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RUSH: Let me ask you this: How long does this country have if Obama wins? We are headed toward an economic collapse, and we are the leader of the world. When it happens to us, there are reverberations all over the world. It’s not like some little Podunk European country collapsing, that goes to another relatively Podunk European country for a bailout. When we collapse, there are worldwide reverberations.

How long is it going to take?

I’m asking a serious question.

Eighteen months? You throw Obamacare onto what we know we’re gonna get more of from Obama: More debt, more spending, the expansion of the welfare state, more people on food stamps. How long can this go on? How many of you think we’re at the tipping point now? Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the years are 2020, 2022, 2024 as to when they implode. How long do we have if this guy wins? And then what happens? If this guy wins, do you realize…?

I saw Matthews. Matthews was saying (I don’t know when, Friday or Saturday on PMSNBC), “If Obama wins, it’s the end of conservatism.” Nope. If Obama wins, let me tell you what it’s the end of: The Republican Party. There’s gonna be a third party that’s gonna be oriented toward conservatism. I know Rand Paul thinks libertarianism. And I know if Obama wins, the Republican Party is gonna try to maneuver things so conservatives get blamed.

The only problem is, right now Romney’s not running a conservative campaign. But they’re gonna set it up to say, “Well, the right sat home,” or, “The right made Romney be other than who he is.” They’ll try to deflect the blame, but they got who they want. How long do we have, folks, if Obama wins? How long do we have? I know people who think 18 months — 18 months before a real United States economic collapse that the Fed cannot do anything about, that the ChiComs can’t do anything about. Two years, four years, whatever. The point is, that’s what’s on the other side of Obama winning, ’cause he’s not gonna change anything.


RUSH: Yesterday on This Week’s roundtable, Stephanopoulos said to George Will, “That jobs report. That’s probably the best news Republicans had in a couple weeks.”

WILL: On the basis of these numbers, the Romney campaign slogan should be the title of Paul Krugman’s book, which is “End This Depression Now,” because these are depression-level numbers! And if the Republican Party cannot win in this environment, it has to get out of politics.

RUSH: “[I]f the Republican Party can’t win in this environment, it has to get out of politics.” I’m gonna ask the question again: If Obama wins, how long do we have, folks — I’m serious — before economic collapse, before economic implosion? What happens to the Republican Party if Obama wins? I think it’s serious. The welfare state is collapsing all around us. I don’t think… There are people that realize that we can’t go on this way. I’m not sure how many people realize how close we are to the collapse of the US financial system.

We’re spending a trillion dollars we don’t have on welfare. It’s not that we’re taxing producers and redistributing the money. We’re borrowing it; we’re printing it. We don’t have it! Over a trillion dollars a year. There’s been $5.5 trillion added to the national debt in 3-1/2 years by this president. There just isn’t the money for this. At some point (and it’s sooner rather than later) there will be a collapse, and the Republican Party may end up being on the wrong side of it.

There’s gonna be a new Republican Party if that happens, and it’s gonna be led by Tea Party people. Everybody’s gonna try to blame conservatives, and they will have had the least to do with any of the calamity if it happens — and it has to happen, folks. If Obama’s reelected, it will happen. There’s no “if” about this. It’s gonna be ugly, it’s gonna be gut wrenching, but it will happen. The country’s economy is going to collapse if Obama is reelected. I don’t know how long — a year and a half, two years, three years.

California is gonna declare bankruptcy at a certain point.

California’s gonna declare bankruptcy, and you know what Obama will do?

He’ll go to states like Texas or Arizona or Florida to bail ’em out. That’s what he’ll do, and that’s gonna precipitate this stuff. California is showing where we’re headed in every which way. There are two Californias. There’s the rich, the elites, the liberals that do well along long the coast — and then there’s the interior: Central Valley, San Joaquin Valley, where it is falling apart. The glue that keeps the culture together in the interior of California is falling apart, and on the coasts where the wealth is pretty stacked they’re blissfully unaware. It’s pretty high.

It’s why if you go to California and you spend time on the coastal areas, you say, “I don’t see any problem here.” You go to the interior, where much of what California does feeds the world and the country and so forth, you’ll see it. But everything that is happening in California is slated to happen nationally, from the unchecked immigration, to the massive indebtedness, inability to pay it off, rising taxes. And when push comes to shove, where are they gonna go in California? They’re gonna go along the coastline where all the elites, suburbia, where all the money is. They’re gonna start taking it. It’s the only place there is any.

