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RUSH: Look, I don’t want to — not bore you. That’s not the word. I don’t want to wear anybody out, and I don’t know what the fatigue factor is. I hear people talking about they just want this election over. People in Ohio, Virginia, Florida, just want this election over. I think it’s the Obama people who want this election over. I mean, I want the election to happen, but I’m not tired of this. I could sit here every day telling people the truth about this country. I could sit here every day telling you what I fear if Obama’s reelected, until everybody agreed with me, until everybody heard me. I am not worn out defending this country. I’m not worn out informing people about the fears that I have in regard to Obama and the Democrat Party.

I want the election over because I want to win it. I want to start moving forward. I want to stop this regression that we’re in, economic recession, this silly transformation of America that Obama has undertaken. We want to get busy and start reversing this. But I hear in the media, CNN today, “Well, you know, people are really getting tired of the election.” I don’t doubt that there are people tired of the election. I think the people that mostly want this all done with and over with are people who are probably more aligned with Obama, and that’s ’cause they’re not feeling good about it. The polls are out, Rasmussen’s out today, it’s a dead heat, 48-48. Yesterday it was Romney up two. So there’s not one pollster out there sticking his neck out, not one.

The only thing that you can say about these polls is that in none of them is Obama at 50. And that matters. When the incumbent is not at 50, I mean, that’s a rule of thumb. So is the rule of thumb about he who wins independents wins the election. I don’t care what the overall result is, in all the polls it’s Romney up, for the most part, double digits. Not in all, but in many of them double digits in independents. The enthusiasm and the momentum, there’s no question where it is. It is for Romney. Just this morning Obama was in Hilliard, Ohio. It’s outside a larger city in Ohio, and the crowd was a measly 2,800, for the president of the United States on the last weekend before Election Day. The fire department told Fox News, 2,800 people, so they asked the campaign about this.

By the way, Obama’s in an an open collar shirt and a flight jacket, and Romney was making his speech today, and was it was just a bang-up speech. I had a guy send me a note saying he would have paid to get in to hear this speech today. It was Romney talking about this country and our future, and where we’re going, and where he’s going to take us. It was uplifting. It was inspirational. Obama is none of that. And Romney’s out there in a suit and tie. I mean, side by side in terms of who looks like they already are president, it looks like Romney. But all this stuff is still surface. You can’t draw any conclusion from it. All you can is plug it in to what your best thinking is and what you think you know. And then you tell yourself where we think we are. I don’t see any Obama momentum. I don’t see any Obama enthusiasm. I don’t even really see much from him.

Clinton’s out there saying, (doing Clinton impression) “I may be the only one in America, but I think I am more excited about Barack Obama now than I ever have been.” It’s not an exact quote, but it’s pretty close. “I may be the only guy in America.” he did say that. I think the Obama people want this election over. The rest of us want Obama over. And that is what keeps us inspired and what keeps us going. So Romney’s drawing huge crowds. Obama’s drawing little piddly crowds. Obama’s spending all these last days these swing states. You know, Moochelle, the first lady, is in Virginia at two all-black colleges. The weekend before the election, what in the world is the first lady doing at all black colleges? Shouldn’t that sort have been sewn up by now?

So when you see that, folks, when you see something like that, you think, “Well, they’ve gotta go out there and fire up the base. They don’t even have that.” Their enthusiasm just isn’t quite there.


RUSH: Romney has a speech in Cincinnati today. They are expecting 50,000 people. Twenty-eight hundred people showed up this morning to hear Obama in Hilliard, Ohio. Are we not to make anything of that? Does that not mean anything? The pollsters today tell us the race is tied, just as it was, oh, I don’t know, what six months ago, what was it, Obama up… This is a good point, by the way. People were shouting polls at me back in April and May. I said it doesn’t make any difference. It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. Anybody remember what they were off top of your head? That’s proving my point. But I’ll tell you this, I do recall that back then, Obama was up. Obama up three, five, I mean, it was in the bag. If you recall, it was in the bag. It was over.

In fact, going into the first debate, as far as the media, as far as the regime was concerned, the election was over. It was a formality. One of the reasons Obama performed so poorly in the debate’s is ’cause he didn’t think it mattered. Now it’s tied. So essentially what’s happened here is that Obama hasn’t moved. He’s still 47, 48, 46, nowhere near 50. All the movement’s been Romney, but it just tied, after all of this, after all this money, after all of these ads, after all the debates, after all the press coverage, it’s tied. But yet the external signs that you see and the polling data, the early voting advantage for Romney, the absentee ballot advantage, the apparent winnable swing states, just in the last week, Romney’s crowds are swelling and getting larger. Obama’s are shrinking.

Romney looks like the president.

Obama doesn’t.

Bill Clinton, (Clinton impression) “I may be the only guy in America, but I’m actually more excited for Obama now than I was before, that I’ve ever been.”

Benghazi, it’s starting to take hold in places.

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