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RUSH: I want to try to help you people on the left and those of you in the media. This is not partisanship. I’m not gonna be speaking here anything other than totally purely objectively. I’m trying to help you. I’m trying to help you understand. You’re the guys that live in the bubble. You live in your artificial universe, your created world where nothing you don’t understand or agree with gets in. You think that Barack Obama is the best speaker, the best orator, the most mesmerizing, persuasive politician you’ve ever seen, and the vast majority of Americans do not. The Barack Obama in the debate is the Barack Obama we see at every press conference, the stuttering, the hemming and hawing, the filibustering, the refusal to answer questions.

The Barack Obama you see is the one on the teleprompter primarily from 2008, and the first year of his presidency. That’s Obama to you. To us, Obama is average. He doesn’t excel in anything. He can read the teleprompter really well and he can make other people’s words sing. When he’s on his own, no great shakes. And I’m not saying that because he’s liberal and I’m conservative. I’m giving an honest, objective analysis of Obama’s talents. They’re just not what you people think they are. But you live in this bubble where you have convinced yourself that we’re dealing with somebody practically superhuman, and you just can’t believe, where did Obama go?

And my point is, nowhere, that’s who he is. It’s who he’s always been. There’s nothing new to see here. Except it is all new to you because nothing that happened in that debate comports with the reality that you’ve created for yourselves. I have only been following politics pretty closely for probably 45 years. And maybe I’ve missed it, but has any candidate for president who lost a debate ever attacked his opponent like Obama and his flacks are doing now? Has any previous candidate ever called their opponent a liar or an actor? I mean, they said Reagan was a B actor, but after any of the Reagan-Carter debates, did Jimmy Carter go out there, “Well, he’s just an actor, you can’t listen to what he says.” It is unreal. These guys are the biggest, sorest losers I have seen.

The Obama people are showing themselves to be bigger sore losers than Algore was in 2000, and all they’ve lost is one debate. I can’t wait to see how they act when they lose the election. That’s gonna be fascinating to watch. A question for you independents and moderates: Is this how Obama hopes to “raise the discourse in Washington”? Is this how Obama wants to “show leadership” when it comes to “civility” and this whole notion of “raising the discourse,” by calling his opponent a liar behind his back?

He couldn’t call him a liar to his face in the debate.

He had no answer for Romney in the debate.

But then the next day he has the teleprompter, has the script written for him at a press conference and he starts saying (impression), “That wasn’t the Mitt Romney that I know last night! That was a liar. The real Romney is who we have portrayed for you in our ads.” Really? The real Mitt Romney…? This is my point. They live in this bubble. They believe the lies that they craft.

They believe in this alternative universe that they create, and “the real Romney” is the guy in their ads who lets a guy’s wife die of cancer, who is a felon, who doesn’t pay his taxes. That’s the real Romney to them. That’s who he is. And that’s why the media’s upset. “Why didn’t Obama say that about him to his face in the debate?” Well, because Obama knows that it’s BS and he’d be setting himself up for even more embarrassment if he tried it.

The 47% comment is a great illustration.

That’s for an ad only.

You don’t say that when Romney’s got a chance to answer it or explain it because it’s a hanging curveball. Romney’d knock it out of the park. So as we mentioned yesterday: Axelrod and the other Obama flacks are now saying that it’s not possible to debate with a candidate who isn’t telling the truth. “It just can’t be done.” We heard the sound bites yesterday. “We don’t know how to deal with this.

“How do you deal with somebody that’s lying to your face?” They don’t seem to notice that Romney didn’t have any trouble knocking down Obama’s lies. (chuckles) Romney had just a fine old time in that debate knocking down every lie Obama told, and yet Axelrod and the gang tell us that Obama was so flustered and so shocked at the lying Romney who showed up, he didn’t know what to do!

Romney was telling so many lies that the smartest brain in politics froze. This…? This is how they expect to persuade people? This is their sore-loser excuse, that the Romney in the debate was a lying sack of you-know-what and the real Romney is the guy they put in their ads? It’s like the 2004 election. The exit polls, those were what was real! The real votes, that’s where the fraud was.

