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RUSH: Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, 2016: Obama’s America. This movie is going gangbusters! The Hollywood press is writing about this in a shocked and dismayed way. Overflow crowds! This movie is gonna be on over a thousand screens this weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dinesh’s movie is maybe the second-highest grossing box office movie of the weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised. If it’s number three, I would not be surprised. And stop and think: It’s a documentary.

What’s it up against? It’s up against The Expendables 2. By the way, folks, I saw The Expendables 2. As a powerful, influential member of the media, I was sent my own personal copy by Sylvester Stallone. Did you see The Expendables? Did you like it? Do you remember it? The Expendables 2 is over-the-top funny. It’s got a lot of violence in it, but it’s not offensive violence. Schwarzenegger is in it. It’s got Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

But you know what this thing really is? It’s a stellar, stellar cast of all these guys who have played superheroes in previous movies. And there’s a lot of inside baseball, inside jokes, self-deprecating humor. In one instance, Bruce Willis and Schwarzenegger are driving around in one of these little Smart Cars. Schwarzenegger says, “My shoe is bigger than this car,” and they’re driving around an airport terminal shooting up bad guys. And Schwarzenegger says, “I’m back,” and Willis says, “No, you’re not back. You’ve been back too many times. It’s my turn to be back.”

It’s just hilarious. You have a smile on your face the whole time watching this movie. It’s camp, but the heroes — the winners, the good guys — triumph over the bad guys. It’s a movie that, oh, 20 years ago was common. American patriotism. Good guys. Tough guys who make no excuses for being tough guys, who make no excuses for drinking beer, who make no excuses for being guys. And they run out and they do whatever’s necessary. As I say, some of the stuff, it’s almost comic book, in a way, the violence, but it just adds to it.

I got a kick out of Expendables 2. That and Dinesh’s movie, they’re gonna probably be the box office attractions. But Dinesh’s movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes in at number three. And people are seeing it that have never, ever, been exposed to this kind of discussion or criticism or explanation (that’s probably a better word) for who Obama is. It’s done much better than Michael Moore’s films. Michael Moore’s documentaries are filled with lies and deceit. This stuff is top-to-bottom honest and thorough. If you haven’t seen it, and you have nothing to do this weekend, I’d go and check it out.

Yes, I’ve seen it, of course.

I had my own private link to the movie long before it was even on DVD for the screeners out there. But The Expendables is fun. I wouldn’t call all these guys throwbacks, but some of them are. You can’t help loving it. Every good guy in this movie is a good guy, and they’re all guys, and they make no excuses for it. And it’s… (laughing) As I say, some of the stunts and the violence are over the top and unbelievable, but it just adds to it. There’s nothing to dislike about it.

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