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RUSH: Let’s go to sound bite seven. Bill Burton. This is the guy that runs the PAC that did the ad, a truly disgusting figure. He was on Anderson Cooper last night on CNN. Cooper says, “How can you imply that Mitt Romney and Bain are somehow to blame for that poor woman dying of cancer?”

BURTON: My goodness. We — we — we don’t and we would not. I mean, those fact-checks presuppose exactly what we were trying to do, and that’s not the point of the ad. The point of the ad is to tell the story of the impact that Mitt Romney had on the lives of thousands of people. When he came to town they lost their jobs, they lost their health care, they lost their pension benefits. And that impact is felt still today in those communities.

RUSH: So, “Uh, we didn’t imply that Romney killed her. We’re just telling the story of how Romney killed her. We — we — we didn’t imply anything. We’re just telling the story.” But, again, the steel company asked Bain in! We’re going blue in the face. I don’t think it even matters to get the truth of this out, because that’s a distraction in itself. That’s not what this is about. What this is about is how low and despicable and disgusting the people around the president of the United States are and just exactly the kind of people they are. I mean, Bain Capital was asked in there.

This woman even had health insurance for two years!

This guy was offered a buyout!

He wasn’t just summarily fired and sent to the tar pits. He was offered a buyout, and he would have been able to pay for his own health insurance had he wanted to. But noooo! He didn’t want to. So now it’s all Romney’s fault. And Romney is separated by six years from this story. Here’s more from Bill Burton. Anderson Cooper said: “But you’re a smart guy. Look, you have a lot of smart ad people in that group you’re working with. And half of that ad is talking about his wife’s demise. And it ends up with him saying, ‘I don’t think Mitt Romney realizes what he’s done.’ The implication, Bill, is clearly that Romney is responsible for the actions he took that led to this woman’s death.”

BURTON: There are thousands of stories that happened as a result of — of Mitt Romney and his time at Bain. And some of them are really tragic. But just because they’re really sad or tragic doesn’t mean they should be off limits. We think it’s important to tell the stories of these folks and how they were impacted by Mitt Romney. He put his business experience front and center.

COOPER: A woman dying… How is a woman dying…? But, I mean, she had health insurance from her job after this man lost his job. And then she got an injury years later and then lost her insurance.

BURTON: Right. To say that presupposes that we’re trying to link Mitt Romney with her tragedy.

COOPER: You are!

BURTON: N-n-no, no. The truth is —

COOPER: You’ve made a commercial about Mitt Romney and it’s all about this woman’s tragedy. If you’re not trying to link it, why are you even talking about it?

RUSH: Right. “Well, we’re not implying that Romney killed a man’s wife. We’re just telling the story about how Romney killed a man’s wife. That’s all we’re doing.”


RUSH: We’ve got one more Bill Burton here. We had a question that Anderson Cooper put to him. There’s even some in the mainstream media, even some (and I think just to give themselves cover) who say, “Come on, are you guys serious? Romney’s responsible for this guy’s wife dying?” The woman had health insurance when she left. She was not fired. Soptic was offered a buyout. They had ample opportunity for health insurance.

It was six years after Romney left. She was diagnosed or she felt uncomfortable, felt bad, but didn’t go get it checked out. And you guys want to maintain — Mr. Burton, are you really serious — that Romney is responsible for that? You made a commercial about Mitt Romney. It’s all about this woman’s tragedy. You’re trying to link it. Why are you even talking about her? What is the purpose of this ad, Mr. Burton?

BURTON: What we’re saying is that at a moment of true, uh, concern and anxiety in a family — when Joe Soptic really needed health insurance for his family — he didn’t have it. And that’s the point, here. He was promised health care benefits and he lost them —

COOPER: (laughing) You’ve made a —

BURTON: — at a moment of true anxiety.

COOPER: You’ve made a thirty-second spot about this. (laughing) When you say, “How can you imply that?” it’s totally disingenuous, Bill. Come on! You know that.

BURTON: No. I just don’t think that’s true. I think Mitt Romney had an affect on these people’s lives. When people look at it, when they hear the stories of these folks, they say, “I don’t want that guy to be the president of the United States.”

RUSH: That’s exactly what this is about. Again, it doesn’t matter to them. Again, they don’t care that they’re lying. It’s no different than Obama’s out there saying, “Our plan worked.” It’s always been tough for honorable people to go up against people like this. There aren’t very many smart people who know how to deal with this. And people who do not lie, people who don’t want to like, people who don’t engage in activities like this that are totally unethical, don’t know how to deal with this.

They sit there and they’re stunned.

He’s just admitting: “All we want is people to think Romney had something to do with this. We don’t care that he didn’t! Anderson, you’re not getting it here. We don’t care that Romney had nothing to do with it. All we want is for people to realize that they don’t want Romney to be president. He’s not a nice guy! He doesn’t care about ’em. We don’t care what we have to say to make people think that.”

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