They believed that, too! They thought Kerry was elected based on exit polls, when there’s not one vote counted in an exit poll. But before the polls closed they’re running around congratulating each other, telling each other that Kerry’s the new president. He’s acting like it in his office. Then the real votes start getting counted and they’re flummoxed. They have no clue what happened and they want to charge fraud in the real vote.

They want to investigate the real vote. Same thing is happening here: The real Romney shows up, but he’s not the Romney they created. They don’t know how to deal with it, Axelrod admits it, and so it has to be that the real Romney doesn’t have the guts to show up in a debate. And Obama was so flustered, he froze! His brain froze. He couldn’t keep up with all the lies. And there’s another reason they say that Obama had to hold his tongue.

Actually, I say this: The reason Obama had to hold his tongue was that he can’t tell the American people the truth about what he really wants to do. That’s why we’re not getting any second-term agenda specifics from him. He doesn’t dare tell us what’s in store. He wouldn’t have a prayer of being reelected if he told us what his second term agenda is. His whole campaign is, “Romney is a lying skunk that you can’t trust, that doesn’t like poor people and doesn’t like the middle class, and has way too much money.”

Speaking of which, there was a story in the Stack I didn’t get to yesterday. It was a prominent Obama supporter, I forget who, wondering why Romney’s net worth is “only” $250 million. Now, just last week Romney was this filthy rich, insensitive, lying sack of you-know-what who gladly let a guy’s wife die of cancer, who is a felon. And then when that didn’t play, now they’re starting to say, “How come he’s only got 250 mil?”

They’re trying to say he’s incompetent. “He ought to be wealthier! He ought to be much wealthier, given what we know about his career.” I’m telling you, these people are all over the place. It’s impossible to follow them. But Obama’s not gonna tell us the truth about cap and trade, amnesty for illegals, same-sex marriage, massive tax increases, gutting the defense department. That’s what’s coming.

That’s what’s coming in his second term.

He’s not gonna tell us that.

Even Obama realizes his plans are hated by the vast majority of Americans, but that doesn’t matter. They’ve been governing against the will of the American people for four years. Why stop now? So he has to stand there and say nothing. Try to be cool, try to be your eye candy — or eye candy for you — like he was on The View. I mean, to show you the depths to which they’ve sunk: One of the prominent items in their latest ad campaign is Big Bird and how Romney wants to kill Big Bird.

Here we’ve got a dead ambassador. We’ve got a foreign policy falling apart. We’ve got an economy falling apart with more bad news on the economy today, and all Obama can do is run ads saying, “Romney wants to kill Big Bird!” Do you realize Big Bird got over a million dollars in stimulus money? Money ostensibly for shovel-ready jobs went to PBS. Over a million dollars went to the Children’s Television Workshop or some you such thing, Sesame Street, that whole thing.

Anyway, in a nutshell, Obama’s response to Romney’s debate victory has been, “Don’t believe your eyes. Believe my ads! Don’t believe what you saw in that debate. Don’t believe that’s the real Romney. That Romney was lying sack of you-know-what. The real Romney is the guy in our ads: Killing Big Bird, a felon, and letting a guy’s wife with cancer die. That’s the real Romney.” Which is pretty ironic coming from a guy who used to have posters of his image over the word “Believe.”

Coming from Mr. Hope and Change.

Coming from a guy who doesn’t dare tell us the truth about what he’s done and what he intends to do.


RUSH: Hey, by the way, speaking of Big Bird, the producers of Sesame Street have just asked the Obama regime to pull down their ad featuring Big Bird. Well, they let it run while the issue was hot, but I think they think they’ve gotten all the mileage out of it they’re gonna get, and the producers are now putting their foot down. PBS likes to do their propaganda in a much more subtle way than this.

This is a little too obvious, ’cause they rely on the public supporting government funding. I also think they’re pulling it ’cause it isn’t working.

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