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RUSH: So it was Sunday or Monday, I forget, the days run together. John Burton, California Democrat Party Chairman, accused Ryan and Romney of essentially being Nazis, spreading the Big Lie a la Joseph Goebbels. And now South Carolina Democrat Chairman Dick Harpootlian has just compared Nikki Haley, the Republican governor, to Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun. It happened this morning at a breakfast in Charlotte. The State newspaper reporting: “South Carolina Democratic Chairman Dick Harpootlian, never a loss for a quick quip, tossed a few stinging one-liners at the Wednesday delegation breakfast. On Gov. Nikki Haley participating in daily news briefings in a basement studio at the NASCAR Hall of Fame: ‘She was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun.'”

What is it with these people and the Nazis? If anybody’s the Nazis, it’s these guys. The Nazi party was the national socialist party. The Nazis believed in universal healthcare. You know, throw the Holocaust out and Hitler is more closely identified with today’s Democrats than anybody else. The guy was a vegetarian to boot. For crying out loud, the Democrats would have loved the guy. He was saving the planet. He was doing all kinds of stuff. Health care. Right up their alley. What is it with these people? Nikki Haley is Eva Braun. Ryan and Romney are Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. I think Harpootlian, if my memory serves, Harpootlian has been the Democrat chairman of South Carolina for a long time. My guess, folks, and I could be dead wrong. You people in South Carolina may start screaming loudly at me when I say this, because I’m really just guessing on this using instinct.

Harpootlian has been around a long time. He doesn’t strike me as one of these mad socialist Marxist Democrats. Maybe they all are now. But he more reminds me of your grandfather’s Democrat Party. Yeah, they were leftists, they were Democrats, but they didn’t believe in tyranny. They didn’t believe in all of the garbage that we get out of the modern-day Democrat Party, although he’s following the script. But I think these people understand — Harpootlian may be why — there’s some Democrats that understand, they have really stepped in it by taking God out of the Constitution, by making this convention all about abortion and contraception. Because, look it, here’s the truth of the country right now.

Forty-seven million Americans on food stamps. Unemployment, 8.3%. The worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. There is no economic recovery, in essence. Unemployment for Hispanics is over 10%. It has been 43 months since unemployment was under 8% in this country. Median household income has dropped $4,000 a year in the last four years, $51,000 to $47,000. The precious middle class about whom we heard exclusively last night is losing drastically its wealth and its opportunity for prosperity under this administration. Now, these are the numbers that are real. These are the numbers that no Michelle Obama speech can cover up. They can’t change these numbers. I don’t care what speech is given by whom, they can’t change the numbers that represent the economic destruction that equals the record of this administration.

They may try to cover it up. They may try to ignore it, but their problem is that people are living it. People are living in Obamaville. People are living Obama’s America. People are living what Barack Obama believes, and their wealth and their income is plummeting. They can’t find jobs. They’re graduating from school with no jobs and mountains of debt. They’re on unemployment compensation for 99 weeks or more. Forty-seven million on food stamps, a record. Unemployment hasn’t been under 8% in 43 months, and what are they doing? Running around saying that Nikki Haley is Eva Braun. What Harpootlian is doing here is trying to deflect. They are obsessed with keeping everybody’s eye off the ball, and the ball is the record. And the record is the evidence of the failure of Barack Obama. That’s what they’re desperately trying to cover up. That’s what they’re desperately trying to ignore.

They’re doing everything they can to deflect that, including going out, the last two hours of that convention last night, and saying things that they don’t believe. They didn’t believe a word of what they said last night. But they’ve got no choice. They can’t talk about the next four years. What are they going to be? They don’t dare be honest. I can’t make this point often enough, folks. I can’t make this point too frequently. Last night proved that the Democrat Party knows full well they do not have majority support from the people in this country. They know what we have said and warned you about repeatedly year after year. They have to lie about what they believe and what they want in order to get votes. If they were honest and forthright, they wouldn’t get 30 percent of the vote.

It’s interesting. This is from Breitbart: “Alec Baldwin: ‘If Obama Was White, HeÂ’d Be Up By 17 Points.'” You want to know the truth? If Obama was white, he’d be down by 20. If Obama was white, this election would be over. If Obama was white, there wouldn’t be a contest. Alec Baldwin is 180 degrees out of phase. It would be Carter. It would be the second term of Carter and there wouldn’t be a shred’s difference. There wouldn’t be all this talk about hope and change and all these slogans and stuff. No, they’re dead wrong about that. They know they’re out of touch with the mainstream of this country. They know they are diametrically opposed to the mainstream of this country. They took God out of the platform. They lied, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz went out there and lied specifically twice, even after being caught, which she’s been doing regularly on CNN. Wherever they get her to go, she lies. And no matter how much evidence is shown to her she just keeps lying because, get the message out. Just get the lie out. Joseph Goebbels, just keep lying, just tell the lie.

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