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RUSH: Hillary’s in Australia. She’s sipping wine, and she’s over there with Panetta. And you know who else is in Australia? The Woz. Steve Wozniak. He’s establishing residence in Australia.

Look, I think there’s some people who know things we don’t. Hillary’s in Australia, Panetta is in Australia, and they’re not on their way back. Wozniak is establishing residence. His home in the Bay Area is up for sale. He says he hopes he’s able to maintain a home in California, but he’s not sure. In addition to all this, folks, Obama today, it’s amazing, the first term is being repeated. Obama’s got a big confab with a whole bunch of big time CEOs. You got Jeffrey Immelt in there, the IBM CEO, Ken Chenault of American Express, and the media is breathlessly reporting this. Oh, yes, the president is taking job creation very seriously. The president is meeting with American CEOs, big business guys, working together with everybody to get this economy going and wants to create jobs, blah, blah, blah.

I heard Charlie Gasparino on Fox this morning describe this meeting in the first administration, and it happened within a week or two after Obama was immaculated. He said it’s nothing but a photo-op. He said in 2009 when Obama met with these same CEOs, he spoke with a teleprompter. When he finished, he went around the room, they said whatever they wanted to say, the meeting was over. There was no discussion. There was no dialogue. It was a photo-op with Obama speaking to these CEOs via teleprompter, and it looks like the same thing is being repeated.

So, anyway, look, I’m just trying to approach this realistically.

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