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RUSH: Cookie sent me a sound bite. I was going to go to the phones. I beg you for your indulgence and patience…

I just finished explaining how it was this program who sought to come to the aid of the disrespected and shabbily treated Hillary Clinton via Operation Chaos. It was this program and your host, me, El Rushbo, who did everything we could to keep her in that primary. We did more than the Democrat Party was doing for her. And you helped. So on Fox just now, a Democrat activist, Jehmu Greene, was on with Cal Thomas talking about media reaction to Hillary’s testimony yesterday on Benghazi.

GREENE: It’s not a surprise that there’s so much petty sniping happening from the conservative media with Rush Limbaugh being at the top of the list and what his comments were, you know, accusing her of canned compassion. I think there is no strong woman leader that could make him happy. Hillary Clinton could save him from drowning and he would still call her a feminazi because she was strong enough to lift him out of the water.

RUSH: I guess this low-profile thing has totally blow up now. It just isn’t working. This is the kind of nonsensical analysis. What difference does it make anyway what Hillary said yesterday? What difference does it make in how she said it? And that was not the primary thrust of my comments on Hillary’s testimony yesterday anyway. Canned compassion, although Democrats are famous for it. But Ms. Greene, I want to seriously throw something out for you to think about. You constantly tell us the Democrat Party is where women are respected. The Democrat Party is where opportunity and equal pay and equal opportunity for women takes place. That conservatives like me conduct wars on women.

Forget Operation Chaos, Jehmu. Forget my desire and work to assist Hillary Clinton. I even had Hillary supporters loving me during Operation Chaos. But Jehmu, you know something that I noticed? Every man in Hillary Clinton’s life has sent her out to lie for him. Every powerful Democrat man depends on Hillary Clinton going out and lying for them. Barack Obama and Hillary, lying about Benghazi. And Bill Clinton, where would he be if not for Hillary Clinton going out and spreading lies and distortions for them. Is that a sign of respect, Jehmu? That’s what Hillary’s worth to these people, is to lie for them, to give them credibility, to get them out of tight jams?


RUSH: I’m not kidding about this folks. I don’t think this is what feminism was all about. And I certainly don’t think this is what respect is all about. But it does seem, does it not, that every man in Hillary Clinton’s political life has put her in positions where she has to lie for him. Doesn’t it seem that way? Every man in her life has put her in a position where she has to lie to defend him. And they send her out there to do that. And somehow it ends up that ol’ Rush Limbaugh is at the top of the list of people sniping at Hillary Clinton and disrespecting Hillary Clinton.

That somehow people like Rush Limbaugh, me, don’t like powerful women? How absurd. Give me Margaret Thatcher running this country today, any day. I would be ecstatic. Jeane Kirkpatrick, any number of powerful accomplished women. The Democrat Party treats Mrs. Clinton like an abused wife. There’s no wonder they’re constantly dangling carrots for her. No wonder why, at seemingly at every turn, the Democrat Party owes her. And they do because every man in her life politically, it sure seems this way, has needed her to lie for him.


RUSH: Nate in Nashville, I’m glad you waited. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, it’s such a joy to speak with you. Thanks for having me. I want you to know I’m 18 years old. I’ve been home-educated all my life. And one of the joys of my education is having you as one of my professors. I appreciate all you’ve done.

RUSH: I’m really honored and flattered, thank you. You’ve been well served.

CALLER: I’m so moved by what you’ve done. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. You’ve encouraged me to take action. I’m interning at the State Capitol with a pro-family lobbying group and hopefully when I get out of college I’ll be in state politics. So thank you for what you’ve done.

RUSH: You’re welcome and thank you.

CALLER: I wanted to ask you. I heard somebody say that if Hillary ran in 2016, there’s no way she could lose, and you kind of addressed this earlier, but I wanted to get your thoughts on that, just because of her power and who she is.

RUSH: Nate, let me tell you something, in 2008 — I’m dead serious — in 2008 there was no way she could lose. And then Obama came out of the woodwork, and the Democrat Party threw her overboard. Here’s a woman whose value to the men in the Democrat Party, the way they’ve used her is she’s had to lie for the men in power, the Democrat Party. That’s been her job. Now, this phrase that she used, “What difference does it make?” That will be recycled if she runs in 2016.

The question is: Will anybody remember this in four years? Maybe, maybe not. But somebody’s going to try to make people remember in a campaign ad. That phrase will be recycled. But there is nobody in this country that’s invincible. There is nobody that can’t be beaten. She’s had this aura of invincibility around her since the 90s

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