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RUSH: I got an interesting e-mail from my cousin Andy who lives in St. Louis. He said, “You know, I got a tweet, Rush. One of my friends said you need to redo your Economics 101 lecture on zero-sum game and how this economy’s not one. It’s not a zero-sum game.”

He said, “That Rush lecture is what turned me and helped me to understand the economy.” His point is that the only reason this class envy stuff works is because of the people that don’t understand the economy. They think it’s a finite number. And the rich are grabbing up more and more and more of it. And if the rich get more and more, everybody else gets less and less. And, of course, that’s true, if you’re talking about a zero-sum game. But we do not have a finite economy.

That’s what growth is all about. How can you have economic growth if the pie never gets bigger? But a lot of people do not instinctively understand that. They think that there’s only so much money, there’s only so many businesses, there’s only so many customers, there’s only so many products. And if they don’t get in on it early on, they’re gonna never get in on it. It’s a zero-sum game

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