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RUSH: This is last night on Charlie Rose. He had an author on, a guy by the name of James Mann. James Mann has a new book called The Obamians: The Struggle Inside the White House to Redefine American Power. Now I want you listen to this. I can’t believe that Charlie actually had this guy on. And I can’t believe this guy walked out of there without needing a wheelchair after what he said. It’s another book on Obama, another window into what Obama’s really all about. And this is key to understanding Obama’s worldview.

I’ve thought for the longest time, just to set this up, I’ve told you I don’t know how many times. I think Obama is a guy, educated, raised, he’s got a chip on his shoulder, and he’s mad at this country. It was unjustly founded. It’s immoral. Slavery, all that stuff. Discrimination against the poor. It’s set up by a bunch of rich guys for a bunch of rich guys. And this country isn’t a super power; it’s stolen everything. It’s stolen resources from other people around the world. We’re the reason that the rest of the world is in poverty, because we steal everything they’ve got. I think he really believes this. I think that’s why he apologizes for the country. He thinks we’re a bunch of imperialists, marching around the globe taking what we want. That’s why he blanches at this whole notion of American exceptionalism. You keep that in mind. Charlie Rose asks James Mann, the author, “Can you define an Obama doctrine?”
MANN: At the heart of this book is the notion of American primacy in the world. That post World War II, that America is the unquestioned world leader and is able to serve as the world leader and is always looked to. That lasted through the Cold War. Even more so after the end of the Cold War. And it’s not that Obama at all wants to do away with that role, but he has in mind that maybe we won’t always maintain our role of primacy in the world. Obama gives speeches that are quite intriguing that say, we have helped underwrite global security for the last six decades, sometimes without thanks. That perfect tense in there kind of suggests that maybe we won’t always be the world’s leader.

RUSH: I disagree with the author. I think it’s on purpose. I think his mission is to cut America down to size. This guy’s saying that he’s just trying to give it legitimacy. We never did have the ability to police the world. We never did have the ability to protect the world. And Obama knows this. Obama’s smart enough to know that we never had the ability to be this super power. It’s all been a dream. He’s going to cut us back to size. That’s reality. We’re number two or three. He admires the ChiComs. He salivates. He wishes this country were the ChiComs. Like Thomas Friedman, New York Times, these guys sit around and they speculate how much fun it would be to be able to sign something and make a decision without a Congress, without any political opposition. The smartest people in the country, fix everything by just implementing what they believe. That’s how they see China and they see it wonderfully. And that’s what they want here. And, of course, they think they are the smart people who should be in charge of all this implementation.

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