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RUSH: This is a Politico story: “White House press secretary Jay Carney didn’t ooze sympathy Wednesday for the thousands” of employees who build private jets, “who could lose their jobs if Obama succeeds in eliminating a tax break for corporate and private jet owners.” This is not the sequester. This is Obama seeking to eliminate a tax break — I’m not gonna detail it. It’s part of the depreciation schedule — for corporate and private jet owners, and just as they started raising taxes on yachts and boats, the people who build them lost their jobs. Jay Carney was asked about this. He said, “I would say that making choices about budgets and deficit reduction always involves difficult choices.”

In fact, we got a guy that wants to talk about this? We do. Bob in Cleveland. You wanted to talk about this. Let me bring you in on it, get your thoughts on it. Welcome to the program here.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Being an aircraft owner I’m sure you had something to say about it. You pretty much covered what I was gonna say, and of course I never heard this on NBC News or anything, but being part of the industry, I hear it in the industry news on the Internet.

RUSH: What do you do in the industry?

CALLER: Well, I’ve worked for a commercial airline all my life. And I was a mechanic for a major airline.

RUSH: A mechanic for a major airline.

CALLER: Yes. Well, it used to be Northwest. Now it’s a new Delta corporation.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: But I know this. The day he isn’t president he’s gonna go to his golf match, he’s not gonna do it on Southwest. He’s gonna do it on Tiger Woods new G250.

RUSH: Tiger wouldn’t be flying a 250.

CALLER: Something less or something more?

RUSH: Tiger’d be in a 550. Tiger sent his plane over to Austria the other day to pick up Lindsey Vaughan. You can’t get there and back in 250.

CALLER: No, that’s just another seven or eight million over a 250, I guess.

RUSH: (laughing) That’s a little bit more. Anyway, I think Tiger’s with NetJets anyway.


RUSH: Which is Warren Buffett’s time share plan. Warren Buffett owns NetJets.

CALLER: But we know how Obama’s gonna get to his next golf match when he’s not a president anymore.

RUSH: Oh, well, how does Clinton fly around?

CALLER: Same way.

RUSH: Same exact way. He flies around on the corporate jets of people that he knew when he was president, people that were donors or, you know, celebrity… oh, man, did I get close there. Celebrity intercoursers.

CALLER: Al Gore.

RUSH: The same way Algore gets around. That’s the way all these people get around. Here’s the rest of this story. Keep in mind, I want to do the juxtaposition here. You’ve got Obama and the media and everybody running around trying to scare the hell out of people because these government people may lose their jobs. These government departments may shut down. This over here, that over there, it’s gonna be a disaster if we only spend $15 billion more. Meanwhile, Obama has a tax change that he wants to implement that could literally throw thousands of people who manufacture corporate jets out of work.

I mean, this is real. This is not some phony government sequester business. If everybody in this sequester, if there is anybody, gets furloughed, they’re gonna get their back pay. They always do, folks. We had a federal employee yesterday who admitted it. They get their back pay. And the government shutdown of 1995, every federal employee who was laid off for a while, furloughed, got back pay as soon as they went back to work. They get their Thanksgiving turkeys and all that. So this is all smoke and mirrors. But yet in the real world, where Obama’s policies are gonna cause people in the private sector to lose their jobs, well, that isn’t any big deal.

Jay Carney said, “‘I would say that making choices about budgets and deficit reduction always involves difficult choices.’ Carney then went back to the administrationÂ’s usual argument on how to avert the looming sequester — that the debate is a choice between ‘special’ tax breaks versus national defense, Head Start for children and jobs for teachers.”
That’s not what this is about. There aren’t any special tax breaks anybody’s trying to defend here in the sequester. The sequester’s all about government spending. It’s all about… folks, I’m sorry. I’m violating my own promise not to address this stuff.

I’m tired of having my intelligence insulted. What I want to focus on here is this. This is the line from Jay Carney. “When it’s a choice between laying teachers off or affecting our national security or, in the broader scheme, reforming our tax code in a way that eliminates these special interest tax breaks or subsidies … the question here is: What choices do we make? Do we choose to protect narrow special interest loopholes?”

So what Carney is saying here, the hell with private jet makers, the hell with the assembly line workers and everybody else involved in putting together and manufacturing, the hell with them. We’re gonna side with teachers, and the federal government doesn’t even pay teachers. We played this sound bite for you yesterday in a televised interview with KAKE TV Wichita. Obama said paraphrasing, “Well, we want to give more tax breaks to all the aviation companies in Kansas so that they’re hiring here, producing there. What we don’t want to do is give somebody who’s buying a corporate jet an extra tax break that ordinary people can’t get because they don’t need it.”

It’s none of his business who needs what. It’s none of his business who needs or has what. But he’s the world’s foremost authority. He wants to determine who has enough and who doesn’t. And then if somebody doesn’t have enough he’s gonna take from somebody he thinks does have enough, and he’s gonna give it away. So if you happen to work at a company that makes jets, Obama is targeting your industry. Again. This is the second time. The first time was shortly after he was inaugurated. He’s doing it again.

“General Aviation Manufacturers Association CEO Pete Bunce said later that people in his industry ‘are not special interests.’ … ‘These statements are totally outrageous and Mr. Carney should apologize,’ Bunce said. ‘ItÂ’s completely offensive to refer to hardworking Americans as “difficult choices.”‘” The fact of the matter is, it should be nobody in government’s business whether or not people have jobs on the assembly line where corporate jets are made. That’s a market decision.

I just want you to realize what Obama is doing here, because the people who buy jets are his enemies, “the rich.” They have more than they need. They’re the reason this country is unfair, illegitimate, and unjust, and so they are the enemy. He’s gotta go get ’em, and if that means that the little guy gets hit in the process, well, that’s just too bad ’cause these tax breaks are unfair. And yet these little guys all think Obama’s on their side.

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