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RUSH: This is Irina from Acworth, Georgia. Great to have you. It’s Open Line Friday. You’re next. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. My name is Irina, and I appreciate that you took my call, and I want to say special thank you to your team. They were very nice to me. I was born in Moscow. I came here 14 years ago. I was 35 years old. Now I’m 50. And I want to tell you, I’m very optimistic. I feel with all my guts that Romney will win this election. But I still have fear, and I’m terrified by seeing what’s going on four years in this country. I’m terrified that people can put an Obama in Oval Office, back again.

RUSH: See, people who lived under socialism know. You’ve lived under this stuff, and so you have a palpable fear when you see it starting to grow here. Am I right?

CALLER: I see whole symptoms, Rush. They’re there. What terrified in any way people… I communicate with many people, and I see how uneducated and unopen-minded they are. They cannot believe it, what they hearing.

RUSH: Irina, the schools in this country do not teach the evils of socialism. They teach just the opposite. They sing its praises. Little kids in America today are taught that it’s the only route to fairness and equality and all of that wonderful, good stuff. Big government, command-and-control economy, authority, this sort of stuff. This is what kids are taught. I mean, look at ’em. Young kids that you saw believe this stuff. Dolts in Hollywood, they fall for it. It is seductive for people that don’t like competition.

CALLER: You know, Rush, I totally agree with you. But sometimes in the back of your common sense, sometimes your heart can tell you when people are lying and when they are not. And those celebrities, trust me: If they make a movie, they play certain characters. It doesn’t mean anything. People have to understand it. They know exactly how to fly airplane if they playing the pilot? Absolutely not. And even celebrities who travel all over the world and they see the life in other countries, they have to be smart and understand that Obama using them.

RUSH: I actually —

CALLER: He using minority groups to get to the point that they elect him.

RUSH: I’m —

CALLER: And question number one: Do they understand when he use them, what happened after that?

RUSH: I actually am enjoying this. Do you people understand what you’re hearing here? Here is somebody who grew up under it. Here’s somebody who lived it. Irina is two things. She’s scared and she can’t believe the people in this country who are falling for it. That’s what I love. I love this. She can’t believe people are falling for this. She lived it. She grew up in it; she was born into it. She escaped it.

Now it’s caught up with her again. She thought she had outrun socialism, but it’s caught her. And she’s scared. Irina, you’re in the right place, and we’re gonna beat this back. We are going to beat it back. It’s what this whole campaign has been about. It’s what this weekend is gonna be about. I’m flattered that you’re in the audience. I’m glad you called. It’s the voice of experience there folks, the voice of experience. “Celebrities don’t know anything.” She’s right. I appreciate the call.

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