthony.

He won Weiner’s seat. He now sits in the Weiner seat in the House of Representatives. Hee-hee-hee! Anyway, Bob’s going for all the marbles. He’s running for the Senate. And there’s a Republican primary in New York on June 26th, and he’s got a good chance of winning this thing, and we want him to win this seat. He’d be great in the Senate. If he wins the primary, he’d be up against Kirsten Gillibrand for all the marbles. And, by the way, there’s a story here in TheHill.com: “Democratic hopes of recapturing the House are dimming as a series of race-by-race setbacks and economic uncertainty suggest that the 25 seats they need to net might be out of reach.”

A lot of people are gunning for the Senate to get rid of Harry Reid and the liberal Democrat leadership and replace as many liberal Democrats with conservative Republicans in the Senate as they can. That is an objective that’s above and apart from the Republican presidential race. That’s equally as important. There are a lot of Tea Party people working on that, in fact. But, anyway, Turner found himself involved in a… Well, here’s the story. It’s from Fox News. “A group of New York City children…”

You remember when they were banned from singing God Bless the USA at a graduation ceremony not long ago? “A group of New York City children banned from singing God Bless the USA at a graduation ceremony were heckled by adults when they sang the song at a nearby playground.” So kids singing God Bless the USA got heckled by Democrat adults! “The protest had been organized by parents at PS 90 in Coney Island. They were outraged after principal Greta Hawkins banned kindergartners from performing the song at their graduation ceremony.

“Staffers said the principal was worried the patriotic anthem might offend other cultures. She also feared that the Lee Greenwood song would not be age-appropriate for the youngsters — concerns shared by the New York City Dept. of Education.” Now, Bob Turner went to this thing. He had been invited by the parents. He’s running for the Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand. “‘I thought it would be a great idea,’ Turner said. ‘The kids were a delight.’ According to video of the incident, boys and girls were waving American flags and singing God Bless the USA when adults began swarming and shouting.”

For the children! Democrat adults tried to drown out and heckle kindergartners! Can you believe this? Kindergarteners! They bullied ’em. That’s exactly right. They were bullying them, and Bob Turner was out there standing with the kids. Bob Turner was out there helping them sing God Bless the USA. Turner said, “I thought it would be a great idea. The kids were a delight.” So we love Bob Turner. He’s just a solid, solid, great guy, and we wish him all the best.


RUSH: One of the protesters protesting the kids singing Lee Greenwood’s song said, “The kids donÂ’t even know what theyÂ’re singing. They got something you tell them to say. ItÂ’s ridiculous. ItÂ’s sad, sad, sad. You all are going to burn in hell. You all burn in hell. Shame on you. Shame on you.” So shame on you for using kids like this. Oh. The kids don’t know what they’re singing, like those little kids singing to Barack Obama knew what they were singing? Damn right those kids knew what they were singing!


RUSH: Folks, I still can’t get over what happened. In New York, a bunch of kindergarteners who were told they couldn’t sing God Bless the USA in school because it was divisive, essentially, go to a playground to sing it, and a bunch of Democrat adults show up to heckle them. And a Republican candidate for the Senate, Bob Turner, is there, standing in solidarity with the kids, the kindergarteners.

Stop and think of that for a moment. We had people outraged at a reporter who was not heckling the president, he asked him a question, but they accuse him of heckling the president. People are outraged at this reporter for asking Obama a question, but there are no indications that anybody’s outraged that adult Democrats are heckling a bunch of kindergarteners for singing a song about the United States. And, according to the report, one of the protesters said, “The kids don’t even know what they’re singing.” So he’s accusing the kids of being brainwashed, or accusing the adults of brainwashing the kids. “They just got something you tell ’em to say, it’s ridiculous, it’s sad, it’s sad. You all are gonna burn in hell, burn-in hell, shame on you.” This is one of the adults.

That was the reaction to kids singing God bless the USA. Why in the world would that make anybody mad? The fact that it does tells us a whole lot. Where is the outrage over this? Another parent who was heckling the kids said, “You Republicans go to a Republican area and do that. We don’t want that here. Go to a Republican area.” What did we learn, that the flag on the Fourth of July attracts only Republicans? Wasn’t that something that we learned coming out of Harvard. Now we learn that God Bless the USA is only something you sing in Republican areas of New York. If you’re gonna come to a Democrat area, you better not sing God Bless the USA.

I don’t know, folks, I don’t know. Somebody explain to me how the Democrats get their reputation of love, caring, compassionate, tolerance and understanding. Would somebody explain to me how in the world these reprobate Democrats somehow hold on to that image. They are anything but kind. They are anything but tolerant. They are anything about open-minded. They’re anything but compassionate. And all this malarkey about “for the children.” Trying to heckle a bunch of kindergarten kids. They’re attacking children, for crying out loud. And these kids, by the way, the boys and girls began chanting “USA, USA,” in an attempt to drown out these protester adults.

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