California, Governor Moonbeam, not doing one thing to put that state’s finances in order. Not one thing. Everything he’s doing is making it worse. And the same thing is going to happen, eventually. This can’t go on, folks. We are on an unsustainable course. You simply can’t pay people who aren’t working. You just can’t. You cannot pay them anything, much less full-fledged incomes, lifetime health care and lifetime pensions. You can’t do it. Even if you wanted to, even if that was your definition of fairness and equality. You can’t do it. The money isn’t there. And you might be shouting, “Don’t these people know it?” You have to keep in mind who these people are. These are people who don’t like the way this country was founded in the first place, who think it’s about time some of us found out what it’s like to live in the rest of the world, because of what we’ve done to the rest of the world.


RUSH: Of course, folks, there are ways to avoid the economic collapse. Of course there are, but not if Obama’s reelected. If Obama’s reelected and he continues on this course, among many other things, of the welfare state, but also in this foolish green energy, the solar and wind, sorry, we’re doomed. If he continues this vendetta against fossil fuels. ‘Cause that’s our salvation. You look at what’s going on in North Dakota, we’re sitting on a boom. We are sitting on energy independence, but not with him in the White House. Elections have consequences. We’re sitting on more energy because of fracking, we’re sitting on more fossil fuel energy, and some of it clean, natural gas, but we’re not gonna get it.

If Obama’s reelected and stays devoted to this green energy crap, they can’t compete with it. I mean, we’re talking about a level of abundance of fossil fuel energy within our shores, within our boundaries, just supply and demand, even with all the subsidies in the world that he wants to pass out when we don’t have the money for that, either. He can subsidize all the Solyndras and all the windmills and all the solar energy companies he wants; he can’t compete with the abundance of energy. Simple supply and demand. They won’t have a prayer. But that voluminous amount of energy will be untapped nationwide if he’s reelected. He opposes it. You heard him talk against oil in his acceptance speech for the umpteenth time. Nothing new about it. Of course there are ways to avoid this collapse. Mitt Romney is the first thing you have to know to avoid the economic collapse.
Here’s Kay in Fullerton, California. I’m glad you waited. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very well. Thank you.

CALLER: Yes. Rush, I tell you, I am so glad that you came on and you said that we have to stay steadfast and we cannot listen to the distortion and distraction of the Democrats. This is the most amazing day of my life since I got married and had my kids. And the next day is going to be the day that Obama is defeated, and we have to stay steadfast in what we’re doing. Before he got elected, I was on a mission. I knew what he was all about. I understood what he was doing. I understood that he was going to be disastrous, and I tried to change minds, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Democrats, blacks, all kinds of people. Where I work, I work with teachers, and in my district most of the teachers are conservative. And I’ve been on a mission to change their minds, and I’ve been doing a very good job of it, and I am so excited about this election. We are going to win, and we have to stay steadfast in what we’re doing.

RUSH: We can’t fall prey to the pessimism and the negativism that’s out there, even about Romney, because most of this isn’t about Romney. Our base is gonna show up. Our base, just like in 2010, is animated by stopping dead in its tracks Obamaism. And the only way to do that is vote for Romney. You can’t stop Obama sitting at home. You can’t stop Obama by not voting. You can’t do it. And everybody knows this. But the effort to suppress your vote and to depress you and make you feel like it’s over is in full throttle right now.

By the way, Bloomberg News, back on September the 7th, had the following story: “The Obama administrationÂ’s plan to tighten regulation of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas on public land may cost more than 20 times U.S. estimates.” Meaning that Obama announced they were gonna tighten the fracking rules, meaning limit how much it can happen, like the same thing he’s doing with the coal industry. (imitating Obama) “Oh, you want open a coal plant? Well, you go right ahead, but you’re gonna go out of business with all the taxes,” whatever he’s gonna do.

We’re sitting on energy independence. North Dakota is the illustration of it. We’re sitting on it. Real energy independence, folks, from the Saudis, from the Middle East, real energy independence, he is going to make it impossible to tap. The regulations are gonna cost so much it won’t be profitable for anybody to do it, therefore it won’t happen. Hello windmills and solar and all that crap.

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