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RUSH: Did you watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics on Friday night? I did. Yeah, we did. We watched. We gathered at the big 16-foot screen. I figured, if I’m gonna be assaulted and insulted by a bunch of British collectivists, I may as well go all in. So I fired up the big screen, the 16 foot. I didn’t want to look at the simple little five-foot screen. I fired up the big mama. I had Kathryn in there and her mom and dad are in town and we watched this. When her mom and dad are in town, I kind of dial back on the political commentary, but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help it when they started honoring the freaking National Health Service.

Now, the guy who put together the opening ceremony, Danny Boyle, who did Slumdog Millionaire, the movie, he’s a big leftist. They made no secret of this. They actually pulled working nurses out of the hospitals to have ’em participate in the opening ceremony. They honored the Industrial Revolution. They honored unions. This guy decided, okay, we’re gonna put an opening ceremony together of what is good and righteous about the United Kingdom. And, as we’re watching this, and I’m watching this re-creation of the Industrial Revolution, they had these giant smokestacks that came out of the ground. Ah, here we go, global warming, pollution. I started nudging Kathryn, I said, “Here we go. We’re gonna get preached to by a bunch of commie collectivists and so forth.” She said, “Shshshsh, no politics, no politics.”

So I dialed it back, and then the National Health Service thing came. Of all the things that you want to honor. I mean, the people of Great Britain don’t even like the National Health Service! And then it hit me, and then it hit me. It was actually done on behalf of President Kardashian. They did it for Obama. Nobody will convince me otherwise. I mean, they had the cover of doing this and honoring Great Britain, the opening ceremony, but we got a presidential election coming up, three checks away for you welfare recipients, and they honor the National Health Service, and we’re in the midst of a giant controversy. Here, listen to Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira, who they got back out of mothballs for this to help coanchor with Matt Lauer. Here they are as the National Health Service is being honored. This is how NBC covered it.

LAUER: Back in the States you might be saying, wait a second. We’re locked in this kind of partisan debate over the future of health care in our own country. Here, they feel so strongly about their health care system, they’re actually celebrating it as part of the Olympic open ceremony.

VIEIRA: These folks that you’re seeing here, the doctors and nurses, they really are doctors and nurses from the National Health Service, dedicating their lives to helping others. That has to be a great moment of pride.

RUSH: I’m watching this, and I was in stunned disbelief until I realized what the purpose of this was. No, there wasn’t a whole lot of recognition of World War II. There was maybe a little bit of the First World War, World War I, but no, not much. There was nothing about colonialism, obviously. (laughing) The Queen was there, and they cut to the Queen a couple times. She looked like she was clueless. She looked like she didn’t know what was going on. And who could blame her? Who could blame her? It just went on and on and — (interruption) yeah, the parachute. Now, that was clever. I don’t know how they got the Queen to do this, but Daniel Craig, James Bond, actually shows up at Buckingham Palace and walks in, and the Queen’s part of the skit. She’s working on some papers and so forth, and he’s standing by her, waiting for her to finish.

She finishes, “Okay, Mr. Bond, let’s go.” They get into the helicopter, and then they reenact as though leaving Buckingham Palace to helicopter over to the opening ceremonies. Some parachutist jumped out dressed as the Queen, exactly as she was dressed, and they timed it after the parachutist lands outside the stadium, the next thing you see is the Queen entering the stadium and heading to her royal box. Yeah, I think the stuff in the Buckingham Palace was actually the Queen. They were able to pull it off.

Now, NBC, one thing they didn’t do, they’re catching a lot of heat about — well, they did. It’s gone past now, but they were catching a lot of heat about the editing off the opening ceremonies because the sports division — I wonder if they hired the guy that edited the George Zimmerman 911 tapes, based on what happened here, because one of the things that NBC cut out of their coverage of the ceremonies was a tribute to the victims of London’s 7/7 attacks, the terror attacks. There was no mention of the Munich disaster, 1972 Olympics, where the Israeli team was slaughtered, wanted a moment of silence for that, didn’t get that. Fifty-two people were killed back in 2005 in the 7/7 attacks, and NBC is claiming they cut that tribute, they did do that tribute in the opening ceremonies, NBC didn’t cover it. They cut it out of there. NBC said they cut the tribute because it didn’t involve American victims.

Now, I suspect the real reason, ladies and gentlemen, was more a matter of it involving Muslim terrorists. NBC probably didn’t want to cover a part of the opening ceremony that would remind people of Islamic terrorists. So that was cut out. (interruption) Why? You know, it’s interesting. My friend, Andrew McCarthy, wrote a book called The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America. And it’s McCarthy’s theory that liberalism and Islam are very closely related. Now, I’ve mentioned this to people. Get the book if you really want to get down and dirty, ’cause it’s excellent, but stop and think of it this way. Have you noticed that liberals are nonplussed by Islamic terrorism. It’s something they want to cover up. It’s something that they really don’t want to focus on, and NBC cutting it out was sort of an indication.

It’s just a theory, ladies and gentlemen, but one of the reasons that leftists are nonplussed by militant Islam may be the idea — I mean look at what it is, especially if you go all the way to Sharia. It’s an all-encompassing, intrusive, uniform, mandatory instruction manual detailing how everybody should dress, how everybody should eat, how everybody should live, how everybody should work, how everybody should play, and what to worship.


RUSH: I got a great e-mail.

“Dear Rush: During the Olympics opening ceremony and the tribute to the National Health Service, did they depict long lines of people waiting for hip and knee replacements? Did they depict the dentists on strike? Did they show rationing of medicines? Did they depict jets filled with British patients flying to the United States for treatment?”

