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RUSH: Folks, look, there are a couple of exceptions to do so, but I think for the most part you’ll get the drift of the question. Hurricane Sandy, where did it hit? What geographical region of the country? It happened in the Northeast. Where did the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School happen, geographically? Connecticut, the Northeast. Do you get the sense, as I do, that whenever one of these events or disasters happens in the Northeast, there is hell to pay if something isn’t done immediately, like right now?

And if it isn’t done right now, the media doesn’t let go of it. Everybody’s talking about it. Until something gets done, everybody’s wailing, whining, moaning, what have you. Meanwhile, you could have a devastating flood in the Midwest, you could have the movie theater in Aurora, and there isn’t the same outrage in the media. There isn’t the same, “What are we gonna do about this?” I mean, after Gabby Giffords and after Aurora, Colorado, there were no demands for massive new gun control laws.

We didn’t have the mayors or governors in those states going nuts enacting new laws immediately. The media wasn’t pressuring or demanding it. In the Northeast, there is this pressure. It’s just something I observe. I don’t know that it means anything, but I think there clearly is, because the media lives there. The media is affected by this — “impacted,” as they say — and demand it now, at this very instant. More so than when it happened… I’m talking about the media strictly.

Elsewhere in the country, such things do not happen.

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