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RUSH: This is from the New York Times: “As workers open their W-2 forms this month, many will see a new box with information on the total cost of employer-sponsored health insurance coverage. To some, it will be a surprise, perhaps even a shock. Workers often have little idea how much they and their employers are paying for coverage. In many cases, economists say, workers give up cash compensation to get and keep health benefits.”

You know, I suspect one of the reasons for this, ’cause your W2 is now gonna have on it the cost of your health insurance that your employer is providing. I think one of the reasons for this is to help convince employees that their employer-provided health insurance is not such a good deal after all. That would be my guess. There’s a reason why the regime is doing this. There’s a reason the regime wants you to see right in front of you, on your W2, what your health insurance is costing. And there’s another reason for this. That is not counted as income, yet. That’s totally tax-free. That’s earnings to you. That’s income. Just doesn’t come as salary, comes in a benefit, but it isn’t taxed. I think this is a prelude for that.

Here’s how that’s gonna work. On your W2, if you look at it, you’re gonna have this box and it’s gonna have the amount of your health care coverage. Your employer is required to put that on there. You’re gonna see it. One of two things is gonna happen. You’re either gonna say, “My God, this guy is not paying anything on me.” Or, you’re gonna say, “My gosh, I didn’t know how expensive this was.” The next thing that’s gonna happen is that you are being set up for being told down the line when they get to this, that that’s too much income not to be taxed. We’re gonna have to start taxing these benefits. We’re gonna have to tax it as ordinary income, and this is a setup. This is the prelude, the slow walk to that objective.

If they just come out and say, “Oh, by the way, you know what, your benefits package, we’re gonna add it into your salary, you’re gonna pay taxes.” That wouldn’t fly because Obama’s promised people that isn’t gonna happen. So you gotta walk this slowly. You gotta get people accustomed to this, and the first step to that is showing them how much it is, or in some cases how little it is.

But what’s gonna happen here, ultimately in addition to all that is that employees are going to see — hopefully, the regime’s desire is that looking at your W2 will convince you that your boss is not really providing you all that much. That your health coverage isn’t all that great, not as great as you thought it was, not such a good deal after all. That you might be better off just getting that as ordinary income and getting your own health coverage, say, at a government exchange.

It could be a precursor, just surmising here. Don’t know. Just guessing. But it’s there for a reason and it could well be that one of the desires is to eventually inspire you to go get your health insurance at the government because of some dissatisfaction for some reason with how much is being provided for you by your employer. That is the ultimate goal of Obama and the Democrats. We know that. To beat or to cajole or to influence as many people as possible into a-government-run single-payer system.

Now, these disclosures, this is part of Obamacare, it’s another new benefit that people didn’t know about. It’s one of these hidden factors in the 2,700 pages. Employers now have to list how much they spend on an employee’s health plan on the W2. Now, we were never told how much this is gonna cost businesses to do. Instead, the New York Times spends most of the time in this story shaking their heads over how much money insurance costs, as though they don’t know. Anyway, just get ready for it. There are gonna be hundreds of these little surprise that pop up in the next year or two that are directly related to Obamacare that you haven’t been told about that are the law of the land. There’s not much you’re really going to be able to do about it. And again, this W2 requirement, now, this listing was put in there by Obamacare. It is part of Obamacare.

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