No, they didn’t do any of that. Of course they didn’t do any of that. But the National Health Service in Great Britain is a joke. The people that live there don’t even like it. This was a pure tribute to collectivism. Look, I’m using collectivism instead of the other C-word, but it fits as well.


RUSH: We’re gonna start Brighton, Michigan, with Steve. Thank you for calling, sir. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Listen, Rush, I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and I’m kind of curious to know, do you think that was more socialist than the Chinese opening ceremony?

RUSH: It’s an interesting comparison. I remember the ChiCom opening ceremony. You know what stands out? You had tens of thousands of people all doing the same thing, all dressed exactly alike, all walking the same way. Tens of thousands of people choreographed. Not one individual among them. Now, as a viewing spectacle, it was a sight to behold. It was breathtaking. And you had to, in a way, respect the choreography talents of the ChiCom bosses for being able to pull that off, but when you get past that, what you realized was that these are just automatons ordered to all behave identically, look identical, dress identical. I mean, it was scary. It was like watching zombies. So now, then, we move to the UK, and we’ve got that opening ceremony where we had — I think it’s even worse, ’cause here we have an ostensible free people. Theoretically, the UK is made up of free people. And what did they choose to highlight about themselves but a bunch of collectivism? You know that part of the opening ceremony where they highlighted the Industrial Revolution, you remember that?

CALLER: Oh, absolutely, all of it, all of it, yeah.

RUSH: Okay, I jabbed Kathryn in the ribs and I said, “That’s how the libs want all of us to live. That’s where global warming –” Minus the smokestacks and the pollution, they want to get rid of modernity. Anything modern, get rid of it. That’s when the planet was not being destroyed. I know, Industrial Revolution. But in terms of simple, non-technological, no electricity, that’s what the extremists of the environmental movement want. Of all the things of historical note in Great Britain, United Kingdom, the things they chose to highlight about themselves in that opening ceremony scared me more, because that’s a free people basically honoring socialism and collectivism. The ChiCom people had no choice. They are under orders and under guns. In the UK a free people decided to do it. So I would have to say, in answer to your good question, despite the fact the ChiCom were drummers were better, I’ll give you that, there’s no question.

CALLER: Yes, they were. Yes, they were.

RUSH: ChiCom drummers, but that was all part of the choreography. I still have to tell you that the UK was the more socialist of the two because a free people willingly gave up.

CALLER: A-ha. There you go. Excellent answer.

RUSH: You knew where to call to get the right perspective and the right answer.

CALLER: Rush, you got a second to talk about that guy getting caught on I-95 last week? The drummer. The drummer.

RUSH: Which guy? The drummer on I-95? Oh, oh, the drumstick guy!

CALLER: Yeah, yeah.

RUSH: You’re fascinated by that story still?

CALLER: No, no. Back in my long-haired, hippie, pot-smoking, maggot-infested days, I was a drummer. And whenever I got caught in a traffic jam, I’d have my drumsticks with me, I’d drive with my knee, and I’d pound on the steering wheel.

RUSH: Now, did you ever have a woman driving next to you call 911 and say that you were engaging in perverted sex while you were doing that?

CALLER: (laughing) I’ve had three women in the car with me at once, and none of ’em called 911.

RUSH: If you don’t remember that folks, last week on I-95, I forget where it was, Ft. Lauderdale or something. Some guy, driving along in his car was playing the drumsticks on his steering wheel. And a woman in another car — did you hear about this, Rachel? — a woman in another car, pulls up, sees this, and calls 911 because she says what’s going on in there is perverted sex. Now, I ask, how many of you, if you drove by some guy and even if you thought that that’s what was going on, would you call 911? You’d kind of look at it, and you’d speed up to get out of the way in case the guy loses control at the point of orgasm. You’d get out of there. But call 911? So the woman calls 911, the cops stop the guy, “No, no, I was just playing the drumsticks.” They ask the woman, “Look, I know the difference between drumsticks and a male organ. And those weren’t drumsticks.” So that’s what the guy was talking about. I just wanted to bring you up to speed if you were confused.


RUSH: Here’s Linda in Lindstrom, Minnesota, as we go back to the phones. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, thank you so much. It’s such an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’m very nervous, so I’m gonna trying to get through this.

RUSH: You’ll do it fine. I have no doubt.

CALLER: I can always count on you to verbalize whatever I’m thinking. I was actually insulted by the UK’s National Health Service performance.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I thought it was an in-your-face to conservatives everywhere, especially Americans.

RUSH: It was. You’re exactly right.

CALLER: I was already dreading Paul McCartney, which, you know, I was certain his performance would have —

RUSH: You know what, he’s out there saying “Hey Jude,” and most of the people in the audience had no idea, they couldn’t sing along, they had never heard of it, ’cause he’s old enough to be their grandfather. They didn’t know what the song was.

CALLER: I turned my TV off. I stopped watching it. But I really believe that the Brits, the French, and the Italians have never gotten over the fact that America had to rescue them from Hitler, and in their effort to show that they’re perfectly capable of determining their own destiny, they need to embrace whatever is opposite of America.

RUSH: I know what you’re trying to say out there. That’s why we are here, Linda, to speak your mind.

CALLER: I understand that, and you do that very well.

RUSH: I think that you’re on to something. Although in this case, the guy that did the opening ceremony is an avowed, huge Marxist leftist named Danny Boyle. But I think it was in-your-face to conservatives. I think everything is in-your-face to conservatives. I think it’s the people who think they’re cool trying to rub the noses of the people they think are not cool in it. Honoring the national health care, that’s a political statement chosen on purpose because of the debate going on in America. There’s no question about it. I couldn’t agree with you more.

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